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Exploring our Spirit to understand our lives. I am on the journey with you. As a mystic, I have a deep inner life that brings a rich sense of oneness. Together, we will explore spiritual practices, philosophies, religions, spirituality, life stories, insights, spiritual teachers and more! Let’s have fun awakening to our True Self!

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Exploring our Spirit to understand our lives. I am on the journey with you. As a mystic, I have a deep inner life that brings a rich sense of oneness. Together, we will explore spiritual practices, philosophies, religions, spirituality, life stories, insights, spiritual teachers and more! Let’s have fun awakening to our True Self!

    Gems of the Pit and the Palace

    Gems of the Pit and the Palace

    Genesis Amaris Kemp is the author of "Chocolate Drop in Corporate America" (https://a.co/d/aQiHBxV). After going through a performance review in a Fortune 500 company, she realized that she needed to speak up about business as usual when it comes to race. Her family is very diverse and inclusivity and belonging is of utmost importance to her.

    A self-development advocate, Genesis goes inward in order to drive impact. She has a growth mindset and is not afraid to move through tests in order to get to her testimony. She insists on living life on her own terms.

    Having moved through depression in high school, and being laid off, being on assistance, Genesis has had her challenges. She knew that God doesn't give her more than she can bear. She lost her father, got laid off and had several deaths in the family back-to-back. After so many losses in her family, she delivered her baby and she persevered.

    Her roots are in South America (Curaçao). She has moved through both personal and professional situations where she has built bridges and worked through challenges to understanding.

    In her book, there is humor and a map to navigate through one's career. She writes about things she cares about - like gun violence. She currently lives in Texas and as a mother, she advocates more education about guns, and responsible gun laws. She shares her poem about gun violence in this episode.

    The song, "Hills and Valleys" by Tauren Wells, soothed her at her father's death. One day, in her laundry room, she smelled the Marlboros her dad smoked. His presence was there to let her know he is still with her.

    See her website genesisamariskemp.net, follow her on social media and/or check out her podcast: GEMS with Genesis Amaris Kemp

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    Jay Rooney is Game & Word’s publisher and lead author, is a lifelong, passionate gamer. For Jay, launching Game & Word: the newsletter is where virtual worlds and the "real" world collide! 

    Jay fell in love with games at the age of four, when he received his first Nintendo entertainment system.  Jay states the game world influences the real world and the real world influences the game world. He compares games to movies: visual media, highly immersive, lots of moving parts, big teams of people with specific roles - each one essential to the success. Video games are not quite seen as an art. That's why Jay started his newsletter.
    Game & Word’s content dives as deep as possible into the hobby he loves, highlighting individual games’ connections to humanity and the world. History, culture, psychology, literature, and even philosophy can all shape the games we play and fondly remember.

    The title, Game & Word is a pun on Game & Watch (a line of gaming handheld games from the 80's). The newsletter explores the game world. 
    He aims to demonstrate that—far from being a childish time-waster—a good game can be as creative, powerful, and worthy of recognition as a good book, song, or movie. In learning more, we enrich ourselves while also elevating the medium. He approaches a variety of topics from destiny to free will and time travel.

    He wants people to stop blaming the game for kids staying on the games all day and/or all night. His view is that there is a need being satisfied by the game that are not being fulfilled in other areas of the person's life.

    Jay is convinced that video games as a storytelling vehicle are unprecedented in their power because they are the only mass medium where the audience is the direct participant in the story. They are not absorbing the material like other media, they are in it. It is more immersive. When you are in the game, you are the protagonist. Video games can instill empathy and communicate people's stories and perspectives. He thinks the world needs more empathy now.
    There are games that encourage mindfulness and others that tell stories about loss and relationships and existentialism - deeper, fundamental topics. There are games that make people feel cozier.

    Through his publication and podcast, he is revealing the surprising links between video games and art, history, literature, psychology, economics, and philosophy. This has given him a unique perspective on how games and the wider world influence each other, which he brings to every post and episode.

    A month ago, his first successful angelic invocation was a real eye opener in many ways. He hasn't looked at the world the same way since. He now knows there is more to the world. There are things we are not aware of and sound fantastical, but his experience is that these things are real. He got a glimpse of it. It opened the doors to his perception, and he can't go back - nor does he want to shut the door. He is more relaxed, less anxious. He worries less. There's a certain zen-ness to his inner voice and thoughts. He is more at peace.

