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Welcome to the Nerds Without Pants podcast! We're here to talk to you about games, comics, movies, and Jason Statham. Listen to our organized chaos, and join in the discussion with your letters. Keep it pantsless, internet!

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Welcome to the Nerds Without Pants podcast! We're here to talk to you about games, comics, movies, and Jason Statham. Listen to our organized chaos, and join in the discussion with your letters. Keep it pantsless, internet!

    Episode 169: Coffee Talkin' About Robot Dinos

    Episode 169: Coffee Talkin' About Robot Dinos

     Nerds Without Pants is back again, but we’re still getting back into the swing of things. Since we were on a six week hiatus it’s time to catch up on a ton of games that we’ve played since the last time we recorded before break. That’s right, folks, it’s time for an all Consumption Junction edition of NWP! But be sure to get the Stage Select topic and the announcement of the first Great Game Giveaway of 2020 at the top of the show.
    Man, we talk about a lot of games this episode! From Frost Punk to Coffee Talk, Afterparty to Devil May Cry V, there’s probably something for everyone to love in this show. Friendly note to listeners: we end the show with a nearly hour-long spoiler discussion on Horizon: Zero Dawn, so if you’re planning on playing that game maybe save that part of the show for later. Oh, and Julian forgot to throw the Secret Code Phrase in during the episode, so it shows up in the outro (hint: around the 3 hour mark), just in case you are skipping the Horizon section.
    STAGE SELECT: What are your top 3 games of the past decade? (Ranked 3-1, no honorable mentions)
    SUBMIT YOUR STAGE SELECT COMMENTS BY 8:30 Central Time on February 21 to be on the show!
    Ninja Sex Party- 6969
    VA-11 HALL-A- Neon District
    Devil May Cry V- Pull My Devil Trigger
    Horizon: Zero Dawn- Main Theme
    Judgment- Your Song

    • 3 hr 7 min
    Episode 168: 2019- At Least the Games Didn't Suck

    Episode 168: 2019- At Least the Games Didn't Suck

    Welcome to the first episode of Nerds Without Pants recorded in 2020! That’s right, we’re back from hiatus and we have a ton of things to say about our favorite games that we played in 2019. There are some obvious games, some shockers, and some games that definitely didn’t come out last year. So, pretty par for the NWP course, eh?
    I won’t lie, this is a beefy episode, even by our standards, but it’s a fun discussion, with some deep dives on a few games that we’d been dying to talk about. We’re also joined by an old friend partway into the episode, and there’s even time for an impromptu 2019 Video Game Cage Match exhibition, as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice takes on Fire Emblem: Three Houses. We’re back, baby!
    Control -Take Control
    Hypnospace Outlaw- Granny Cream’s Hot Butter Ice Cream
    Nier Automata- City Ruins
    Final Fantasy VII- Underneath the Rotting Pizza
    Life is Strange 2- A long Road Ahead
    Barry Manilow- Made it Through the Rain


    • 3 hr 35 min
    Special: Makin' Music With Megan McDuffee

    Special: Makin' Music With Megan McDuffee

     Welcome, welcome, welcome, to the annual Nerds Without Pants music special! We’re coming back from hiatus very soon, but before that we have an AMAZING guest to talk about some of our favorite video game music with: none other than Megan McDuffee, the composer and singer of the River City Girls soundtrack!
    Be sure to find Megan at pretty much every social media outlet you can think of and tell her how awesome she was on this episode, and be sure to grab a copy of her new EP, Barely Covered: https://meganmcduffee.bandcamp.com/
    Into the Unknown from Subnautica - Simon Chylinski 
    Daredevil from Ace Combat 7- Keiki Kobayashi
    Mules from Death Stranding – Ludwig Fossell
    Dawn from Skyrim – Jeremy Soule
    Ready to Shave from Hypnospace Outlaw – Hot Dad (featuring Dave Pino)
    Inception from Valfaris - Curt Vicor Bryant
    Maze Forest from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Manaka Kataoka, Yasuaki Iwata, and Hajime Wakai
    God Shattering Star from Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Takeru Kanazaki, Hiroki Morishita, and Rei Kondo
    Edgewater (Night) from The Outer Worlds – Justin Bell 
    Boss Boss Boss from Katana Zero – Bill Kiley 
    Theme of Bloodstained (piano version with vocals) from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – Michiru Yamane 
    Medley: Eye of Death/Wild Hearts Never Die/Dragon Heart/Clair De Lune/A Place I Don't Know from Sayonara Wild Hearts – Daniel Olsen 
    Between Heaven and Earth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Rei Kondo 
    Boss: Noize from River City Girls – Megan McDuffee 
    The Hunt from River City Girls – Megan McDuffee


