Nobody Knows Your Story Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
38 Ratings

38 Ratings

Jakeypa ,

Nobody Knows Your Story

The podcast host Mr. Larry Camp, does an excellent job of sharing (with his listeners), the story of everyday people navigating life’s challenges.

Raceyk ,

Love this podcast

I am a teeny bit bias because I was invited to be on this podcast but I LOVE every episode. I suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) and this podcast keeps me in the loop of people I don’t know. Larry does such a great job getting people to open up. If you haven’t heard any of his guests stories, look him up and listen. Some of them are incredibly amazing. Get you FOMO fix.

hurricanerobby ,

So glad I found this podcast

I can always count on Larry to make my long commute fly by. His interviews are always interesting because he’s able to find the story in anybody’s life. And I love the Hawaii influence!

rubberman15 ,

Fun and Entertaining!

First I’d like to say thank you to Larry Camp for sharing Nobody Knows Your Story! I so enjoy listening to the guests he brings on.

There are so many celebrity level guests (Henry Kapono, Terry Tucker, Wade Cambern and Karen Christoffersen to name a few), but there are also guests just like you and me. It’s always very interesting and well produced.

Larry also has a love of Hawaii and it is reflected in choice of music, which to be honest, is refreshing.

If you’re looking for some interesting interviews that are sometimes out of the norm, I highly recommend Nobody Knows Your Story.

amie lew ,

Love Larry Camp

Larry is a funny, genuine host who brings the exceptional out his guests. Love his sincere journey to find meaning to life. Aloha Larry!

SPandPP ,

Take a journey with Larry and his guests.

Larry does a great job letting his guests reflect on what makes their story unique and interesting to others, he researches information on his guests so he can draw out relevant events in their lives. Normal people with stories that all people can relate to. Take a listen!

KeithGee97 ,

Great Podcast

Larry hosts guests from such varied and interesting backgrounds. Always great to hear Larry talk story with good people with some island flavor mixed in.

jiggergma ,

Nobody knows your story

So varied!! Always enjoyable!! Time well spent!!

r yfcg ,

Excellent format that lets people open up and tell their whole story

I love listening to these podcasts because the interviewer (Larry Camp) lets the person actually tell the story the way they want to. He gently guides if necessary, but most of what you hear are heartfelt stories in the guest’s own words. He also has a good mix of guests: well known successful people, and others who deserve to be known, based on the awesome stories they tell. I’ve connected so deeply to some of these people, like Erika Munson, Amy Misbach, and Wayne Merrill, to name a few. Just real, honest, inspiring stories.

maui Iife ,

Keeping it real

Nobody Knows Your Story is a and unscripted, genuine, and compelling glimpse into the lives of people around us, near and far, and Larry does a great job of asking meaningful questions to round out the stories. A great weekly listen that is both entertaining and relaxing!