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*NO AGENDA* - where we talk raw, with no script or agenda.

No Agenda Jeremy Mangerchine

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*NO AGENDA* - where we talk raw, with no script or agenda.

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1.4 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

ShaolinDolemite ,

Yeah- No

In the morning!

Come now- you can't be serious. Either you did NO SEARCHING when coming up with the name of your podcast or you just didn't care. So which is it? Based on your answer you're either Stupid or a Liar? Because you ARE one of them. And I get it- you can't copyright the name of a show- but when you're the SUPER Johnny Come Lately to the world of podcasting you're bound to ripoff another LONG running podcast's name due to being lazy (or dumb- who's to say?). Can't blame ya- it's a great name. Difference is- it's a name that MEANS something- something to a LOT of people- something you didn't earn. No Agenda has been around for nine years and is creeping up on 1,000 episodes (you read that right- ONE THOUSAND EPISODES). I'm sure your show is fine and doesn't even need to duplicate the show title as The Best Podcast in the Universe™. So why not do YOURSELF a favor and change up the name- your show is so new no one will notice- I promise. I say all of this as a friend- because the No Agenda Army....let's just say there are some Dudes Named Ben out there and boy, do you not want to mess with them. Anyway- hope this finds you well and that you'll make the right choice....for your sake. Best of luck in the world of podcasting- it's a rough one- even if you rip off the name of a long running show. Now- if you'll excuse me- I have to start recording my new podcast, This American Life (shut up- mine is about the Serial....I mean, cereal [man, this naming a show thing IS tough]).

¡Adios, mofos!"

PhoneBoy.Com ,

Not the podcast you're looking for

This is not the No Agenda you're looking for, the award winning show hosted by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak that has put out 900+ episodes over the last TEN YEARS! A simple Google search would have revealed all this, and yet…these guys didn't even bother to do a search.

Deanypop ,

Don't use the No Agenda name, guys

There is already a 900+ episode podcast with this name. Please pick a new one!

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