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Unbiased Election Coverage You Can Trust!

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3.9 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

dguaraglia ,

Used to be great, has become alt-right propaganda

I listened to the show from the very first episode (really liked Dvorak on TWiT and decided to check this new podcast he was promoting) all the way to around December 2016. It used to be a great show about media deconstruction: the guys would go over this or that piece of news making the round at the time, and try to explain why it was either carrying water for some particular interest group, or if it was based on nothing, sometimes both. They also used to be fairly critical of politicians on both side of the aisle, again trying to find an angle for why they would push for this or that policy. I also loved their donation model, which they claimed would keep them attuned to what the listeners wanted and stop sponsors from pushing their agenda one way or the other.

Even when they peddled a lot of conspiracy theories I disagreed with, there was enough value (and fun) to be had from the podcast to make it worth listening to it.

All of that has changed since they fully embraced Trump as the imperfect savior of all American values. If you are looking for political analysis beyond "democrats and the media are all liars and Trump is an *amazing genius*", go somewhere else. Gone are the impartiality and willingness to criticize across the aisle. The show can be summed up as: roughly one third climate change denial, one third bashing on the media, and one third dismissing/justifying the latest mess up by the current administration. When the mess up is sordid enough there's no good angle to be found, its summarily dismissed as "unimportant media conspiracy to discredit Trump" and some more anti-science/alt-righty stuff like "war on men" and "political correctness gone awry" is added to pad the show.

It's no coincidence a lot of people have gone overboard and donations are dwindling (which, BTW, you will be reminded of in a 15 minute segment each show.) This used to be a great product, it's a shame what it's become.

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