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The New Age Gents podcast is here to inform, inspire & motivate men around the globe. They say chivalry is dead. I beg to differ. In fact it's alive & well.

New Age Gents Podcast: Building Better Men Brandon G. Alexander

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The New Age Gents podcast is here to inform, inspire & motivate men around the globe. They say chivalry is dead. I beg to differ. In fact it's alive & well.

    Music with a message: A talk with Joel Cross & Collin Hauser

    Music with a message: A talk with Joel Cross & Collin Hauser

    Joel Cross and Collin Hauser are two Texas native musicians that are making waves in the music industry. Not only does their music make you feel something when you hear it, I believe it carries a message. I sat down with them and asked about what motivates them to write songs with messages of love, social awareness, heartbreak and hope. These talented gentlemen both found their passion for music at an early age. At 8 years old, Collin discovered his father’s 12-string guitar under their staircase, with his older brother. He later attended the University of North Texas (UNT) for music, where he met Joel and they became friends. Collin has recently released his second EP and has toured the country with artist like Cas Haley. For Joel Cross, he says music was always around him growing up. Music was a way of life for his family. Joel’s inspiration to become a musician came as a child when he saw his father tuning and playing a guitar at church. He knew from that moment he wanted to play guitar for the rest of his life. He’s currently touring locally and nationally, he’s also recently released an EP, which you can purchase on iTunes. Learn more about them as we discuss “Music with a Message: A talk with Joel Cross & Collin Hauser”

    Key questions:

    “How did you get started?” (For Joel & Collin)

    “Who were some musicians that influenced you early on in life? Who inspires you nowadays, what recent artists?” (For Joel & Collin)

    “What do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?” (For Joel)

    “How important is it for you, for your music to have a message when people hear it?” (For Collin)

    “Is there “bad music” to you guys?” (For Joel & Collin)

    “How do you think music can influence how men act, today?” (For Joel & Collin)

    “What’s your definition of a gentleman?”


    Collin Hauser-
    Twitter: @CollinaHauser
    Instagram: @CollinHauser

    Joel Cross-
    Twitter: @JoelPiece
    Instagram: @JoelPiece

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    A talk with barber & business owner, Mr. Jerard Jeffries

    A talk with barber & business owner, Mr. Jerard Jeffries

    After I got a haircut from my personal barber & owner of J.Nicholas Grooming, Mr. Jerard Jeffries I got the chance to sit down and talk with him. I felt very blessed for my first interview on the New Age Gents podcast to be a gentleman I respect and admire. We discuss everything from his early beginnings and how he got started as a barber - to the history of barbering, as well as getting his thoughts on what being a gentleman means to him.

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    Bring the romance back (no more NETFLIX & CHILL)

    Bring the romance back (no more NETFLIX & CHILL)

    Hey Ladies & Gents,

    In this episode I'll be tackling the way a gentleman dates vs. the current trend of 'NETFLIX & CHILL.' I believe dating is more than just hanging out and watching a movie/hooking-up. Most couples today have no idea what romance looks like or how a gentleman should court a lady. There's nothing wrong with spending the night in from time to time. But the problem is when staying in and watching a movie becomes all you do when you see each other.

    I'm challenging men everywhere to be more creative. I'm asking all men put in some real effort and show our women how much we value them and their time. Gentlemen, lets raise the bar.

    I'll be giving some tips and pointers on how to be more CREATIVE in your relationship/while dating someone. As well as discussing the importance of effort and how it can impact the overall experience a woman has when she's with you. And lastly, I want to encourage you to never stop doing the little things for your lady, like being flirtatious.

    Thanks for listening and if you like this episode please SUBSCRIBE, SHARE & leave a REVIEW.

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    #GentleReminder: FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAMS

    #GentleReminder: FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAMS

    #GentleReminder is a new segment I'll be doing to give you a boost during your week.

