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We are musicians, composers, engineers, teachers and students alike.
The path of a musician can be challenging and uncertain but it can also be enriching and great fun! This is the path we chose and we are here as your resource. Explore theory, history, ear training, technique, special topics and overall musicianship.

Music Student 101 Jeremy Burns, Matthew Scott Phillips

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We are musicians, composers, engineers, teachers and students alike.
The path of a musician can be challenging and uncertain but it can also be enriching and great fun! This is the path we chose and we are here as your resource. Explore theory, history, ear training, technique, special topics and overall musicianship.

    122-Sound Engineering (feat. Raymond Calhoun)

    122-Sound Engineering (feat. Raymond Calhoun)

    The sound engineer is the driving force behind a good listening experience at any live concert. If you enjoy the tech end of the music world, you will enjoy what our special guest, Raymond Calhoun, has to say. This career path can lead to some awesome places and some amazing people. So let's get mixing!

    • 1 hr 25 min
    121-Harmonic Rhythm

    121-Harmonic Rhythm

    Harmonic rhythm addresses the rate in which chord changes occur within a piece of music. On the surface, it seems like a simple concept. On a deeper level there's so much more to discuss. So let's discuss!

    • 1 hr 12 min
    120-Listener Compositions Pt.6

    120-Listener Compositions Pt.6

    It is time to add yet more listeners to our composing community! They work hard, that we may listen hard! So let us listen! This episode will feature the original music of: 
    Visa Oscar, Alex Turnbull, Aubriel, Lemongrass, Neal Malley and Steve From an Undisclosed Subterranean Location.

    • 1 hr 35 min
    119-Animals and Music Pt.1

    119-Animals and Music Pt.1

    Do animals appreciate music? Do they create their own music? Could they benefit from exposure to the right kind of music? The field of zoomusicology attempts to address some of these questions. In this episode, we will revisit some scientific studies involving primates, pets and some of our underwater friends. It's gonna be a wild time!

    • 1 hr 11 min
    118-Harmonic Progression Pt. 10 (Augmented 6th Chords)

    118-Harmonic Progression Pt. 10 (Augmented 6th Chords)

    On this episode, we will dig deeper into augmented sixth (+6) chords. We will discuss the difference between these chords and the standard augmented triad. We will discuss the three types: Italian, French and German. Then we will test our ears to see if we can identify them in a chord progression.

    • 1 hr 30 min
    117-Melodic Organization and Thematic Development

    117-Melodic Organization and Thematic Development

    Once you've written a theme, or a main melody, there are a number of ways you can develop it and organize it into your overall piece. Repetition, transposition, expansion, contraction, augmentation, diminution, fragmentation, variation and melodic sequences are just a few of the many ways this can be achieved. Let's, listen!

    • 1 hr 23 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
172 Ratings

172 Ratings

Motab909 ,

Unlocking the Secrets of Music… even for me!

This podcast make me feel like a child that’s just learned a magic trick… I’m amazed, baffled, excited, and can’t wait to try it on my own!

Except after every episode I sit down at a keyboard to try out whatever new “tricks” I’ve learned from Music Student 101.

I’m not a music student, but I’ve always loved music. I wanted to learn more and eventually found this podcast. And I have learned so much more…

The approach is tried and true in this format: two good friends talking about a subject they love. They stick to an agenda that gets a lesson across, occasionally (admittedly) digressing. But it happens in such an organic way that I find myself taking the journey with them, and laughing out loud at some of the nerdy music jokes. And it always comes back to teaching us the subject, and does so in the clearest of terms.

We get to hear examples of what topic talking about. Guest speakers join them for special episodes on a specific instrument or technique. Topics vary from technical to sometimes esoteric. I’m only 48 episodes in and I can’t wait to hear more!!

I highly recommend Music Student 101 as a casual but effective way to learn music theory. I have learned more in the past couple of months listening to these guys than a couple years of piano lessons, playing cheat book music for years, watching dozens of YouTube videos, and even trying a subscription to MasterClass. There’s just something about these guys that gets the lesson through!

Please keep it coming gentlemen!

Bassist Not Bass Player ,

Maaannnnnn I Tell Ya Hwat

This podcast has been the easiest way I have found to gain knowledge on the subject of music theory. I have lugged my way through researching through countless websites and books without mentorship. These two absolutely take the place of a couple cheery mentors who make it exciting to come back to the subject without it feeling like a chore. I imagine many self taught, broke musicians with a burning desire to make quality music and share it with people know the feeling of not having resources such as somebody with the ability to explain an idea like modulation and how to get to different keys smoothly. It feels (although I might be speaking through ignorance due to the lack of experience) like I’m receiving university level knowledge for free and I am thankful these two fellers decided they’d create something like this. It has broadened my musical vocabulary and has already made an incredible impact on the music I have been able to write after practicing ideas they have talked about. It WOULD have to be two bassists that wanted to share this knowledge and educate a mass of people. Thank you both, I like chicken.

Amy the alto ,

My new favorite podcast

I have learned so much from this podcast! The teacher/student format they use works really well. The hosts have good chemistry and make complex ideas both understandable and entertaining. I recommend you begin with the first episode to learn all the music theory you would get in college. The web page is a great supplementary resource with supporting visuals. I am just a hobbyist, but I am becoming a better musician because of this podcast.

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