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A fresh, incisive take on today’s news from former CBS News executive producer Zev Shalev.

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A fresh, incisive take on today’s news from former CBS News executive producer Zev Shalev.

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    Blinken’s Gambit: Can He Turn A Hostage Crisis into Mideast Peace?

    Blinken’s Gambit: Can He Turn A Hostage Crisis into Mideast Peace?

    Secretary of State Antony Blinken quietly slipped into Israel on Thursday for meetings in Ramallah and Jerusalem to further a bold proposal that may result in a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. Blinken believes the ongoing hostage releases and ceasefire talks provide a diplomatic opening for a long-lasting peace.
    Blinken outlined his proposal in a speech Thursday night.

    Israel must improve the lives of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza “in immediate, tangible ways.”

    Israel must provide Palestinians with a credible path toward statehood.

    The US will propose “practical steps” that can be taken to this end.

    A “revitalized” Palestinian Authority will govern a united West Bank and Gaza.

    The government in Ramallah must reform, end corruption, and promote a free press.

    My guest on this week’s podcast is investment banker and Middle-East policy expert Rick Petree. His diplomatic roots, operational experience, and nuanced knowledge make him an ideal expert to assess Blinken’s gambit.
    As Rick and I were speaking, the final 8 hostages to be released by Hamas under the 4-day ceasefire - were in transit back home to Israel after 55 days in captivity. 120 Israelis have been freed, 75 remain in captivity.
    We discuss how the crisis presents an opportunity for peace and how both Palestinian and Israeli public opinion seem increasingly receptive to dialogue and compromise after decades of failed security doctrines.
    Furthermore, the potential spoils of vast offshore gas reserves discovered between Israel and Gaza suggest possible shared prosperity if political cooperation can be achieved.
    No naïve optimism is warranted. And yet Blinken’s maneuverings hint that behind the hostage tragedy, economic incentives, and weariness of violence, a cautious hope burns for progress between historic enemies. The ingredients for peace may be aligning if key leaders can seize the moment.

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    Unveiling George Santos: A Spy or a Liar?

    Unveiling George Santos: A Spy or a Liar?

    BREAKING: The House will hold a third vote this week to expel Congressman George Santos in the wake of a damning ethics report accusing him of brazen fraud and theft. Santos remains defiant, saying: "If they want to send me home...God bless their hearts."
    Tonight, we unpack the shadowy world of George Santos. This episode has been digitally re-edited and remastered.
    There are many red flags that Santos could be a foreign spy. His lies suggest he's hiding his true identity. Spies often have criminal histories to help them operate - Santos is accused of fraud in Brazil and running a Ponzi scheme in the U.S. He's fabricated his entire background - no one knows where he was really educated. He has suspicious foreign funding ties to a Russian oligarch close to Putin. The layers of deception raise spy suspicions.
    George Santos: A Trump Fanatic
    Santos is cut from Trump's cloth - an obnoxious superfan. He outrageously claimed his house was ransacked just for attending a Trump party. Like Trump, he's an audacious liar.
    George Santos: A Hidden Drag Queen?
    There's evidence Santos once performed in drag as "Kitara Ravash" in Brazil under his alias "Anthony Devolder." As Republicans attack drag events, the irony of Santos potentially being a drag queen is striking.
    The Russian Oligarch Backing George Santos
    Santos has funding ties to sanctioned Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, who operates as a Putin delegate and allegedly runs an Israeli-Russian spying operation. Vekselberg's cousin Andrew Intrater, representing his business interests, donated thousands to Santos and groups supporting his Congressional bid.
    The GOP Leadership's Support for George Santos
    Despite his outrageous lies, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy has refused calls to expel Santos, valuing his one-vote majority over integrity. But damning new allegations make his removal inevitable.
    The questions surrounding Santos and his foreign backers raise serious unanswered questions about threats to national security. His imminent expulsion comes as no surprise.

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    An Unprecedented Legal Quest: One Man’s Audacious Bid to Bar Trump from 2024

    An Unprecedented Legal Quest: One Man’s Audacious Bid to Bar Trump from 2024

    Attorney John Anthony Castro is on a bold mission that could rock American politics - using an obscure constitutional clause to legally disqualify Donald Trump from running for president in 2024.
    Castro's ingenious strategy centers on the 14th Amendment's anti-insurrection section, which bars anyone involved in rebellion against the U.S. from holding office. His argument: Trump's role in inciting the January 6th Capitol attack crosses that line.
    But this unprecedented legal gambit faces major hurdles. Courts have dismissed similar voter-driven lawsuits for lack of "standing." As a direct Trump opponent, Castro asserts his injury gives him grounds to sue.
    If the case proceeds, the next question is whether the clause is "self-executing" - enforceable without further congressional action. A ruling in Castro's favor could be a massive leap toward barring Trump's candidacy.
    Yet the most significant obstacle may be proving an actual "insurrection" occurred on January 6th - a hotly disputed issue with massive political stakes.
    Win or lose, Castro's lawsuit puts a little-known constitutional provision under a glaring spotlight. By challenging Trump, he gained media attention for his future presidential aspirations.
    The outcome of this bold legal fight is uncertain. But one thing is clear - Castro's ingenious move could set a precedent with lasting effects on American politics and elections. His quest marks an unprecedented attempt to employ the courts to reshape the political landscape.

