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    024 - Increase Your Ambition

    024 - Increase Your Ambition

    My commitment to this world is to help a million women create extraordinary lives. I believe each of us has incredible gifts to share with this world and that when we share them we open ourselves to the development of powers that we never suspected and the enjoyment of happiness that we never knew it was possible. Yet, so many women are not connected to their ambition. They're choosing comfort instead of true joy or making a difference. It's my intention with this episode, that you re-connect to your ambition. I share 5 reasons why you should increase your eagerness for more and challenge the belief that ambition is superficial.
    5 Reasons To Increase Your Eagerness for More
    1 - You're either growing or dying, you're not staying the same. Choose growth.
    2 - Ambition is at the core of what Positive Psychologist have found is required to reach a life full of happiness.
    3 - When you follow your ambition, the reward is bigger than what you achieve. The biggest reward is the human you become in the process.
    4 - We owe it to those less fortunate than us. We get to make a difference in this planet that so desperately needs us.
    5 - Money allows us to expand our joy and our impact.

    • 18 min
    023 - Behind the Scenes with Silvana Favaretto CEO at The Tulle Project

    023 - Behind the Scenes with Silvana Favaretto CEO at The Tulle Project

    My friend Silvana wore tulle skirts for 100 days straight, today she’s here to tell us how this simple but bold project transformed her life and began a movement.
    I met Silvana about 6 years ago at a personal development program. From the moment I met her I was struck by her energy, joy and confidence, but Silvana has not always felt that way. As she will share in the interview before doing her work she saw herself as broken. Back then she thought she had to be fixed and she didn’t want to be herself anymore.
    Today she’s a woman that loves herself deeply, she knows who she is and what she stands for. She is now the leader of the tulle tribe, a movement for women to reclaim and find strength in their femininity. She’s also the CEO of The Tulle Project a retail clothing company featuring tulle skirts.
    As I was editing this interview I was taking note of the many nuggets of wisdom she shared and I recommend you do the same.
    There were three lessons I think are worth highlighting:

    By getting to know who we are, we increase our self-love and our confidence. That the way to be successful in life is to do the work inside.When I give myself permission to be, say and wear whatever I want, I give other women permission to do the same. I don’t have to get small to fit in and be liked, on the contrary by being myself I get to meet my tribe.I don’t have to do it alone. Cultivating friendships with other women is fundamental. We need friends that will celebrate our wins, stand in the fire with us when things get challenging and lift us up when we are down.

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    022 - The Day I Became a Mother (A story of suffering and miracles)

    022 - The Day I Became a Mother (A story of suffering and miracles)

    In this episode, I share the story of the day my daughter Maya was born. All my life I dreamt about the day that I would become a mother. I imagined it would be a magical and perfect day, but it was not. That day was scary, shocking and painful and also beautiful, happy and full of miracles. In this episode I share with you how that day impacted me and all the beautiful lessons that came from that experience.

    • 15 min
    021 Behind the Scenes with Lisa Magnuson

    021 Behind the Scenes with Lisa Magnuson

    In the New Feminine Revolution - Behind The Scenes series, real life women share their experiences in creating a life they love. Today, I’m interviewing Lisa Magnuson the Chief Brand Officer for SHIFT, an integrated health facility in Chicago.
    Lisa, made the decision many women are too scared to make – she left the security of a job in corporate America to join a start-up. In this interview, she shares with us how she went about making this decision. The challenges she’s faced, how she’s dealing with her new identity and how she is now finding balance and measuring success.

    • 31 min
    020 How to Get Unstuck and Keep Moving Towards Your Dreams

    020 How to Get Unstuck and Keep Moving Towards Your Dreams

    Has it happened to you that you set a goal, start pursuing it but after a couple of weeks you start thinking that you're not where you want to be. You may have a synching feeling that you're failing or perhaps you start thinking that goal setting just doesn't work for you. In my experience, supporting women achieve their dreams, feeling you are not going to make it is something that happens to all of us. In today's episode I share with you the reasons why we feel this way and 5 strategies to get unstuck and keep moving forward to your dreams.

    • 16 min
    019 How to Cultivate your Authentic Sexuality with Kristina Campbell

    019 How to Cultivate your Authentic Sexuality with Kristina Campbell

    A couple weeks ago I was at an event, when a woman stood up to share her mission. I was moved by her vision of helping women heal their lives through cultivating their authentic sexuality. I immediately knew I’d like to interview her for this podcast. Her name is Kristina Campbell and she is an empowerment and pleasure guide.
    In this interview, Kristina shares with us her story as well as a beautiful perspective about our sexuality. She shares how we can start healing our sexual traumas and start loving our bodies. She also reminds us that everything that we see that lives comes from sexual energy.
    PS. A word of caution for those of you who listen to the podcast with little ones. Kristina’s story is honest, vulnerable and raw, so I recommend you listen to the interview alone first and then decide if you want your little ones to listen to it.

    • 47 min

Customer Reviews

lmallman ,


I have been following Carolina’s work for 7 years. She is amazing at asking the right questions to get to the real issue and digging in. Her podcast shares her openness and curiosity with all those lucky enough to cross her path. I’m excited to hear more and learn along the way!

LovelyPain ,

Deep insights in an understandable package

I’ve been looking for more peace in my life, some light on my path, real insights that I can use to make change. Every episode left me feeling empowered and with more understanding of my own path. I’m looking forward to hearing more wisdom from Carolina.

svsquared ,

Empowered female

I have embarked on a soul searching personal journey this year, a year with many changes and challenges in my professional and personal life. Finding this Podcast has been a wonderful! I feel there are many concepts that are clearer to me much more now after listening to Carolina and I am thankful for the work she is doing! Keep it up. I look forward to this every Monday <3

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