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IGN editors discuss all things Nintendo. Now you're playing with power!

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IGN editors discuss all things Nintendo. Now you're playing with power!

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4.7 out of 5
2.6K Ratings

2.6K Ratings

isolate_connect ,

Great Pod, Great Hosts

I’ve listened to a lot of video game podcasts over the years, and this is my favorite one. The cast of voices rotates and the host has changed throughout the years, but each iteration has its strengths. Peer and Brian are regulars that keep the show great and clearly love Nintendo old and new. Newer regulars Casey and Tom Marks represent a different type of gamer than voices past. Casey knows her anime, Pokémon, and other niche titles that involve dragons, and Tom always has an indie game to recommend witch is a perfect addition to a predominantly Switch podcast. I look forward to listening every week and haven’t missed an episode since the Jose Otero days. Get the thing!

YourPalChed ,

Still a great show, but let Casey talk more!

I’m a longtime listener to NVC, and the show is as strong as ever. There have been a fair number of hosts over the years, and Casey is doing a fantastic job as the new host so far. She’s great at moving the show along at a nice pace and moderating the discussions. But recently, I feel like she does a pretty small percentage of the talking - Brian, Peer, and Tom take up most of the time, and it’s sad to hear her trying to get a word in edge-wise while being talked over. I know this isn’t intentional on the guys’ part, but Casey is smart, funny, and deeply knowledgable about Nintendo, so it’s sad to hear the others talking over her so frequently. Especially since she’s often the only woman on the panel. Sometimes I feel like she’s only able to introduce the segments before the others take over the conversation. She’s the host, so let her host!

Wi1y ,

Love this Podcast

A lot of people throw IGN a lot of unnecessary shade. I realize IGN is a large media corporation, but it is run by good people who are incredibly passionate about games, and it really shows in NVC. Casey is really coming into her own as the new host, and I love that Peer is often on the show. As someone who has been with IGN since it was IGN64, it’s awesome to see someone (Peer) with so much responsibility at IGN still take the time to hop on a podcast and discuss their passion for gaming. IGN is a big company but it is definitely still run by the same soul and passion that it was in early days. I love NVC - keep up the good work guys! :)

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