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Nobilis writes erotic science fiction stories and shares them with you in audio format.

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Nobilis writes erotic science fiction stories and shares them with you in audio format.

    Biohazard by Victoria Frost

    Biohazard by Victoria Frost

    This month's patron-funded story is "Biohazard" by Victoria Frost, narrated by Eleanor O'Brien. 
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    Although the junior adjudicators liked to go out for drinks after work, it didn’t mean they weren’t as boring and pretentious while lounging in the mixed quarter and drinking galactic drinks as they were in the Hall of Justice. U’elh sighed, sipping her drink, and gazed out over the bar, watching Ma'elhian and Humans avoid each other or, very occasionally, mingle.
    To her surprise, at the bar she spotted a familiar jawline. She waited until the woman turned.
    It was her.
    Last week, a Human murderer had been brought to face Ma’elhian judgement. He was accompanied by two Human guards: one a male in a bulky jacket and gloves, and the other a young female, with a strong jaw and watchful eyes, showing no sign that she felt the Hall of Justice’s usual chill.
    Usually, there was little reason for Humans to enter the Hall of Justice. They had their own courts and took responsibility for the behavior of their own citizens. But in this case the Ma'elhr clan concerned was not satisfied with Human justice, and the Humans felt enough distaste for the situation that they allowed the transfer of responsibility for the prisoner to the Ma'elhr Adjudicators.
    “Monsters,” the prisoner spat at the sight of the Ma’elhian.
    U’elh sympathized with his pain. His sister had died horribly, and a Ma’elhr had caused her death. However, as an Adjudicator, U'elh was wary of thinking that the Ma'elhr was "at fault" for her death. Yes, he had infected the girl with his symbiote, but she didn’t know the circumstances of their liaison, and neither did the murderer. Had the girl claimed to be on anti-microbial pills? Had there been an unfortunate accident with the tool the Humans called a 'condom'? Or had the Ma'elhr been one of the ugly and cruel who reveled in the power given to them by biological accident, the ones who intentionally spread death with their seed?
    But the two principal parties were dead, and no one was left to answer those questions.

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    Ep 473 The Hallowed Covenant

    Ep 473 The Hallowed Covenant

    This extra episode is provided courtesy of the Hallowed Covenant crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. 
    Find them at:


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    Announcement: Reorganization

    Announcement: Reorganization

    Greetings, listeners!

    Today, I am announcing a reorganization of the Nobilis Erotica podcast and patreon campaign. In doing this, I’m asking you to step up, and help me do something I’ve needed to do for quite some time.  The support tiers have been the same for seven years, and a lot has changed over that time, including in the world of erotic audio. 
    Quite frankly, the rate that I pay voice talent is just too low. I can get narrators, as you’ve heard, but the rate I’m paying them is a fraction of what they deserve. The going rate for story narration of an hour or less is at the bare minimum two hundred dollars, but with the current podcast budget, I can only afford fifty.
    The first change will be that Nobilis Erotica will be accepting advertising.  I have had a few sponsored shows in the past, but now each episode will be available for advertisers. Patrons will have access to an ad-free version in the Patreon feed. The sponsors will be vetted by me personally—nothing programmatically added without my supervision—so hopefully the ads will be interesting and relevant. 
    In addition, starting in September, the monthly bonus audio will be for patrons at the three dollar tier and higher. The one dollar tier will give access to the Discord, but will have no other benefits. Polls will be run at the five dollar tier.

    If my one dollar patrons step up and crank their pledges to three dollars per month, I’ll have enough money to pay one hundred dollars to voice talent.  Adding advertising will hopefully make up the difference. With that, and perhaps some of the free listeners coming on board to get the ad-free version, we can make this work. 
    And if you’re already at three or five dollars, and you can afford to increase your patronage, that would help too. 
    Together, we can make the Nobilis Erotica podcast respectable. Heh. Who am I kidding?  We can make it more respectable.
    Thank you all for your support. Without you, none of what I’ve been able to do here would have been possible.

