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    8. Born From Above - Mike Blaber

    8. Born From Above - Mike Blaber

    After a break over Christmas and the New Year, Mike picks up our series exploring the Gospel of John once again. This time, we look at the interaction between Jesus and Nicodemus - a passage that contains one of the most famous verses in the whole Bible, John 3:16: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life". We also go deeper into the phrase "born again" or "born from above", exploring it's origins in the Old Testament, and what it means to find new life in Jesus.

    • 38 min
    Vision 2020 - Adrian Hurst

    Vision 2020 - Adrian Hurst

    Adrian shares about our vision for this coming year: The Well.

    John 4:14 - Jesus answered "whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life."

    Personally | Together

    John 4:39 - “Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony”

    Alpha | South Street | 20:20 – 20 acts that demonstrate Jesus

    “There is an old tradition on large Australian ranches located on often-dry land that there are two ways of keeping cattle on the ranch. One is to build a fence; the other is to dig a well. What a gift it might be to a world that has become increasingly polarised and politicised if the church would be utterly committed to Jesus as our centre. No fences to keep others out, just the life-giving water of Jesus, drawing people ever closer to his presence” - John Ortberg

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    Life In Full - Adrian Hurst

    Life In Full - Adrian Hurst

    In our first message of 2020, Adrian explores what Jesus means when he promises us "life to the full" - highlighting the life we have in him that we are to receive daily.

    • 21 min
    Home (Poem) - Rich Bowpitt

    Home (Poem) - Rich Bowpitt

    A poem by Rich Bowpitt, performed at the Oasis Church Christmas Eve Communion Service in 2019.


    Into the night, light.

    A universe stirred by a word heard across the ages. Home’s life outgoing to overflowing, galaxies growing and showing the love they’ve been knowing. Big bang bursting into brilliant brightness and birthing billions of beings.

    Into the night, light.

    Creator crafts from cosmic chaos, home honed from formless to flawless, from empty to plenty, from mess to finesse; an extravagant excess to confess the kindness of this kind of God.

    Into the night, light.

    From the triune comes a garden in bloom, bride and groom with room to roam and rest and reign; just refrain from tasting that tree. Slippery serpent softly suggests the word that conferred had been misheard. Man concurred, lines blurred, fruit preferred. Judgement incurred.

    Home deferred.

    Out of the light, night.

    Home deferred, but God undeterred. A word heard across the ages echoes again: He’s coming. He’s coming.

    Look for signs that define the divine design for death’s decline through this family line.

    Glimpses of the garden as, from Egypt they fled, supernaturally led, to tread on seabeds and find daily bread. Pockets of paradise in battles fought and law taught and miracles wrought as home is sought. Sights of salvation in seventh-day stops and priest’s temple props and river-giving rocks; signposts in the sand to the true promised land that his hand has planned.

    Yet darkness descends and silence settles, home’s outposts always “almost”; human endeavour can never forever sever the sting of sin the serpent brought in. Night and light, light and night ensnared in despair we share; awaiting an heir to answer prayer and declare he’s repaired the everywhere-tear. Awaiting an abating of the separating thing that springs from within.

    Finesse left a mess, plenty left empty, flawless left formless, the promise left pending.

    Night, never ending?

    He’s coming.

    Into the ordinary.

    On an empire’s errand, an engaged but expecting maiden’s migrating.

    In distant deserts, diviners decipher age-altering astrological anomalies.

    Under starry skies solitary shepherds sit alongside sleeping sheep.

    Scene set.


    Into the ordinary, extraordinary.

    Sky split, lit with life as legions of light take flight to fill the night, the sight causing fright til the words “it’s alright, don’t fear, come hear news of great cheer…he’s here, come, draw near.”

    Into the night, light.

    Angels tell of Immanuel come to dwell on this first noel, the one long-awaited, the Word incarnated, the liberator whose fate is to create a new way. He’s here. Great joy; this boy, come to destroy death, defend the oppressed, free the possessed, bring true rest, be God expressed, yet born into mess. This one who’s high above all, utterly unequalled, leaves angels enthralled, yet so, so small. The true game-changer, our salvation-arranger, sin-exchanger, asleep in a manger.

    He’s here.

    No fable, the God who is able, born in a stable to enable this table. On behalf of the three, he’s hung on a tree; a jubilee decree to guarantee to you and to me that we’re free. Eve’s seed bleeds to intercede, and succeeds. The rolled-away-stone declares darkness overthrown, says home can be known, that you’re never alone, for he calls you his own.

