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An in-depth look at mysteries and urban legends

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An in-depth look at mysteries and urban legends

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4.1 out of 5
126 Ratings

126 Ratings

Marshacr86 ,

Love this podcast

I’m big into murder mystery podcasts and TV shows and I also love anything spooky. I just recently discovered MAUL and I love it! I have learned about so many interesting stories via this podcast and many have led me to do my own deep dive into researching them. I love how well Alex and Ben go thru each other’s episodes together and give their take on the events being described. It really does feel like you are sitting around having a discussion with your friends. I also like how they make efforts to be very respectful and unbiased and just present the facts and let you draw your own conclusions. They do sometimes offer their ideas about what really happened, but they never present it as “this is clearly what happened and there’s no alternative”. They always invite the listener to form their own ideas after the facts are presented. Keep doing what you do Alex and Ben and I will keep listening and telling all my friends about this excellent podcast!

Also, someone previously reviewed and said that the page turning is obnoxiously loud. I listen to this with ear buds in at work with the volume way up. I’ve noticed the page turning, but it’s far from obnoxious or off putting. They also criticized them for mispronunciations and laughing about them disrespectfully. Not quite. They do sometimes mispronounce things, but it’s because they are reading the names and not hearing them and they are doing the best they can. They ALWAYS apologize for possible mispronunciations. They also said that they laugh about the dead and disrespect them... they laugh occasionally during their podcasts. It’s obviously never meant toward the dead and they always apologize and point out they do not mean to mock them or laugh at them. They go out of their way to express respect and sympathy for those who they speak of in their podcasts. Sorry...it just really bothers me when people exaggerate to try to bring other people down.

LittleNoodleGirl ,


I just recently started listening to MAUL at work and I wish the podcasts were longer! They have personality and you feel like you’re hanging out with some friends. Ben and Alex are sweet people who truly care about their listeners and listening to their podcast make the slow day at work bearable. Keep up the great work.

_rockstar999 ,

Great Podcast!

They’re so funny and I like the regularity of the podcast. They interrupt each other and have opinions which makes it more real and not so stiff. Enjoyable content! Love the Australian accent of the woman!

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