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4.3 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Hooba Canoes Industries ,

Dine in!

This is a great podcast if you like movies. Who doesn’t like movies? Only idiots. Are you an idiot? Of course not. You know who is? People like you! Just kidding.

This podcast has entertainment news, movie reviews, great interviews with up and coming filmmakers, and other stuff. Do yourself a favor and subscribe. Also do me a favor and shut up already. Just kidding again!

Shut up.

Hunter Bateman ,

Honest, raw, on point reviews!

I've begun to follow this Podcast & I'm so happy I did! They don't sugar coat anything, their true feelings about the film(s) come out, & they know their stuff. Movie Menus' film critics have a wealth of knowledge & share from all aspects of the film industry (e.g. cinematography/editing/production/etc.). Very pleased with this program, you should join me in listening!!

Alexander Z ,

Passion Project

We started Movie Menu Reviews over a year now but didn’t start publishing till January 1st, 2014. For the most part, I just want to start a show that I would want to listen to on my way to work after watching a really crappy movie over the weekend. The show would give me the opportunity to gather my thoughts and assist me in formulating ways to talk about it with other coworkers. If I hadn’t seen the movie, and I had no intention, this show would give me cliff notes so I could pretend that I knew what my coworkers were talking about.

And strangely enough, even after recording these episodes, I still listen to our episodes to remind me of all the great work Mike Stand, Dan “The Man” Muñoz, Kitt Johnson, and I have done. So rate us positively and send us a message :)

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