    And a word heard across the ages echoes again, “everyone come, night’s undone, light has won, home’s begun”.

    • 6 min
    Home (Poem) - Emma Knight

    Home (Poem) - Emma Knight

    A poem by Emma Knight, performed at the Oasis Church Evening Carol Service in 2019.


    Sorry, there's no room
    There's not enough to go around you see
    So please stop knocking on our doors
    Let go of the oars.
    I suppose you can come in for a bit
    But don't talk about this, this and this.
    There's too much going on right now
    I'm not sure if you'll fit.
    Can't you read?
    The sign says ‘No Room’
    Not for you.
    This is our home.

    A baby cries below the night sky
    The sky he flung the stars into
    A baby lies in a manger
    In a room he doesn’t belong to
    In a room he's welcomed home to

    Because this thing about the manger
    And forgive me because it gets a little stranger
    Is that it’s not on the outside or outskirts
    As the story we’ve been told and retold
    But there’s so much more to behold
    For the manger lies at the centre of the home
    A place to behold
    To make room for and gather around.
    For whilst we hear there was no room in the inn
    Bar humbug what a way for life to begin
    What that meant was that they had to make room where there wasn’t
    Make changes when it wasn't oh so convenient

    For they did make room for Joseph and Mary- the refugees
    They did more than pull up a pew and shove them in with oxen too.
    They would have thrown out the Christmas tree
    For they did more than invite them in for a cuppa tea
    They allowed them to make an absolute mess
    Have you ever seen a pregnant woman in distress?
    They let their Christmas Day turn to disarray
    And now 2000 years on I stand hear and say

    Is there room for this story in your home?
    Is there room for this version, this person, in your head and in your heart?
    After all this baby in a manger is only the start.
    For when we say we’ve found our home in him.
    This king of all kings
    It sets a fire in our hearts
    A place to centre and hang up all our pride
    Fill up our stockings with joy and good tides
    To have the shame melted away
    And replaced with grace upon grace.
    It’s simply His Way.

    So when you’re sat in your Living room on the 25th
    Perhaps take a moment to ponder whilst you sit
    Is there room in your life for this Bethlehem morning?
    Is there room in your life for this real life story?
    Is there room for another place at your christmas table?
    Will you set out a plate for the one who, after all
    Lest we forget
    It is all about!

    Because let’s be honest, the fairy lights, mince pies, cheese and wine nights can only do so much.
    It’s still dark out there and the road ahead looks too hard to bare
    And there lies a baby in a manger
    Could this really be the one that we’ve hoped for?
    A meek and mild saviour
    God himself in human form
    He quiets our hearts to peace in this storm.
    Could this really be true rest from it all?
    He cried as a baby and cried out for us on that tree
    Hold your breath and count two three

    For peace is being at home and Home is in him.
    The one who died for all our sin.
    What a baby. What a King.
    A refugee.
    For how can he, this manger laid baby
    Really set us free
    From the hurt, the shame, the darkness and grief.
    Well, by taking it all upon himself
    He bore the cross that we deserved
    Died in pain, That’s the king I serve.

    What if home was not just a building but in you.
    What if home wasn’t a nice thought
    Something we prayed for as a last resort.
    What if home was a person
    Who came not just for this festive season
    But for a real life-giving reason.
    The most generous gift is not found under the christmas tree
    But upon it where he laid down his life, for you and for me

    O come all ye get full of festivity, of feasting and gifts.
    Gather round the Christmas tree,
    Look in, kneel down, begin to peek at the presents.
    ‘This one’s for you’ the tag reads
    ‘This one’s for you’ come and receive
    Not myrrh, gold or frankincense But God himself.

    Not wrapped up as a present
    But His presence.
    Calling us Home
    Back to him
    No need to wipe your feet
    Come in.

    • 5 min
    Advent: Home Coming - Mike Blaber & Jean Armes

    Advent: Home Coming - Mike Blaber & Jean Armes

    In the final part of our three-week mini-series exploring the season of advent, Mike and Jean consider what it is to live knowing "home coming". What does the reality that Jesus will return to renew and restore everything mean for how we are to live now? How do we live in the "now and not yet", the "here and the near" of the kingdom?

    • 41 min

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