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    From The Archive: The Dragon’s Tail: Dissecting Christian Nationalism

    From The Archive: The Dragon’s Tail: Dissecting Christian Nationalism



    This episode has been digitally remastered in high definition and completely re-edited to  enhance the viewer experience.  Our valued patrons are receiving a 7-day early release of this content as an added value for supporting Narativ's productions.  Thank you!
    This episode focuses on exploring the rising influence of Christian nationalism in America and its potential connection to China. The hosts discuss the relationships of key figures such as Ivanka Trump, Wendy Deng Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch, and Jared Kushner. They also elaborate on the potential roles played by proxies such as Saudi Arabia, Russia, Israel, the UAE, and Egypt. A significant portion of the episode is dedicated to analyzing the influence of individuals like Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon, as well as organizations such as the Federalist Society and Rule of Law Foundation. The episode concludes with a warning about the crucial upcoming elections and the imperative to resist potential outside influences threatening America's democracy.

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    Questions Surround Speaker Johnson’s Connections to Russia

    Questions Surround Speaker Johnson’s Connections to Russia

    Speaker Mike Johnson has concerning connections to Russia that raise national security questions as he pushes for President Biden's impeachment.
    Johnson has long received donations from American Ethane, a company run by two Russians with direct Kremlin ties. American Ethane bankrolled Johnson for years to grease the wheels on getting approval for a proposed ethane terminal in Louisiana. Interestingly, while the firm is Russian-owned and named American Ethane, the exports were all destined for China.
    Johnson's anti-LGBTQ advocacy also aligns closely with Russia's global anti-gay agenda. He has compared homosexuality to pedophilia and called it dangerous. His wife runs a Christian counseling service equating homosexuality with bestiality. In the 2000s, Johnson provided legal advice to Exodus International, a harmful conversion therapy group, as well as advocacy for an anti-gay "Day of Truth" in schools. At the time, Johnson worked for the Alliance Defending Freedom, which connected him to Russia's representative at the anti-LGBTQ World Congress of Families. The WCF authored Russia's severe anti-gay propaganda law.
    Johnson's personal life also raises questions. He adopted a black son when he was 25, two years before meeting his wife. Yet few photos exist of Johnson's adopted son with the rest of the family. Johnson has been elusive in providing details about the adoption. In 2010, Johnson was dean of a failed Baptist law school embroiled in fundraising and child abuse scandals, which he conveniently omits from his resume.
    With an impeachment of President Biden looming, Moscow may be applying pressure on Johnson through compromising materials obtained over years of Russian connections. The stakes could not be higher to determine whether the Kremlin is influencing the impeachment process through Speaker Johnson.

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    Inside Israel’s Trauma: A Reporter’s Sobering View from Tel Aviv

    Inside Israel’s Trauma: A Reporter’s Sobering View from Tel Aviv

    She is one of Israel’s leading political commentators and her interview was as poignant as it was politically prescient.  Thank you, Tal.Shalev (no relation) of Walla! News, Please follow her work @talshalev1
    In this episode, chief political correspondent Tal Shalev provides a sobering view from Tel Aviv on the crisis in Israel and Gaza. She explains how the October 7th attacks inflicted severe trauma on Israelis, leaving the country grief-stricken and insecure.
    Shalev discusses the deteriorating humanitarian emergency unfolding in Gaza as Israel's ground offensive continues. She notes Israel is unwilling to open humanitarian corridors without the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas.
    Shalev argues Netanyahu has failed to take responsibility for security failures leading up to the October 7th attack. She states he is clinging to power but faces pressure from the Biden administration to resign.
    Moreover, Shalev expresses deep concern about the disturbing global backlash against Jews, with rising antisemitism bringing back collective traumas. She argues Western societies must unequivocally condemn the evil of Hamas’ actions.
    In terms of solutions, Shalev states a prisoner swap to free hostages could happen but would be politically difficult for Netanyahu. She contends extensive military action is needed to degrade Hamas’ capabilities. Shalev says a diplomatic push led by the US and Arab states will be required to restore some stability.
    Overall, Shalev offers a sobering inside view of the trauma, pain and complexity of the crisis confronting Israel. She makes a powerful case that firm military resolve combined with international diplomacy is critical to containing the threat from Hamas.

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4.6 out of 5
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162 Ratings

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