    • 2 hr 2 min
    Special: NWP Presents The Kissed by the Baddest Bidder Experience

    Special: NWP Presents The Kissed by the Baddest Bidder Experience

    Welcome to a special Nerds Without Pants…thing? Ok, I’ll be honest. This is being written by Julian, but I have no earthly idea what you’re in store for here. Justin played another bad game, I think? And he narrated it? This is the first episode of NWP that I’m not involved with, and it feels…really wrong, actually.
    Anyway, let’s all enjoy this together, shall we? Or possibly suffer together? With Justin’s taste in visual novels this could go either way, to be perfectly honest. So, strap in, and let’s go on a journey!

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Episode 167: State of the Generation 2019

    Episode 167: State of the Generation 2019

    It’s the final Nerds Without Pants of the year, and that means it’s time to take a look back at 2019, a look back at the 8th generation, and a look forward to the 9th generation. It’s a short episode that quickly balloons into a normal sized episode for…reasons!
    We have a bunch of fun talking points for this episode, including Anthem, working conditions in game development, the ascension of crossplay, that Blizzard/China debacle, our scary digital future, Google Stadia, and the future of E3. Then we close things out with our hopes for next gen and our most anticipated games of 2020. Oh, there’s also some more stuff after the show “ends”, so stay tuned!
    We love you all. Have a safe holiday season, and we’ll see you in 2020!
    Motorhead- The Game
    Frozen Crown- Neverending
    Kino- Gruppa Krovi
    Battle Beast- The Golden Horde
    Ranetki Girls- O Tebe

    • 2 hr 48 min
    Episode 166: We Stran.

    Episode 166: We Stran.

    Welcome, friends, to the next episode of Nerds Without Pants that was actually recorded before the PREVIOUS episode of Nerds Without Pants! Come join us on a time travelling romp with Mike Fallek. We have no topic, no agenda, so that means this is pure, unfiltered Fallek. Um, strap in.
    Included in this episode: The flying car, Mike’s journey with retro games, the heyday of video game magazines, the early days of the internet, Warhammer: Space Marine, story in video games, Star Wars, Julian betting on the next generation, Batman: White Knight (spoilers), Dante’s Inferno, pachinko for some reason, a whole lot about a small amount of Death Stranding, Justin’s bad game corner, and much, MUCH more!
    CHVRCHES- Death Stranding
    Low Roar- Don’t Be So Serious
    Major Lazer and Khalid- Trigger
    Silent Poets- Asylums for the Feeling
    Eminem- Stan

    • 3 hr 1 min

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general hannibal of robots ,

heard you havent gotten a review in a while

this shows great. i am not mike fallek but all they do is talk about him. do that more i am not him. if i were mike fallek would i know mike falleks email login in? no. anyway i heard you read reviews on air YOUD READ IT IF MIKE FALLEK WROTE IT. who i am not so you wont read it but if you wont read it cus im not mike fallek then i am mike fallek

RaginHulk91 ,

Simply the best!

I love this podcast! While I am currently going through the old episodes (I’m in about episode 110), I have also been listening to the new episodes and man oh man is this show great! From video games, to comics, to movies, this show does cover everything while bearing it all. It is the sole reason I am playing every main line final fantasy (thanks Julian) and that I am now addicted to Hearthstone (thanks all of you). If you are any kind of geeky consumer, you will find something to love. Thanks for the hours and hours of entertainment and keep up the fantastic work!

TheRater?1234567 ,

Always keep it pantsless!

This is absolutely without a doubt my favorite podcast! I make sure to listen to every episode as soon as it hits my feed. While I have been listening for a long while I haven't been listening since the inception of the pantsless podcast but I have gone back to listen to the older episodes. If you love talking about your favorite games(new or old) then give this a listen! I love each of the segment of the show and by letting the community get involved with the show adds a special touch to it. You can tell there is love and dedication in the production of the show because the quality is great! It's never a dull moment with Julian and Patrick! Great work and here's to keeping it pantsless!

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