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Power Rangers news, reviews, and interviews.

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Power Rangers news, reviews, and interviews.

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4.2 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

bustedbeatbox ,

Best PR Podcast

I always make a point to immediately listen to new eps when they’re released - I go through withdrawal when they go on hiatus for a while!

Trrrrrjrjrnsnslanandkxn ,

Very Welcoming

I’ve been a power rangers fan since birth basically. I found out about this podcast about a year ago, but listening to you all discuss something that we all have a mutual love for makes me feel like I’ve been listening to you all for years. Great show, keep up the great work! 11/10 recommend!!

Scott Beattie ,

Can be a lot of fun, but can also be tedious

There's a lot of fun discussions on the podcast. While I often disagree with them (it's very clear that I'm on a different end of the PR fan spectrum), the podcast is usually entertaining. That said, each episode is typically about 2 hours long but not because it needs to be. It's actually because they all spend so much time repeating themselves (it's not uncommon to literally hear the same sentence 5-8 times in a row). I think it's Lisa's style to talk this way, which would be fine except the others picked up and started doing it as well.

So, again, entertaining but very, very repetitious. Entertaining, but repetitious. Entertaining. But. Repetitious. (And so on...)

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