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Augmented Learning Podcast & Vlog is focused on outstanding leaders, educators and influencers from New Zealand and around the world. We hear about the challenges and successes they are having while they attempt to challenge the status quo.

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Augmented Learning Podcast & Vlog is focused on outstanding leaders, educators and influencers from New Zealand and around the world. We hear about the challenges and successes they are having while they attempt to challenge the status quo.

    Episode 54 - Embracing Failure with Chris Desmond

    Episode 54 - Embracing Failure with Chris Desmond

    Carol Dweck with her book "Mindset" shaped the idea of a growth mindset, which really allowed us to explore this concept of failure. According to Dweck, In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work-brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment. An approach like this views failure in a positive light, an opportunity to learn and further develop our skills, as opposed to thinking our abilities are fixed and beyond our capacity to change.

    Today's guest is Chris Desmond, an expert in getting uncomfortable. His podcast titled "Uncomfortable in Ok" is all about the uncomfortable things his guests have done or are in the process of doing. Stepping out of our comfort zone creates just enough good stress to ramp up your focus and drive, and it helps you respond positively to stress when unexpected things happen.

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    Episode 53 - Smiling Teachers with Shaun Kay

    Episode 53 - Smiling Teachers with Shaun Kay

    Shaun is a teacher who experienced some challenges around burn out and mental illness early in his career. As Shaun came to discover different strategies and lessons to support himself throughout this time, he found himself becoming obsessed with the power of the mind and human potential.

    This lead to the founding of Smile Teachers where Shaun collaborates with a range of experts to share the most powerful ways to cultivate self-love and positivity. Shaun and his team are passionate about changing lives so that we have inspiring and passionate educators who can make a positive difference in the world. Throughout this episode we spend some time talking about the challenges teachers and students face on a day to day basis and how we can go about filling our own buckets.

    As part of Smile Teachers, Shaun runs a number of programmes and some amazing retreats. For listeners of the podcast he is offering $500 off his January retreat to Bali, all you need to do is mention this podcast episode. So if you haven't booked in your Summer holiday yet, check out what is on offer at the retreat!

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    Episode 52 - The New Co-host with Celia Fleck

    Episode 52 - The New Co-host with Celia Fleck

    Celia Fleck is a colleague I have worked very closely with across the last four years. She has become a great friend since our paths first crossed when Rongotai College joined the Sport in Education Project back in 2015. Since then we have had shared a number of podcast episodes, almost travelled the length of New Zealand, toured some amazing schools throughout Melbourne and served on the Board of Physical Education together.

    She is an inspiring educator who is true to her values and isn't scared to tell it how it is (much like her former protege who was on the podcast recently!). She is also a great critical thinker who gives everything for the profession. It's these qualities which recently had me thinking that Celia would make a great co-host! After a few discussions about what that could look like, she agreed to jump on board.

    In this episode we talk about what she enjoys about podcasts, what she listens to, and what she is hoping to add to the Augmented Learning Podcast!

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    Episode 51 - Gamifying the Science Curriculum with Charlie Lloyd

    Episode 51 - Gamifying the Science Curriculum with Charlie Lloyd

    If you're a regular listener you're no doubt aware of my former obsession with video games and gamification. This stemmed from time spent gaming as a young teacher where I would get flown around the world playing FIFA competitively for tens of thousands of dollars (which is small time compared to what the younguns are playing for these days). This fascination lead me down a path of exploring gamification in education, a passion that has again earned me lots of fun travel to speak about how we can motivate and engage our learners through the use of game mechanics in the classroom.

    Todays guest makes what I do look like small time gamification. Charlie is a Science teacher who is gamifiying his classes at another level. Through the use of powerful narrative, his students are exploring scenarios and solving problems in a way that simply couldn't be done in a traditional classroom. His commitment to the cause is really a sight to behold and the stories he shares with us today will really challenge your perception of what a learning environment can look like.

    If anything that we discuss today interests you, please check out our free Introduction to Gamification course. You can access this course here. In addition to this, we mention a book called Actionable Gamification. I promised I would give a copy of this book away, but i'm going to make you work for it! If you want to go into the draw for this book, what you have to do is, leave a review of the podcast on iTunes, take a screenshot, and send that screenshot through to me at carl@augmentedlearning.co.nz. Easy as that!

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    Episode 50 - Innovative Leadership with Prue Kelly

    Episode 50 - Innovative Leadership with Prue Kelly

    First of all, thank you for the support and feedback across the last 50 episodes. I haven't been as consistent as I hoped since the podcast launch, and at times considered pulling things right back. But I'm glad I persevered and I'm very grateful to have hit this milestone. We've got a big announcement in the coming weeks around some changes and additions to the podcast which I think is going to make the podcast significantly better and help bring you even more stories of amazing educators, leaders and influencers.

    But, it's time to introduce today's guest. If you consume my content on a regular basis, you will know I talk about this person a lot, and hold them in very high regard. She has had a massive influence on my career, more so than I think she actually realises.

    One thing each and every one of us share, is the fact that we have leaders in our lives. Regardless of where you find yourself, or what stage of life you're at, leaders will play a big part in shaping your day to day. Some of us even have the privilege of leading others, and if you're one of those lucky people I have no doubt that your leadership is shaped in some part by a leader who has had a really positive impact on you. Prue Kelly is that leader for me. She was my very first Principal as a teacher and I quickly established she was someone I could always go to for support. She took a risk on me on more than one occasion, and despite the mistakes I made or difficulties I found myself in, knew she would always go into bat for me.

    Leadership to me, is making those people around you better. Prue cared immensely about her staff, and she fostered a rich learning environment that I'm still yet to see replicated elsewhere. We touch on this towards the end of the podcast, but her annual hand written Christmas letters to every single staff member showed her strong leadership, and passion for growing better people.

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    Episode 49 - A passion for books with Dale Sidebottom

    Episode 49 - A passion for books with Dale Sidebottom

    In today's episode I chat with Dale Sidebottom from Energetic Education.

    I love books. I love reading them, listening to them, recommending them and giving them away. I love the story that is woven in your imagination when you read them. And I love that there is nothing you can experience in life, that somebody hasn't already experienced before, and written about it in a book.

    Another person that shares my passion for books, is Dale. Hes no stranger to the podcast or the work I do, and I am fortunate enough I get to learn from him and work with in some form or another every day. We decided to do something different this time around, and that was record a podcast episode about our passion for a good book!

    We share our thoughts on five or six books that aren't necessarily educational focused, but can give great life lessons that will still be applicable in the classroom. Through the books we share, Dale and I dive into a number of themes throughout the episode include productivity, mental health, happiness, goal setting and philosophy.

    Books we talk about in the podcast:

    I will always write back by Martin Ganda and Caitlin Alifirenka.
    Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh.
    10X Rule by Grant Cardone.
    The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll.
    The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

    Check out Dale via Energetic Education and also his new Jugar Life Daily Mission Cards!

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