    His audience and peers, gamers and non-gamers alike, praise Game & Word for presenting deep and complex subjects in an accessible, friendly, and thought-provoking manner. He aims to show people things they've never heard of, or thought about, before.

    Stay tuned for Jay's upcoming series on Mysticism and Magic.

    If you have any questions, feel free to drop him a line at gameandword@gmail.com
    The companion podcast for Game & Word, the curious gaming publication is Game and Word. For the full newsletter, visit https://gameandword.substack.com 
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    High Momentum

    High Momentum

    Amrit Singh (CoachingNOW with Amrit Singh) is a Life Coach.  After smoking weed for years since the age of 14, he realized nothing manifested in his life. He found kundalini yoga and felt a high and a spiritual connection. He practiced and partied for four years until he decided to commit. He moved to India and things changed. He deepened his meditation and did more yoga. He learned more about meditation in India, where there are centuries of practice. The vibration was perfect for him to do so.

    He didn't do yoga for hyper flexibility and a tight butt. He was attracted to kundalini yoga because of the deep spiritual depth. He saw others who made a deep spiritual connection through kundalini yoga.

    He put on a turban 20 years ago and loved it. Wearing it is a lifestyle choice - not due to religion. It helped him to focus and he felt great wearing it. He feels religion has become a hollow thing based on the faith of your family of origin. But, he was attracted to the Sikh way of life because he likes uplifting others and serving those in need.  He sees religion as how to become a better version of one's self by helping people.  The meditation practice and prayers allowed him to go deep and live a very righteous life.  He wanted to be kinder to his environment. He wanted to stand up to injustice. Sikhs carry a kirpan (a sword/knife). It is a reminder to Sikhs to fight injustice and oppression, but is not to be used as an instrument of violence.

    Amrit sees prosperity not simply as money in the bank but as health, his family's health, living in beauty and warmth. He can order what he wants on a menu without worry or give to charitable organizations. More importantly, prosperity is about going into deep trust in the Infinite (God). Serving others, he knows he will be taken care of and that is living a prosperous life. With that mindset, he can make more money. As his income doubles, he can do more good in the world.

    Amrit has experimented with all kinds of diets. He understands not to overeat, don't overdo it with sugar, white breads, gluten, fat, etc. He is a vegetarian because he does not enjoy eating meat. Eating vegetables keeps you light, keeps you connected to your higher chakras, to your lightness and doesn't hold you so much to your body. Diet is an important tool but needs to be used right.

    The Miri (temporal) Piri (spiritual) Academy founded by Yogi Bhajan was cult-y. He liked that it was a place for teenagers to become leaders. It is like a boarding school. Amrit learned a lot in his 20 years there. Amrit saw a lot of strong human beings emerging from the Sikh Dharma of the Western Hemisphere.

    Amrit's most profound experience of "mystic" was during a meditation course. On day 4 or 5, something happened. He sat and did not move a finger for over an hour. Time and space disappeared. When coming out of it, he did not know if it was real. He did some stretching afterwards. Suddenly, his body was so flexible that he put his head between his legs effortlessly. He touched enlightenment.

    He realized it is daily work. It is about showing up, doing your work, serving others, sitting in internal reflection and it is something all of us are capable of being.

    In India, when COVID hit and everything stopped, he questioned what to do next. He realized that he loved to listen to people and guide them, and decided to do it professionally. He did the marketing and now is being paid for what he loves to do!

    He makes a video daily on TikTok.

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    A Higher Road

    A Higher Road

    D. Neil Elliott (https://www.dneilelliott.com) is highly educated, owned a profitable consulting firm, and had a successful career and an amazing wife and family. Neil was facing a lot of challenges. He was in a dark place. He saw no hope, regardless of how much money he had or what he owned. Through lessons of suffering, his journeying soul gained self knowledge, and he  discovered a higher road by discarding his ego. As he traveled that road, he asked questions about his life purpose, and he became curious as to why and how he had created this misery, and how he could turn his life around.
    He had to learn science as a bridge to spirituality. Neil realized that his judgments were based on beliefs that are hard to dissolve. His process was beyond willpower. He had to break up the erroneous beliefs about life and himself and rebuild them in alignment with where we come from and where we return after death.

    His book: "The Higher Road" (https://www.dneilelliott.com/the-book) is about coming back to Who We Truly Are. We are Unconditional Love. We are meant to be open and purified channels of the Divine, to express unconditional love. We are to completely accept and understand that everyone is here through the evolution of our soul. It is not our place to judge or condemn. We are to accept people for who they are and their process and their journey.  We are to support them and love them so they can awaken to who they are meant to be.

