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Simple #self-doubt steadily grows into a #broken-belief-system. The mounting perception that you are being held back by superficial limitations.

What's the problem?! You don't know how to identify those blocks or move them out of your way. START taking #action and STOP the cycle of #self-sabotage.

My Self Worth is a Size ZERO Bee Andreen

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Simple #self-doubt steadily grows into a #broken-belief-system. The mounting perception that you are being held back by superficial limitations.

What's the problem?! You don't know how to identify those blocks or move them out of your way. START taking #action and STOP the cycle of #self-sabotage.

    206. #strong-willed

    206. #strong-willed

    Are you #strong-willed, unwilling to bend, move, negotiate or compromise? 

    Does it benefit you? The answer to this question is IT, meaning this label, probably does. You will likely find that you "get" your way more times than not and you may have even learned tools to move people more and more your way over time. You may also be called #stubborn, unwavering, unwilling, narcissistic, gaslighting, manipulative and MANY other things. You may feel a continued and rewarding sense of control that helps you feel safe and secure. Though you may care deeply about the people around you, you may also not trust completely that those people will keep you as safe and you can keep yourself.

    You might also recognize a pattern of people moving away from you as they begin to recognize that they "don't matter" to you, that they aren't getting their needs met or as they realize their deep dissatisfaction with you in your relationship. 

    You may even have an attitude that thinks, "good riddance", as they leave your life and abandon your friendship or relationship. 

    If you are a 10 out of 10 in strong-willed nature it's likely hurting you deeply but you also may feel too afraid to pull back and give other people a voice in your life. This is often rooted in a weakened state of self-worth as you are making every attempt to have control over your life and identity. 

    If you have questions about today's episode email me at bee@embldnlabel.com 

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    205. #agreeable

    205. #agreeable

    #agreeable is 

    1. enjoyable and pleasurable; pleasant
    2. willing to agree to something

    These definitions seem SO innocent. How in the word could they be seen as a bad thing? Have you ever heard someone say too much of a good thing isn't a good thing?! To be too-agreeable could lead to a system of people-pleasing or self-sacrificing. Today's episode will give you a fresh, unique perspective on this behavior or personality trait and how it may be showing up in your life. 

    Do you think that being #agreeable is a positive, negative or both?

    Do you think that you are #agreeable?

    Does your agreeable nature often get labeled as #people-pleasing?


    I'd love to hear from you, if you feel inclined to share a small part of your story with me email me at bee@embldnlabel.com

    Cheering for you,


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    204. #people-pleaser

    204. #people-pleaser

    #people-pleasers are generally agreeable, compliant, willing, accommodating, complacent, obliging, accepting, etc. You may have an idea of some additional personality traits or behaviors that contribute to your self-proclaimed label of people-pleasing. People often will be attracted to you because of your habit or system of self-sacrificing in the name of serving or pleasing others. We can easily find ourselves surrounded by #takers, #narcissists, #bullies, #dominant people or a number of other "types" that we may not want to be IN relationship with. 

    In fact, sometimes those "types" are the very individuals who created the #people-pleasing tendency in us. If we aren't agreeable to their demands then we are "in trouble" or "criticized". People-pleasing becomes a HUGE part of our identity AND the way that our typical relationships function. 

    Did you know that if you are a #people-pleaser you are also likely suffering. You're feeling angry, resentful, frustrated, self-conscious, over-sympathetic or over-responsible. Unfortunately, pleasing others rarely actually serves us to the extent in which our needs are actually met. This can leave us yearning for more, accepting breadcrumbs from others and incredibly depleted and deprived of the basic things that we "think" will bring us joy. Why do I say "think"?! Because oftentimes when there's a system of people-pleasing we aren't even aware of what needs we have or how to begin expressing them. 