    My question to you is are you fighting for your dreams? Are you fighting for your career, your love life, or an idea you have? If not, you should be. Gentlemen, your dreams are worth fighting for. Your dreams are worth the late nights, early mornings, endless e-mails and research. In this podcast I dive into the importance of not giving up on your dreams and ways to work harder and smarter.

    Ask yourself these questions:

    -Are my gloves down or am I in this fight to win?

    -What actions am I taking to achieve my dreams and goals?

    -Have I thrown in the towel on something I love?

    I believe if you love something you should fight for it. The journey to reach your goals may hurt at times but all pain is temporary. I use an example of this from a podcast I listened to recently:

    MOSAIC- Erwin Raphael McManus (Audio)

    Thank you for listening.

    *Make you sure you check out "10 ways to Win a Girl's heart" By Kris Wolfe with a foreword by Gordon Dalbey. Now available on Amazon.com*

    song: "Waiting for my moment" from Creed (original motion picture soundtrack)

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    A Gentleman doesn't play with a woman's heart.

    A Gentleman doesn't play with a woman's heart.

    Ask yourself 3 questions:

    1. Are you being the best man you can be?

    2. Are you living with integrity and holding yourself accountable when it comes to how you treat women?

    3. Are you handling hearts with care or carelessness?

    There are so many broken hearts and lost souls in the world today. Why? I believe the idea of finding love and being in a committed relationship aren't taken seriously. It's our responsibility to lead with love and make smart choices when it comes to women.

    You can either be a part of the problem or you can be a part of the solution. A man of integrity doesn't have time for being a player, side chicks, or one night stands. Understand that your love is a gift and it's not for anyone and everyone. But also understand that it's a great gift to have a woman give you a piece of her. Whether she gives you her trust or she gives her time or her heart, you have to know that it's precious.

    A woman's love should be handled with care and not taken lightly. You have to see that woman with eyes of understanding and compassion. You have to look within and listen for that 'yes' in your spirit that you're ready to receive her. The worst thing you can do is keep someone around just to keep you company. That's selfish. That's not love. You're better than that. Imagine if that was your daughter. Imagine if some young man was toying with her. You wouldn't want watch her go through that kind of hurt or to date someone like that.

    A gentleman doesn't play with the heart of a woman. He cherishes it or he leaves it alone. Leave that woman alone if you're not certain or you know you don't see the relationship going anywhere. Don't keep her for the sex. Don't keep her because she makes you feel good about yourself. Keep her because you want her in your life. Keep her because life went from good to great since she's come around. In some cases you have to work through the fog to clearly see that yes, this is someone I want to be with. Always do the right thing and be honest. You've got to wait for that 'yes' to walk into your life. Wait for the woman who's heart you'll cherish and you'll give your all.

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    Manners are not optional but Essential

    Manners are not optional but Essential

    "Manners are not optional but ESSENTIAL." (5 timeless traits of a gentleman.)

    1. When A GENTLEMAN is in a crowded area or
    public place (restaurant, waiting room, subway train etc.)
    he will give up his seat for someone in need of one.

    2. A GENTLEMAN holds the door for others.
    For both exiting and entering a place.

    3. A GENTLEMAN is on time. Being punctual isn't optional but essential.

    4. A GENTLEMAN doesn't talk over someone when they're speaking or in a heated discussion. He keeps his composure. He listens, he waits & then responds when it's time to speak.

    5. A GENTLEMAN'S never too good to say, 'please' when asking for something; 'thank you' when someone does something for him; 'excuse me' when trying to get around/pass by someone or wanting to get someone's attention.

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5.0 out of 5
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3 Ratings

The Laura Taylor ,

Not just for men!

Calling for men to be the best versions of themselves. Great words of motivation and inspiration for men. So many of the concepts are great crossovers for women too! I love when a new episode comes out….so proud to call you my boyfriend :)

T Scriber ,

Back to the basics

These manners are valuable and needed to acquire the characteristics of a gentleman. Great job and awesome message Brother!!!

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