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A knitting podcast with funny stories, product reviews, project information, knitting help and much more!

Never Not Knitting Alana Dakos

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    • 4.5, 205 Ratings

A knitting podcast with funny stories, product reviews, project information, knitting help and much more!

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
205 Ratings

205 Ratings

jgailey4 ,

clear and useful information

like the discussion of designing patterns- interesting to hear what goes into a new design, and what is frustrating or easy depending on the pattern.

Bbobette ,

One of my favorites

I start laughing evertime I hear her theme song. Alana is an amazing designer, and does a pretty mean podcast too. Wish I could have gone to Stitches and met her.

hanako.noriko ,

Not sure why, but I keep listening

The content is good and the sound quality is clear, but when I try to pinpoint why I've listened to this many eps of this podcast I can't answer myself.

Alana sounds like she's reading from a script (as others have mentioned), and it means there's really no emotion or feeling in her voice. I feel like ANYONE could be reading the podcast script and it would be the same.

The contests are definitely a good way to get more listeners, but it's interesting how she always does a book/yarn review and then gives the thing away. At least other podcasters are up-front that what they are reviewing and have given away were donated to them, Alana makes it seem like she's doing us a favour and reviewing things and giving them to us, not that she was given these things as an ad. It's a little shady and kinda gimmicky.

Alana herself comes up as really stuck up in a way that rubs me wrong. I yell at my computer at least once every podcast "season" because she's being really snotty about something and I don't think she even realises it.

I hate the theme song. It's gimmicky and stupid. have hated it from the first ep and really wish it wouldn't play after EVERY SINGLE EPISODE because it means I have to put down what I'm doing to fast forward or else sit through the stupid theme song.

At least she's mostly gotten over the gratuitous special effects.

The content is good though, so I guess I'll keep listening when I'm at home working or studying and can just have it on in the background and not really pay attention to it. That's how I like to listen to this podcast. It's mostly background noise.

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