    He grew up agnostic. His rudimentary knowledge was if you are good, you go to Heaven and if you are bad, you go to hell. He learned about hidden things. He learned that we create our experience through the law of cause and effect. We must understand these mechanisms. Beliefs in separation are not in alignment with Who We Really Are. 

    We know that at a subatomic level, we are energy. We identify with the body and follow egoic mechanisms. We are co-creators and use our thoughts and emotions to create everything in our life.  When you come back into an awareness of unity with the Divine, you create things in your life that bring love, peace and Joy. We are burdened by our past and project our past events into the future. We are living in our past or what we think will happen. We need to live in the present moment and be guided by spiritual energy. Then, we can live in Peace and Presence.

    The intention is to bridge this mental gap between body and soul - our Reality. You begin to live from your soul as the master of your life. In his book, "A Higher Road", he describes seven steps: 1) understanding consciousness, 2) unveil truths, 3) reflection (writing yourself a letter being truthful with yourself and seal it), 4) cleanse your consciousness of false beliefs, 5) rebuild your consciousness in alignment with Unconditional Love, 6) learn meditation (to enter the silence so you can connect to Source), do inner cleansing, raise your vibrational level and feel spiritual energy, 7) rinse and repeat. He shares the material for free. 

    He wants people to live the way they are meant to live - in an utter state of peace, love and joy - and help bring this world into a new era of love and peace where we no longer have hate, racism, judgmentalism, denigration of others, and wars. We should be caring our planet (Gaia) with Love. She will, in turn, treat us with love and respect - as she does. But we get in the way of that.

    When you go through this process, your Presence around other people - when you hold them in Love - Who They Really Are, you help heal them. 
    Neil’s goal is to share the knowledge. Another book is coming!
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    Growth Beyond Trauma

    Growth Beyond Trauma

    Over the past 35 years, Agape Garcia has navigated through domestic violence, privacy, safety, vulnerability, and the mindset to endure personal adverse events in life. 

    Agape moved 1,000 miles away to join her mate who had relocated. Eight months pregnant, Agape found some remnants of another female's things in her things. She questioned him about it. He threw her down and held her down by her neck while punching her head. She heard her daughter's scared voice and her feet slammed on the floor. She thrusted him off of her to protect her daughter. She has no idea how she had the strength to do so, jump up, grab her daughter and run out with her child in pajamas and barefoot.

    She had left everything she knew, used a neighbor's phone to call the police for help. She was not going to go back home. The doctors restricted her travel due to her high-risk pregnancy. She had no friends or family where she was. Due in 47 days, she convinced the doctors to do a C-section in 37 days. She left her job voluntarily from the previous state, so she had no unemployment coming. She could not get a new job since she was so pregnant, and found herself standing in line for food stamps, emergency shelter and assistance.

    She had no phone, no electricity and no gas in the car. She asked neighbors if her daughter could play with their children so she could find a way forward for them.  She rented a room for her new-born, her daughter and her.

    During her journey to overcome, Garcia learned that extreme independence is a trauma driven response and a natural one which can be defeated through focused, self-awareness and intentional control. 

    She was focused on protecting and providing. After this trauma and without family and friends, she was not able to trust anyone. Her kids were in care for 12 hours a day. 

    When her daughter became an adult and moved out, she told Agape that she was not emotionally available for her.  Agape did not have time to get into her feelings. But going forward, she worked to show her daughter affection. 

    Agape's mother left her when she was two years old - which made her dedicated to stay with her children. Her father checked out - he worked a full night shift and slept all day. Her mother left a toxic relationship. Agape believes she received trauma gestionally. It took a while for Agape to develop emotional intelligence.

    Agape navigated through various self-help centers, state, city, local programs, systems and assistance to create a stable foundation for her family while providing the ability to assist others. She also volunteers and collaborates with local legislators in support of bills under Public Safety. She worked with Internal Affairs reviewing complaints. She received hands-on training from the Sheriff’s department, Department of Homeland Security, and FEMA which also led to the Infrastructure Liaison Officer designation (ILO), through the local Law Enforcement Center. 

    She has developed programs with leadership responsible for security and emergency management. These emphasize awareness toward identifying different stages of human behavior leading towards violence mitigation.