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    Ep 472 A Star in the Rough by Lex B Griffin

    Ep 472 A Star in the Rough by Lex B Griffin

    This month's patron-funded story is A Star in the Rough by Lex B Griffin.  It's narrated by Nobilis Reed.
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    The JK-10P was a machine quite unlike anything else on the market. Originally a bit of an experimental flop due to the number of oddities in its design, it was meant as 'an exciting, one of a kind solo-driving experience' and configured to mimic a number of now extinct earth animals, none of which had ever been suitable for humans to ride in the first place. 
    It was a commodity, but… one that apparently no one wanted… 
    That was just because the things were mind-bogglingly difficult to maneuver. 
    It took months, even years of training and practice to adapt to the rocking, leaping, and lunging motions the JK-10Ps – or Jackalopes as they came to be known – used to get around. They were excellent for rocky terrain, and an expert rider could make them look elegant in the air. 
    It's no wonder they became a sport within just a decade of their invention, and just barely fifteen years after the official league association formed, they were invited to the olympics in New Sanfran. Coincidentally, a city of even steeper hills than its namesake. 
    Anton walked the course the day before the race, eyes wide and mouth agape. It wasn't even traversable on foot. Large rocky outcroppings, uneven straightaways. The Jackalope would eat up the terrain for sure, but if the gravel shifted unexpectedly… Anton would have to pay careful attention to make sure he didn't wipe out at the worst possible moment.
    It was perfect.
    Just outside the city, where there weren't even roads to smooth the way, peaks and valleys – those pockets of straight aways would let you coax your metal beast into a loping sprint, hands gripped to the 'antler-bars' while your body rode the writhing waves of your steed. 
    Anton's excitement just to be here was only beaten by his nerves. He was new to the senior league, and this would be only his third appearance on the interstellar circuit. His anxiety was understandable, dammit.
    "You'll do great out there tomorrow," Yulia, his girlfriend said, back in their room, calm and patient. She was always the more level-headed of the two of them. Anton loved her utterly for her support, he did, but this time… the olympics were a big deal. He was so early in his career. He could-
    "Hush, now," Yulia said again, petting a hand over Anton's shoulder. "Listen to me."
    Anton did, blinking and turning to face Yulia, rapt with attention.
    "Tomorrow, you're going to go out there, and you're going to ride that monster you call Stella-"
    Anton chuckled, he loved his girl, even if her paint job was a little retro.
    "And you're going to make every jump, and you're going to wow everyone with your skill and your attention to detail and your focus. And you're going to be proud of that run. That's your only goal. It's your first appearance, you don't need to medal right out the gate. There'll be other chances." Yulia pressed a kiss to Anton's brow.
    "And what if I do medal?" Anton teased, knowing Yulia was probably right.
    "Hmm…" Yulia pet a speculative hand down Anton's arm and across his belly. "How about this… I'm going to stroke you now, until you're just shy of coming-"
    Anton hissed, oh fuck… he knew where this was going…
    "And tomorrow, if you're a Good Boy, and do as you're told, then you'll get to come."

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    Ghost of Leather Past by Kat Griffiths

    Ghost of Leather Past by Kat Griffiths

    This month's patron-funded story is "Ghost of Leather Past" by Kat Griffiths, narrated by Jem of the Love at First Sighting podcast.
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    • 17 min
    The Hands of a Princess by Emily L Byrne

    The Hands of a Princess by Emily L Byrne

    This month's patron-funded story is "The Hands of a Princess" by Emily L. Byrne.  It's narrated by Christiana Ellis.
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    • 34 min

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3.5 out of 5
150 Ratings

150 Ratings

Europa33 ,

Good niche

Great way to be innovative and get this information out there for those who desire it... keep up the good work

SlowFacts ,

it was good for me

A team effort- This starts with clever stories that are artfully read and well produced.

Not a fan of tentacles.

Yes, THAT Tonya ,

Unusual and sexy erotica

This podcast may not be for everyone. It's extremely diverse and leans heavily on sci-fi and fantasy. I love it! Such a huge array of narrators and stories to choose from. If you look around, I'm sure you'll find something that suits you. Best place for tentacle porn in your earholes. <3

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