Murdaugh Murders Podcast Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
25.5K Ratings

25.5K Ratings

dianepsoto ,

Best True Crime Podcast

I am so vested in this story, and this podcast is the best. I’m addicted.

MargeNotInCharge ,

Clap clap (the good kind)

Thank you, Mandy (and team!), for exposing this kind of corruption and delivering it in such an informative, structured and understandable way.

mishy77! ,

Its SO bad now!!!

This used to be good podvast… Now they just rant emotionally and make it about themselves. its super dissapointing and drifted far off of what it started with. I eish they would just stick to true journalism. Its NOT about you girls..

Alipooper ,

Tried and failed

I tried so hard to get through the first episode. I really did. I started it over a few times, but always ran into the same problem of the journalist’s voice. I just can’t get past the monotone, graveled valley girl voice 😬

Lottiesmom ,


I got thru two episodes;two. Her voice is absolutely un-listenable. she has that vocal fry, like a Kardashian and it is so incredibly grading that it prevents me from being able to pay attention to the content of the subject matter. In the second episode, she actually addresses this, as she apparently got a lot of feedback after the very first episode about this exact issue. Her attitude? This is my voice, take it or leave it, I’m not going to do anything about it (then get someone else to host— you do the research, the journalism that is the backbone of the story and pay someone whose voice isn’t a complete distraction. Maybe your fiancé sounds better. I would think he must! 🤣) Take it or leave it? Buh -bye.

jalo h ,

A great podcast!

I get excited every week when I look and see that the next episode is uploaded! Thank you for such an intelligent and informative podcast! You ladies work hard and it comes through in your podcast. You too David 😉

soandsosfrnd ,

Getting worse each week

This used to be one of my favorites. Lately the personal opinion and attacks are too much. The voice over by the male is horrendous. I fast forwarded through much of the last episode looking for new information and didn’t find anything worthy of my time.

CmWht ,

A little too opinionated

Every podcast starts off with, “I don’t know why…” which is rhetorical. It has gone from a critical look at this case, too a sensationalized podcast. Tone it down. The use of voice inflection has become bothersome and makes the audience feel like it’s being spoon feed info because we can’t comprehend the info.

txchick63 ,

Used to be about the Murdaugh Murders

This podcast used to be good. Especially when Liz started doing her play-by-play plain-talk re-enactments of these unintelligible court hearings. That was good. Now there is just way too much bragging about themselves and trying to sound like pulpit preaching freedom fighters. This podcast has lost its way and the episodes are too long with all that “WE WILL KEEP FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE” stuff. They’re supposed to be reporters. I guess they have run out of material since Alex Murdaugh’s jailhouse phone calls dried up. Need to cut it back to every other week and no more than 45 mins. I dumping it though.

Q1187654321 ,

Loved this Podcast, but has lost its charm

The podcast used to be great! Could still be great again! The first 40 or so episodes the creators would lay out the facts, speculation and events with a hint of bias, which here is understandable in this case. The latest episodes the creators have unveiled a small amount of facts, and are overly preachy, snarky and very biased. It’s taken a far turn from what used to be quality journalism to a straight up opinion piece. I hope the creators take this review as constructive criticism and not a personal attack. Would love to see the show back to what it used to be!