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Neil Wilkins : The Mindful Living Show : The Mindful Marketing Show : Founder of The Mindful Collective : Creator of Life Map by Neya® : Mindful Marketing Consultant : Mentor : Author : Speaker : Podcaster : #IKIGAI

    Benefits of Collaboration

    Benefits of Collaboration

    Ever wonder why some people seem to make so much more progress or gain support from everyone around them? 

    It might be because they've figured out how to collaborate effectively.

    None of us has every skill or infinite time, so collaborating and working together, helps us to scale our resources and get great satisfaction from achieving our goals in an enjoyable way.

    In this webinar recording for Cambridge Marketing College's professional development series, Neil Wilkins shares models and tips as diverse as Edward de Bono's six hats model to Myers Briggs MBTI personality preferences in an attempt to empower us with the tools and knowledge to benefit more from collaboration.

    Visit Neil Wilkins Online for more content like this.

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    Your Marketing Plan 2022

    Your Marketing Plan 2022

    Marketing Plan 2022 is an in depth look at the key topics and focus for creating the most relevant and authentic marketing plan for your business.

    The marketing mix has changed and in this webinar, Neil Wilkins focuses on purpose, sustainability, less is more, efficiency and importantly, giving yourself more time to reflect and innovate next year.

    This podcast is in association with Cambridge Marketing College http://marketingcollege.com and forms part of the wider learning and development teaching the College provides to its apprentices.

    The webinar is also available as video at https://youtu.be/fVCDvUUIB0M 

    Visit http://neilwilkins.online for more content like this and to enquire about marketing and digital marketing apprenticeships for viewers in the UK and for remote marketing mentoring with Neil Wilkins, for international viewers.

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    Should The Metaverse Be In Your Marketing Plan?

    Should The Metaverse Be In Your Marketing Plan?

    In this episode of Friday Focus, Neil Wilkins talks to some Cambridge Marketing College apprentices about Meta, the metaverse and whether new technologies and innovations should be in their marketing plans and day to day thinking.

    Neil argues that everyone should be aware of new innovative technology and that the metaverse, which first emerged with Second Life, back in 2003, is potentially a huge commercial and competitive opportunity for us all, today.

    Listen to this recording and see what you think for yourself. Visit Neil Wilkins Online to watch the video version of this podcast.

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    How To Become More Resilient

    How To Become More Resilient

    How to become more resilient at work and in your personal life.  

    This timely webinar with Neil Wilkins, explores the reasons why some people are more resilient than others, techniques you can try in moments of discomfort or crisis and how to build great resilient daily habits using some simple yet effective tools, including the RAIN Technique.  

    "Distance yourself from 'being' the situation" 

    "Reframe anything by changing the language you use to describe it"  

    For more content like this and to listen to this webinar on your favourite podcast platform, visit Neil Wilkins Online 

    This webinar is in association with Cambridge Marketing College, providers of lifelong learning for marketers and PRs. 

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    CRM on Friday Focus

    CRM on Friday Focus

    Today's Friday Focus concentrated on the value of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in marketing. Using Hubspot and Salesforce as examples, we talked about the things to consider when using our customer data and records to enhance the customers' experience and to keep everything consistent across the business.

    Friday Focus is just one of the ways Cambridge Marketing College supports the digital marketing apprentices on their learning journey. To find out more about marketing and digital apprenticeships (either as an apprentice or as an employer) visit the College website (applies to UK businesses and apprentices only).

    Neil Wilkins also mentions an upcoming webinar at 11am UK Time on Wednesday 17th November about Marketing Planning for 2022. Register here for this webinar.

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    How To Avoid Greenwashing

    How To Avoid Greenwashing

    How to Avoid Greenwashing is episode 2 of a 3 part webinar series by Cambridge Marketing College in association with The Mindful Collective. 

    In this episode, Neil Wilkins talks to a panel of experts, including Nigel Clark, Brendan Llewellyn and Joe Pereira about how marketers can avoid greenwashing when marketing sustainability. 

    The conversation moves towards the idea of creating a marketing sustainability guidelines, similar to the equivalent of brand guidelines, with which most marketers are already familiar. Could this be the best first step on the marketing sustainability journey for businesses?  

    • 59 min

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