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Real estate investing podcast and recordings of live classes focused primarily on the Nomad™ real estate investing strategy, but also covering traditional buy and hold.

Nomad™ Real Estate Investing Podcast James Orr

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Real estate investing podcast and recordings of live classes focused primarily on the Nomad™ real estate investing strategy, but also covering traditional buy and hold.

    The Ultimate FIRE Budget

    The Ultimate FIRE Budget

    What is your current budget?How much do you need to achieve lean FIRE (or the minimum to be financially independent)?How much do you need to achieve fat FIRE (or your ideal lifestyle and true financial independence)?Use The Ultimate Financial Independence Retire Early Budget™ for Excel to determine all these numbers for yourself quickly and easily.

    • 1 hr 13 min
    How to Buy a Rental Property

    How to Buy a Rental Property

    In this special class on How to Buy a Rental Property you’ll learn:
    - An entire overview of the buying process for buying a rental property
    - Learn exactly what James discusses with folks meeting with him for the first time to discuss buying/selling a property
    - What James typically gives to buyers at the first meeting including *The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™*
    - What is an Exclusive-Right-To-Buy Listing Contract and how do they work?
    - Why you may want the ability to terminate the agreement and a recommended way to structure that
    - When does your agreement end?
    - Different ways to pay your real estate agent/broker... when it is due and why it is not always the same
    - What if a brand-new agent and super-experienced agent cost the same?
    - What is a holdover period and how it can bite you in the hind-quarters
    - The "inside scoop" on real estate agents and kickbacks for recommending/referring you to other providers
    - What if your real estate agent/broker poops the bed and fails to perform?
    - Who pays for what... costs of the transaction
    - Keeping your identity secret
    - Attorney's fees and what happens when poop hits the fan
    - The real-world pros and cons of working with one real estate agent/broker versus many
    - Who does what in the transaction... a list of the key players and their roles
    - Building your team for acquiring your next deal and some suggestions
    Plus info on setting goals, financing properties, receiving property lists via the MLS, establishing your buying criteria, analyzing deals, writing offers, comparing lenders, earnest money, down payments and much, much more.

    For detailed outline and downloadable resources see:


    • 1 hr 54 min
    The Ultimate Guide to CapEx on Rental Property

    The Ultimate Guide to CapEx on Rental Property

    Capital Expenses (CapEx) can be the most harmful factor in how well your rental properties cash flow. And, the truth is: you have a lot of control over how it impacts you. But, unfortunately, most real estate investors don't even think about CapEx.
    In this new class, James will cover two new spreadsheets. The new Cap Ex Estimator for Rental Property - BASIC version and the new Cap Ex Estimator for Rental Property - ADVANCED version.
    The BASIC version is the way some others have tried to make a tool to estimate how much to set aside for CapEx. However, all of the other versions I've seen have a significant ERROR in them (which is corrected in this version).
    The ADVANCED version takes making investment decisions based on CapEx to the next level. It is the tool I wish I had with my own rentals, but didn't exist. So, I created it. And, it is AMAZING.
    Use these spreadsheets to eliminate buying a cash-flow-sucking-dog-of-a-property and to only buy properties with great cash flow (even accounting for CapEx... correctly this time).
    Use the spreadsheets as a sort-of "crystal ball" to predict the future and make decisions about keeping properties or selling them before they (unexpected) become an albatross around your neck.
    Plus, powerful ideas on how to all-but-completely eliminate your CapEx, reduce CapEx, shift some CapEx to a third-party at a fraction of the cost and much more.


    • 1 hr 34 min
    The World's Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet - Reimagined

    The World's Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet - Reimagined

    New year, new spreadsheet.
    Get the first look at the new deal analysis spreadsheet with a goal to first simplify, then to empower.
    Tucked away are 90% of the numbers that no-one ever looks at in other spreadsheets. To the forefront are 9 of the most important charts summarizing the most important decision-making info you need to buy an amazing deal or pass on a dog-of-a-property.
    In this class James will walk you through the new spreadsheet and, at the end, email you a link to download it.
    What's covered:
    Everything on one reasonably-sized screenEasily print to one pageSimplified inputs - everything you need, but nothing you don'tAdvanced input overridesDrill down if neededThe difference between TWGREDAS and REFPOne-click export to REFP from TWGREDASEasily export the spreadsheet for presentations to raise money or share with partners, lenders, accountants, banker, teaching classes or you spouseThe 9 primary decision-making chartsMonthly Cash Flow and Cash Flow from Depreciation™Return in Dollars Quadrants™Return on Investment Quadrants™Returns if Sold (ROI and IRR)Cash on Cash and Cap RateReturn on True Net Equity™Key MetricsNon-Loan ExpensesTrue Net Equity™, Cash Out Refi Equity and Cost-To-Access EachModeling variable returnsProfessional sponsorsSilver and Gold Editions and how to downloadAnd, future improvementsDownload a copy of the spreadsheet here:

    • 51 min
    Should I Sell My Rental? ROTNEQ+R™

    Should I Sell My Rental? ROTNEQ+R™

    A question for the ages: should I sell my rental property?

    In this special class recording James discusses considerations when approaching this question along with some brand-new tools that allow you to determine the answer for yourself and your properties.


    • 1 hr 52 min
    8 Money Saving, Risk Reducing Real Estate Investor Insurance Tips

    8 Money Saving, Risk Reducing Real Estate Investor Insurance Tips

    Get tips on saving money and reducing risk with insurance as a real estate investor.

    A special thanks to Brian Armstrong with Arrow Insurance Professionals for significant contributions to this presentation.

    Arrow Insurance Professionals
    Brian Armstrong
    Phone: (303) 284-2997
    Email: brian@arrowinsuranceprofessionals.com
    Website: http://arrowinsuranceprofessionals.com
    To see the outline or watch the video of the presentation, check out the blog post here:


    • 1 hr 48 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

bradchandlercoaching ,

Excellent talk

James podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in Nomad Real Estate Investing Podcast. He is a gifted storyteller and interviewer, and he always brings his A-game. I love the way he weaves together his personal anecdotes, research, and classes to create a truly immersive experience for his listeners.

Alfred Buttersmith ,

A Real Estate Wealth of Knowledge

I have been listening to the podcasts for a couple years regularly. ANY real estate questions you have or if you just need a sense of direction there is a class for it. Everything is covered in depth in a no BS, current, informative, non-mundane, statistic backed, clever and enjoyable manner.
Tons of resources that compliment this podcast including an all encompassing financial projection for any strategy in any market.

Blake Stevens, BlakeRugby, ,

Very in depth knowledge learned through action

Really in depth well thought out information. They have great info for beginners but go deep to masters level information for seasoned investors. I’m in their local market and have known James and Brian for several years. They put their knowledge to work and have great integrity.

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