    Her commitment is to provide lifelong transformational habits. Her laser focus teachings are on aligning your mental and emotional belief system. She had a desperation to survive and established BYIS, a means of empowering others to Be Your Incredible Self. 

    Garcia believes in the need to feel loved, wanted, and cared for as a part of life in all of us. She learned to apply a controlled healthy mindset to break unhealthy cycles. Today, she prides herself on meeting the daily challenges of being vulnerable and safe at the same time. 
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    Empathic Mastery

    Empathic Mastery

    Jennifer Moore came from a family who had the ability to imagine how horrible things could be. She was exhausted, overwhelmed, feeling stressed, and hurting all the time. As she learned to calm her nervous system down, she started to develop the tools for herself that she would later share with other people. 
    She was born an intuitive and had her first prophetic dream when she was 9 years old. She was already on the path to recovery when she went to grad school. She worked as a psychic and an artist, running ceremonies and workshops. She studied breathwork and reiki modalities, worked with intuition and tarot cards and worked with self-help groups. She considered becoming a Unitarian Universalist minister. She taught alternative healing but lacked confidence. She was on a path to a Master of Divinity degree to become a minister, but she changed her course to Master of Psychology and Religion. She realized she was not cut-out for the politics of the church – to be the parent where everyone is working out their family of origin issues, or the mean girl politics that organized religion brings.
    She didn't always recognize what was hers and what was not. She felt responsible for the struggles her clients were having. She receives guidance and information well, but it substantially improved when she stopped eating sugar. What she puts in her body effects the guidance. The cleanliness of the food effects the ability to receive intuitive information. Sugar gives a boost in the short term, but long-term, it compromises your filters and shields, and contributes to depression, anxiety and despair. After giving up sugar, her filter was clean.
    At 23, she quit smoking, gained 40 pounds in four months, and found herself in a raging eating disorder. After doing the personal work, she found a psychotherapist who helped Jennifer realize that the stress she was picking up was not just hers, but also others’ stress. Jennifer’s book, “Empathic Mastery” explains a five-step system: Recognize, release, protect, connect, and act.
    When she learned about metaphysics and magic, she was taught to build up her filters and shields. However, she recognized that she was feeling out of sorts. She asked, "what’s not mine?" She picked up energy. She learned to take a deep breath and place her hand on her heart. Then, she would send the energy to where it belongs.
    She protects herself by setting boundaries. She decides when she should get involved by determining if it is an aligned place to be. She ran into a telephone pole and totaled her car by not trusting her intuition. She's been doing readings (including Akashic records) for people for decades. 
    Jennifer teaches at the Empathic Mastery Academy. She developed her tools for 30 years. She came up in a time where psychics were like the red-headed stepchildren. It was usually considered weird. Now, it is common, and safer to do the work. Back then, there wasn’t the kind of information that there is now. She teaches how to get in touch with self, get calm and regulate our nervous systems. We need to self-soothe, develop tools, do breathwork, and do the Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping). This way, we won’t pick up the distressed energies in the world around us and we can start to become beacons for calm, love, and healing. Her "Even Though" tattoo on her hand reminds her to relax. 
    Empaths also can tune into ecstasy, beauty and joy. 

    Her podcast is “The Empathic Mastery Show” (Empathicmasteryshow.com).
    In “The Wellness Universe Guide to Self Help - 25 Tools for Stress Relief”, Jennifer wrote about using EFT to let go of stress. In the fourth book, “The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self Care” – 25 Tools for Goddesses, Jennifer wrote about using tapping to eliminate cravings. Her newest contribu
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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

modernmedicinelady ,

Magical AND Grounded

Celeste creates a warm welcoming space for her guests to shine. I love how she asks questions to draw out deeper answers. She brings a perfect combination of mysticism, magic and grounded presence to the table.

Ganeshananda ,

Treat Your Heart To The Light and Love Of Celeste’s Heart

I so loved being with Celeste on Mystic Magic. During our conversation under the title “Our Heart and Our Path”, Celeste’s love, questions and insights pulled so many treasures from within my memory banks that can assist anyone in discovering more of the mystic magic they are and how they can use that Mystic Magic to make every aspect of their life sparkle in miracle after miracle. Thank you so much for creating this Podcast to help people grow in unimaginable ways!

Margaret of InHisFootsteps ,

Her love shines through

I enjoyed my time with Celeste and was honored to be her guest after listening to her other podcasts. Well worth a listen.

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