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    203. #collaboration is key | w Guests Stephanie Hendrick and Haley Westfall |

    203. #collaboration is key | w Guests Stephanie Hendrick and Haley Westfall |

    What do you get when you take a successful director in the medical industry turned multi-faceted business strategy specialist and a partner in a highly successful mortgage company turned speaker, executive coach and leadership guru together?! (WOW, that's hard to imagine, isn't it?) 

    You get COLLABORATION that's off the charts. My special guests today share their individual stories that are rooted in success, with the relatable realization that something was missing, only to discover career paths that were much more rewarding and enjoyable for each of them. Once they landed in their new roles and talked about the deep struggles that people go through in the re-building process, they decided to lean into the component that their friendship was built on. #COLLABORATION!

    Haley Westfall and Stephanie Hendrick added yet another business venture to their portfolios when they created Collab Culture, a community for women that is different and better than what is currently being offered. After pulling themselves out of their own, "yoga position, downward spiral," they are now using their skills to help the women in their community do the same. 

    This episode is an inspiration to me as I relate SO much to the stories they share and the struggles that lie in them. If you are in the middle of a major life transition or wanting more for your life give this episode a listen. 

    You can learn more about Collab Culture HERE and check them out on Instagram HERE. 

    As always, email me at bee@embldnlabel.com with questions or comments about the show or how to get connected with The EMBLDN Community.


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    202. Why is it so difficult to share your story on social media?

    202. Why is it so difficult to share your story on social media?

    If you are craving a connected, encouraging community that actually supports you in your healing or goals email me at bee@embldnlabel.com for information to join the EMBLDN community. 

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    201. Is your self worth sore?

    201. Is your self worth sore?

    People often want to know how I crumbled to a place of zero self worth and deep rooted insecurity. The simple answer is that I cared too much what the WRONG people thought about me. The complex answer is that my human spirit is sensitive and I'm deeply impacted by disconnection and relationship breakdown. This kept me hanging on dearly to the people in my life who I knew needed to be loved the most. Guru's would call me a people pleaser or a master of self-sacrifice. Somehow, my greatest gift was turned into another negative after years of allowing people to knock me down, shoot arrows at me and make me feel like a nothing.

    The MOST important part of what I said above is that I WAS ALLOWING IT. In fact, in most cases, I was inviting it. Choosing to surround myself with people who needed love and healing but weren't very kind to me in return. 

    Old habits or personality traits aren't reconfigured overnight, we need to have a deep desire to change and really learn the art of showing up differently until we have mastered proper boundaries and new expectations for ourselves and our lives. So coming off of the holiday season, I can honestly say that my self worth is sore. 

    Bad news... is that I spend too much time remembering how self conscious I was when my self worth was a size ZERO. 

    Good news... I've mastered the tools and techniques to pull myself back to the moment and let go of the girl who allowed everyone to kick them when she was down. 

    Is your self-worth sore today?


    email me at bee@embldnlabel.com today to achieve a deeper sense of self worth in 2023!!

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4.9 out of 5
71 Ratings

71 Ratings

John Hulen ,

Amazing Podcast & Fabulous Host

When I first heard about Tear Out the Tags, I was intrigued. Bee Evans shares things I can relate to and that’s what hooked me! The more I listen, the more I connect to the community of Tear Out the Tags.

Something that’s important to me is learning about and working toward becoming who I was created to be … being real and raw in the process and that’s what Bee does SO well for her audience!! BRAVO!!

Sharon Elle H ,

She’s a tag changer, tag eraser, life saver

First, thanking the podcast Forging Fury, for introducing me to Bee & Tear Out the Tags. Her episode with them was eye-opening and opened the floodwaters of the past on so many levels outside of “health” & “tags”. Fast-forwarding to now, Tear Out the Tags is so thoughtfully produced. Short & sweet. Impactful. Not fluff or filler. She is intentional with her time, and with every word she passes on. Thanks, Bee ~

BenKilloy ,

What a great way to highlight our tags

Keep up the great work work and message Bee.

Host of The Business of Fatherhood Podcast

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