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Sometimes we miss things. For Nicole Byer & Lauren Lapkus, those things are all the Star Wars movies. In the first season of Newcomers, they’ll get to know the franchise–watching the movies and exploring the *culture*–discussing with super-fans as they go.

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Sometimes we miss things. For Nicole Byer & Lauren Lapkus, those things are all the Star Wars movies. In the first season of Newcomers, they’ll get to know the franchise–watching the movies and exploring the *culture*–discussing with super-fans as they go.

    Spaceballs (w/ Mary Holland and Ahmed Best)

    Spaceballs (w/ Mary Holland and Ahmed Best)

    To celebrate our Star Wars finale, we're joined by Ahmed Best (voice of Jar Jar Binks) and Mary Holland (voice of AD-3 droid) to talk about your top movie suggestion - the 1987 Mel Brooks satire film Spaceballs. Mary and Ahmed also discuss what it's like hosting the new children's Star Wars game show series, Jedi Temple Challenge. Plus, Ahmed shares the incredible audition process behind Jar Jar, how it caused a rift between him and Michael Jackson, and what it's like working with George Lucas.

    Sources for this episode:

    Bob It! Baby Yoda

    Spaceballs Trivia from IMDB

    Also, we announce what we're covering for season two! So stay subscribed to this same feed, we'll have new episodes releasing later this summer. Thanks for listening!

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    Star Wars: The Clone Wars (w/ Preeti Chhibber)

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars (w/ Preeti Chhibber)

    Star Wars author Preeti Chhibber (The Clone Wars Anthology, A Jedi You Will Be) joins Nicole and Lauren to break down the critically acclaimed series finale to Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Have Nicole and Lauren been gaslit into liking Star Wars? Is baby Yoda not who we thought he was? Plus more Hoth Goss about 90 Day Fiancé, Disneyland reopening, and how to become a writer for Disney.

    Looking to watch before listening? Here are the episodes we cover:

    S1E19 - Storm Over Ryloth

    S5E20 - The Wrong Jedi

    S7E9 - Old Friends Not Forgotten 

    S7E10 - The Phantom Apprentice

    S7E11 - Shattered 

    S7E12 - Victory and Death

    Media mentioned in this episode:

    Stormtroopers enforcing social distancing at Disney Springs


    Preeti's Baby Yoda celebrating May the 4th


    George Lucas watching Ewan Mcgregor get a haircut


    The Clone Wars MOCAP fight sequence


    Beat Saber gameplay


    We'll be back in two weeks for our Star Wars season finale.

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    Ewok Adventures (w/ Joel Kim Booster)

    Ewok Adventures (w/ Joel Kim Booster)

    Have Lauren and Nicole changed their tune on Ewoks? Comedian and Star Wars superfan Joel Kim Booster (Sunnyside, Singled Out) joins us to break down the 2 Ewok movies from the 80's: 'Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure' and 'Ewoks: The Battle for Endor'.

    Next episode, we watch the series premiere and 4-part finale of The Clone Wars.

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    Sources this episode:

    Ewok Adventures Trivia

    The Battle for Endor Trivia

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    Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter

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    The Mandalorian (w/ Griffin Newman & David Sims)

    The Mandalorian (w/ Griffin Newman & David Sims)

    It's Baby Yoda time! Co-hosts of Blank Check, Griffin Newman (actor/comedian, The Tick) and David Sims (Film critic, writer for The Atlantic) join us to tackle episodes 1-3 of The Mandalorian series on Disney+. They break down how Disney avoided Baby Yoda spoilers, explain the 2-person puppetry behind it, and share their overall LOVE for The Child. They maybe even convinced Nicole and Lauren to keep watching?

    Plus a bonus POST ROLL: Talking about Amanda Bynes' thirst, Drake's purse collection, and our wikiFeet ratings.

    Links for this episode

    Baby Yoda Moms Tweet (since deleted)

    Griffin Newman's Watto Costume

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    Star Wars Day & Star Wars Toys! (w/ Connor Ratliff)

    Star Wars Day & Star Wars Toys! (w/ Connor Ratliff)

    May the 4th be with you! Okay, we're a day late but we still want to celebrate. To retrospect the Skywalker Saga and break down the significance of Star Wars Day, George Lucas impersonator Connor Ratliff (from The George Lucas Talk Show, & the Dead Eyes podcast) joins us! Connor explains why the movies are great but don't make sense, gives insightful advice how everyone can enjoy the series, and pop quizzes the girls on their newfound Star Wars knowledge.

    Later, we explore the Star Wars media even bigger than the films.... the toys! We talk about how Star Wars toys revolutionized the toy industry, the 'holy grail' of Star Wars toys, and the drama associated with licensing them.

    Plus, the girls are really, really, excited that Oprah Magazine named Newcomers one of their top 25 comedy podcasts to binge, so expect a lot of hot Oprah talk.

    Check out Connor's Headgum podcast Dead Eyes - where he investigates why Tom Hanks fired him from a small role in Band of Brothers.

    Stick around for the post-roll for a clip of Nicole being quizzed about Star Wars on The George Lucas Talk Show from 2015. We're off next week - see you the following Tuesday!

    Sources for this episode:

    The Toys That Made Us - Star Wars

    Vintage Kenner Star Wars Toys Commercials

    R2-D2 Abilities

    Star Wars Merch Revenue

    History of Star Wars Toys

    Jar Jar Binks Lollipop

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
2.5K Ratings

2.5K Ratings

RoseHasNoFriends ,

Newcomers is a delight

I am a huge Star Wars fan and my sister had never made it through a whole Star Wars film without falling asleep until this June. During quarantine we watched all of them together and listening to you guys was so funny because all of the questions and thoughts she had were so similar to your experience. She called C3PO every name except his actual one for the entirety of the Skywalker Saga.

She now says she is a fan of Star Wars and we are planning a trip to Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland. I might just have to buy her a yoda backpack!

KsED1528 ,


I thought I had seen all of Star Wars - wasn’t until I Heard return of the Jedi described by Nicole and Lauren, and realized I had no idea what they were talking about. This is a hysterical show

joshcwashy ,

Simply Delightful

Spoiler Alert! If you’re a Star Wars fan who doesn’t have a sense of humor about the franchise or feels the need to correct everyone about their opinions about it, this is not for you.

That being said, as a life-long Star Wars fan, this podcast brings me an insane amount of joy. I’ve recommended it to so many friends who are new and old Star Wars fans. Every time Nicole called Han Solo, Hans and stands by it. My heart warms.

It truly is amazing to see these movies from the eyes of someone who hasn’t had them as an integral part of their childhood. Despite not agreeing with a lot of their opinions, it’s really fun to relive these movies from a new perspective and see their journey into the saga evolve overtime. Thank you for making one of my favorite podcasts <3

P.S. do the Family Guy or Robot Chicken Star Wars parodies as an episode. I think you’d really enjoy some of them.

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