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A killer true crime podcast about solved & unsolved murders.

MurderCast Huge Beatz

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A killer true crime podcast about solved & unsolved murders.

    MurderCast 011: Colonel Philip Shue

    MurderCast 011: Colonel Philip Shue

    Colonel Philip Shue

    April 16, 2003. Bernie, TX. A maroon car speeding along interstate 10 suddenly begins to drive erratically, spinning out of control, finally coming to a stop after hitting a tree. The victim, 54 year-old Airforce Colonel & Psychiatrist Philip Michael Shue is dead. He had left two-and-a-half hours earlier for work, but never arrived. His death and the subsequent investigation would raise more questions than answers. Upon examination, Colonel Shue appears to have been bound and tortured. Duct tape is found on his wrists and ankles, both of his nipples have been cut off and the tip of his left pinky is missing. What happened to cause the fatal crash? Was Colonel Philip Shue’s death an accident, or murder? You are listening to Murdercast. 

    • 16 min
    MurderCast 010: Kenny Veach

    MurderCast 010: Kenny Veach

    Kenny Veach

    In the wee hours of Nov. 10, 2014, a lone hiker arrives on the Nevada side of the Mojave desert, a vast expanse encompassing almost fifty thousand miles of desolate, arid landscape. To the north-west, lies Death Valley, Nellis Air Force Base, and the top-secret Area 51, where covert government experiments are carried out and rumors of alien-technology research abound. Locking his car, the hiker sets off across the desert’s unforgiving terrain, disappearing into the darkness…forever.

    • 24 min
    MurderCast 009: Angie Hammond

    MurderCast 009: Angie Hammond

    Clinton, Missouri. The slogan on the city’s website reads: Great People, By Nature. By any measure, the city of less than 10 thousand residents in less than 10 square miles, is considered a small town. Clinton comprises mostly hard-working blue-collar residents, many of whom attend one of the dozen or so churches that dot the town. The close-knit community is typical of a small town, with residents knowing each other directly or within six degrees of separation. It’s in this rural community that 19-year-old Angela Marie Hammond was making her way through life. But this seemingly idyllic rural town would become the setting for one of the most horrific crimes the city had ever seen.

    • 18 min
    MurderCast 008: Adrienne Salinas

    MurderCast 008: Adrienne Salinas

    Adrienne Salinas

    Father’s Day, June 15th, 2013. Nineteen-year-old college student Adrienne Salinas vanishes only blocks from her apartment in Tempe, AZ. A few months later, a shocking discovery is made. Was Adrienne the victim of the Canal Killer? Or was someone closer to her involved in her disappearance?

    • 22 min
    MurderCast 007: Victoria Cilliers

    MurderCast 007: Victoria Cilliers

    Victoria Cilliers

    Wiltshire, England. Easter Sunday, 2015. A holiday observed by Christians, celebrating the resurrection of Christ, three days after his death on the cross. Victoria Cilliers, a 42-year-old army Physio-therapist and mother of two, waits for the signal to jump. Victoria is given the thumbs up. She can’t help but smile, feeling the excitement of the adrenaline rush to come. Victoria leans out into the rushing wind, staring down at the seemingly endless fields and farmland 4,000 feet below her. Letting go of the plane’s wing brace, she lets herself fall, plummeting towards the ground at over 100 miles an hour. The wind howls around Victoria, who is completely unaware that this would would be... her final jump. You are listening to MurderCast. 

    • 24 min
    MurderCast 006: Fort Bragg Murders

    MurderCast 006: Fort Bragg Murders

    Fayetteville, NC

    Summer, 2002. Fayetteville, North Carolina. As one of the country’s earliest settlements, Fayetteville with a  population of just over 200 thousand, has received the All-American City Award three times. The state lies on the eastern coast of the United States, overlooking the vast Atlantic Ocean. Humidity levels are high, and can bring spontaneous thunderstorms and rain showers to the region. But the summer of 2002 would bring a dark and ominous cloud over Fayetteville...one like the city had never seen before...a cloud which remains to this day. In a short, six-week period between June and July, four people are murdered in their bedrooms, leaving authorities scrambling to connect the killings. What is the link between these four murders? You are listening to Murdercast.

    • 20 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
153 Ratings

153 Ratings

Regina Revazova ,

This is really awesome. I can’t stop binging it

Love the podcast, the writing, the stories and the approach to true crime genre. Keep up the good work.



Love it!, can’t wait for next episode ; ))

TildaJean ,


I’m on episode three and the attempt to dramatize using garbled sound is a huge fail. Even in the 50s telephone conversations weren’t that bad. Give it a rest, please. Dramatizations are unnecessary and annoyingly distracting.

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