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We talk about craft beer, tech and all things nerdy. Oh, and did we mention the craft beer part?

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We talk about craft beer, tech and all things nerdy. Oh, and did we mention the craft beer part?

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

twelvetyVA ,

One of my desert-island podcasts

You guys, even with bad audio, I still love love love hearing you think out loud to each other. The new journaling episode was great and has me ready to subscribe to Day One. I hadn't paid attention to the Mac app since they went to the subscription model (because I had fallen out of the journaling habit), but it looks like a must-have companion to the iOS app. And I'm happy to support the developers. Maybe I'll feel more invested in the process by paying for it, too.

Please keep doing the podcast for as long as humanly possible. I feel like y'all are my buddies and you're one of the sane refuges on the web anymore. I really look forward to each episode. Thank you!

p.s. "If a foot had an armpit" is one of the funniest things I've heard in ages.

sdt33 ,

Very Good, but

I like this podcast, I like both guys, and the things they talk about--but The Guy Who Doesn’t Like Sours (I don’t know which one is Jeff and which one is Gabe because they never introduce themselves or refer to each other by name) is CONSTANTLY interrupting the other guy. And it’s not the good kind of interrupting that one needs to do sometimes to steer a discussion, or help avoid going too far down rabbit holes. It’s the kind where he waits until the other guy is juuuust about to finish making his point, and THEN he decides to interrupt, and we don’t get to hear the other guy’s complete thought. He apparently can’t wait 2-3 more seconds to let him finish--he just HAS to blurt out what he wants to say and it doesn’t seem to matter at all to him that someone is already talking. He doesn’t seem to realize that it’s 1. a rude thing to do, and 2. really aggravating to podcast listeners who wanted to hear the other guy finish what he was saying. [June '17 update -- a year and a half later, and nothing has changed..guy still blurts things out like crazy, doesn't seem to care at all if he interrupts anyone. unreal. and unbelievably aggravating.]

wrtcedar ,

Not a beer drinker but it's still great

This podcast is one of my favorites. Episodes are always informative, thoughtful, and entertaining. These guys have great chemistry. Is it the beer? Extra hops? I don't know. I don't drink the stuff but these still work for me. Plus they're a help when I hang out with beer loving friends.

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