Not So Picture Perfect Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
40 Ratings

40 Ratings

LF0223 ,

Do yourself a favor & listen!!

Alyssa is like listening to a best friend who knows your heart well. Every episode feels like she has a behind-the-scenes peek into my life and knows just what advice to give! So beautiful. A must listen!

April D Photography ,

Raw and Honest

I love how raw and honest Alyssa is! I love that her personality and sarcasm shines through the podcast like you’re watching her stories on instagram 😆 I definitely recommend!!

Coty5020 ,

So Raw and Relatable

Alyssa sure knows how to shine light in those dark and lonely places, we, as photographers find ourselves in on the daily. Just after 2 episodes I feel better about where I am in this journey and know I’m not alone. She’s funny and glorifies God through this amazing podcast. I’m so thankful for her obedience and bravery. Excuse me while I go listen to every episode now because I can’t get enough!

LoveEmmaSophia ,

Loving this so much!

Alyssa!! This podcast is wonderful. I love your bold insertion of Biblical truth, your realness, encouragement & practical advice.

You rock, thanks for sharing your heart & talent!

April McKenna O. ,

Not Just for Photographers!

Short, Sweet and ON POINT! I am by no means a photographer but I listen because I enjoy following her on social media, and she’s been a friend of mine for some time now. As a mom who has put her career on hold to stay home.. her episode on Comparison has really brought some emotions to surface for me! I suggest if you compare yourself to other (we all do it) that you listen because she really has a way of connecting and hitting these not so talked about feelings of life! Thanks for being so real!

supercalifragilisticexp. ,

Love this podcast!

Speaking truth about life with a side of Jesus! Love this! 💛🧡💛

Audrey Alexander Photography ,

Lift, listen, learn and laugh!

Alyssa pours her heart into other photographers. She is a wealth of knowledge with a refreshing vibe that is relatable and raw. I also highly recommend her mentorship, which lifted my business to the next level. Listen, learn and laugh!

shoeboxm ,

Open book♥️

Alyssa is an open book and shares her thoughts saying it how it is . I love that she is unapologeticly her raw self as she shares such great and helpful tips . Leaves me wanting more episodes!

Taylor R Photography ,

The Encouragement Every Photog NEEDS

This girl is amazing! If you have one single doubt about being in this industry, just listen to Alyssa and BE ENCOURAGED that you belong here. Her combo of faith + photography is perfect for getting you in the right mindset for this industry. You just need to listen. I got chills just from her INTRO!!

Laurencazares ,

So wholesome

I absolutely love this podcast! It’s just what I needed to start my day! Alyssa is so sweet and down to earth! Ready for some more!