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Neil Wilkins : The Mindful Living Show : The Mindful Marketing Show : Founder of The Mindful Collective : Creator of Life Map by Neya® : Mindful Marketing Consultant : Mentor : Author : Speaker : Podcaster : #IKIGAI

    Data Management and GDPR

    Data Management and GDPR

    There is a delicate balance between having enough data about your customers to be an effective and proactive marketer and keeping within the law and GDPR compliance.

    Here's what Neil Wilkins discusses in this episode:
    Moving from third party to first data by 2023
    The onus on quality and compliance
    Knowing what you can and cannot do with the data
    What to collect and how best to store it
    Data for preparing marketing strategy and plans for the coming years

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    • 56 min
    Compassionate Leadership

    Compassionate Leadership

    Neil Wilkins talks to L&D Specialist and Leadership expert, James Hudson about how behaving with compassion can improve your leadership skills.

    Neil and James discuss, amongst other things:

    Holding the vision as the central guiding light for a team
    How to balance empathy and sympathy in communications
    Leading not managing, by taking the time to listen
    Demonstrating reciprocal respect in team interactions

    This conversation is loaded with leadership top tips from an industry expert.

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    Connect with James Hudson at https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-hudson-mcipd-fimi-flpi/

    • 36 min
    Sustainability with Dr Victoria Hurth

    Sustainability with Dr Victoria Hurth

    Dr Victoria Hurth explains to us how sustainability, purpose and core values can interlink in our world going forward.

    Neil Wilkins and Dr Hurth shares insights and discuss how everyone is in a position to make a difference if they can identify with their values and find their purpose.

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    • 49 min
    Linkedin Tips 2022

    Linkedin Tips 2022

    Neil Wilkins shares the latest research and tops tips for optimising your personal profile and business page in Linkedin.

    2022 Best Practice

    Look and Listen before speaking
    Be positive and thought provoking
    Share your technical expertise
    Be a great source of unbiased, objective intelligence
    Add value at all times
    Maintain your consistent ‘elevator pitch’
    Use the Content Suggestion Tool

    But there's more. Are you live streaming? Do you ensure all your team share your business posts? Have you tuned your elevator pitch?

    “Be personal and participate.” Linkedin

    • 52 min
    Carbon Literacy

    Carbon Literacy

    Phil Korbel, Director of Advocacy at Carbon Literacy Project, talks to Neil Wilkins about the importance of everyone becoming more carbon literate.

    As Phil discusses, many of us may have been setting off on our sustainability journey from the wrong starting point. Whereas most of us believe carbon literacy is about climate and saving the planet, Phil believes it's more about an understanding of how we interact as human beings and society.

    This is a fascinating and informative conversation and if you feel compelled to become more carbon literate, visit The Carbon Literacy Project for more information and to take your next steps alongside over 34,000 individuals who are also on their journeys.

    • 49 min
    Most Useful Marketing Tools 2022

    Most Useful Marketing Tools 2022

    Neil Wilkins shares his Essential Marketing Tools 2022, including platforms, apps and software that supports his busy marketing lifestyle:

    Meetings, Collaboration, Content Sources, Content Creation, Podcasting, Live Streaming, Campaign Creation, Campaign Tracking, Analytics, Administration, Marketing Sustainability and Hybrid Events.

    Neil also shares information about new hate-free social network WeAre8.

    • 48 min

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