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The Voice of the NoCode Community | #1 NoCode Podcast | Twitter: @NoCodeWealth

NoCode Wealth Abdulaziz M Alhamdan, M.Sc.

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The Voice of the NoCode Community | #1 NoCode Podcast | Twitter: @NoCodeWealth

    E193 Miriam Dorsett: EIR @ Entre

    E193 Miriam Dorsett: EIR @ Entre

    Miriam Dorsett is a seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record in community building, leadership and digital engagement. She is a 5th year, woman of color, bootstrapped founder.
    In addition to growing her startup CHIBUR she is a certified Climate Crisis speaker through the CLEO Institute, on the board for Miami EdTech and the Entrepreneur In Residence at Entre.
    Instagram: @miriamdorsett
    LinkedIn: /in/miriamdorsett/

    • 34 min
    E192 Casey Stubbs: CEO @ Trading Strategy Guides

    E192 Casey Stubbs: CEO @ Trading Strategy Guides

    Casey Stubbs is a 9 ½ year United States Army Veteran and married father of nine. He is an entrepreneur, a leader in his local church, and is a successful business owner and trader. That, however, wasn’t always the case. Casey’s compelling broke-dad to seven-figure trading education business story is inspiring.
    Casey is the founder & CEO of Trading Strategy Guides, Learn To Trade For Profit, and the host of the How To Trade It podcast.
    Twitter: @caseystubbs316
    LinkedIn: /in/caseystubbs/

    • 22 min
    E191 Reena Friedman Watts: Media Expert & Host @ Better Call Daddy

    E191 Reena Friedman Watts: Media Expert & Host @ Better Call Daddy

    There’s not much Reena Friedman Watts hasn’t done in her professional life. She’s scoured the NPR newswire for stories. She’s combed through hundreds of small claims cases. She’s worked on reality TV shows such as The Jerry Springer Show, Court TV, and Nanny 911. She’s worked in Radio. She’s planned mega-events for the telecom and finance industries. She’s secured sponsors and emceed. She’s booked sensational and hard-to-get guests such as Howard Schultz, Barbara Corcoran, Ken Coleman, and Derek Sivers on Cathy Heller’s Don’t Keep Your Day Job Podcast and boosted the downloads from 4M to nearly 15M.
    Reena has a God-given talent for connecting people and building communities, and she bestows her magic on people in the most selfless and genuine way. Ideas for how people can achieve the fantastic flow out of her head as effortlessly as breath flows into her lungs. Her diverse background and skill set allow her to seamlessly weave in and out of multiple markets and find her way through doors that don’t open for others. She coaches entrepreneurs on how to get unstuck and find their first clients, she gets blurbs from influencers for their best-selling books, and she even helps them grow communities of their own.
    Reena is a questioner and a story junkie, and she’s scratching that itch on her highly anticipated podcast, Better Call Daddy. She’s telling the stories that haven’t been told and sprinkling them with wisdom from one of her most trusted advisors, her Dad.
    Reena is a hustler, a change-maker, and a consummate connector.
    Website: MegaWattsProductions.com
    LinkedIn: /in/reenafriedmanwatts/

    • 29 min
    E190 Brian Fried: Serial Inventor & US TV Host

    E190 Brian Fried: Serial Inventor & US TV Host

    Brian Fried is an Inventor, a Consultant, an Invention Licensing Agent, an Author, a TV and Radio Host, an Innovation Keynote Speaker, and Serial Inventor.
    Website: BrianFried.com
    Linkedin: /in/brianfried/

    • 29 min
    E189 Terence Bennett: General Manager @ DreamFactory

    E189 Terence Bennett: General Manager @ DreamFactory

    Terence Bennett is the General Manager at DreamFactory, an API code-automation platform designed for no-code. It generates APIs on nearly any database with no code whatsoever.
    Terence is a former Naval Intelligence Officer and a member of Google's Redteam. He loves the no code space and wants to contribute to its growth and evolution.
    Website: DreamFactory.com

    • 21 min
    E188 Lucie Baratte: Co-Founder @ Logology

    E188 Lucie Baratte: Co-Founder @ Logology

    Lucie Baratte is the Art director & co-founder at Logology, helping you get a designer-quality logo for your startup, in 5 minutes.
    Lucie specializes in visual story telling: the art of conveying emotion through symbols. She has refined her user-centric design process by helping startups for 15+ years, and teaching in universities for 10.
    Website: Logology.co

    • 45 min

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4.9 out of 5
43 Ratings

43 Ratings

Casey_stubbs ,


Aziz is a great guy and great interviewer. He has the ability to interivew intelligent people and get actional tips from them. IF you listen don't just listen but take action on the advice you learn. This is a much listen show.

ReenaWatts ,

Great interview with Jonaed Iqbal

Learned a lot about Jonaed is this episode I appreciate how you got him to open up about legacy, confidence and communication skills

Reena Friedman Watts
Host of the Better Call Daddy show

Vriensljv ,

Great podcast host

Such intelligent questions and finds real gems to interview!

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