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Money-making ideas by Movers and Shakers influencing their space with the value they bring via their expertise. Get ideas, find solutions, or just be inspired to succeed as you listen for the pitch to their offer that gets stuff sold. The content here is the audio extract from our TV interviews.

Offer. Pitch. Sold‪!‬ Trudy Beerman

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Money-making ideas by Movers and Shakers influencing their space with the value they bring via their expertise. Get ideas, find solutions, or just be inspired to succeed as you listen for the pitch to their offer that gets stuff sold. The content here is the audio extract from our TV interviews.

    Repurposing Your Experience.

    Repurposing Your Experience.

    Mark M. Bello was my guest on PSI TV Network.  

    Mark He is a retired attorney turned author who writes legal thrillers and social-justice picture books for kids. He is the genius behind the Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series. For more info visit https://www.markmbello.com/

    Mark answered the following:

    1. Your book, Betrayal of Justice, opens with an ordination speech by a newly elected President of the USA, while Betrayal in Black starts out with a police traffic stop. I have to say, your writing style hooks your reader right away. I believe any one of your books is potentially movie-worthy, similar to the work of Jack Higgins or Tom Clancy. Is that a dream or goal of yours by any chance?

    2. What a way to spend your retirement.  While not everyone may have as dramatic a career as yours might have been, speak to the retiree who, like you, has a history of stories inside them. What does retirement as a writer look like?

    3. Your protagonist, Zachary Blake gives you the creative freedom to share cases in a fictional context, yet your cases read like current news. As a white man, your books share a perspective of one who is sensitive to the plight of the underserved, especially under the filter of a justice system that seems to favor white citizens. What are the conversations you are hoping your novels will spark?

    4. Whose voice(s) read your audiobooks?

    5. What is next for Zachary Blake? Or for you for that matter?

    6. Is there anything else you would like to share?

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    What Everyone Must Know About Body Memory

    What Everyone Must Know About Body Memory

    Kathi Sohn was my guest on PSI TV Network. Are you next? Apply here https://lnkd.in/eMvgYqZ4

    Kathi retired from her 36-year career with the federal government to continue her deceased husband’s work by helping adults break vows they made as children that created strongholds over their adult lives. So let’s settle in and learn about this adventure called the body memory process. For more info visit https://www.bodymemoryprocess.com/

    Kathi answered the following:

    1. You are continuing your husband’s legacy and you sat under his teaching for 25 years so I think it is safe to say that as an apprentice to the master, you are now the master in his absence. Most people would think a job with the feds is a golden ticket, yet you left it. Tell us about your husband’s work and why you thought it more urgent to pursue his legacy than continue on your own career path?

    2. What is body memory?

    3. So what is the body memory PROCESS?

    4. Two books are available on your website. Can a reader get some level of DIY help if they access these books, if not, what can they look forward to if they invest to get copies?

    5. From my research in preparing for this chat, it seems a significant part of the body memory conversation is that self-sabotage is not just an issue of someone doing the opposite action to the goal they say they want, and more an issue of incongruency with some childhood decision. Have I understood that correctly? How is our childhood interfering with our today?

    6. Is there anything else you would like to share? (this is where I think you should mention the workshops and anything else not covered here, or reiterate something)

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    It's Never Too Late to Find Your Passion.

    It's Never Too Late to Find Your Passion.

    Pat Backley was my guest on Influence Media - PSI TV. Are you next? Apply here https://lnkd.in/eMvgYqZ4

    Retired, abandoned, bored, and lonely, Pat Backley decided at 69 years old to write a book. Having written DAISY, she went on to write a total of 6 books in 18 months with more books in the works. For more info, visit PatBackley.com

    It is never too late to find your passion. 

    Pat answers the following:

    It would appear as if you found your true calling pretty late in life? What do you say to the 55+ generation who may be wondering if all that is left is to get old and die?
    What was your career before becoming an Author?
    Your first book, Daisy, was a novel? How different is the writing process for you now compared to what it took for you to deliver Daisy to the world?  
    At this point, you have 6 published books? What’s next for you?
    While we would love to hear about all your books and the ones to come, choose one and tell us what a reader has to look forward to if they grab that book?
    What genre or writing style best describes your work?  
    Is there anything else you would like to share?

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    Serial Entrepreneur Shows 35 y.o. How to Overcome Self-doubt and Bad Budgeting.

    Serial Entrepreneur Shows 35 y.o. How to Overcome Self-doubt and Bad Budgeting.

    Jasmine McKeller (aka - Jas Ems) is my guest today. Are you my next guest? Apply here https://lnkd.in/eMvgYqZ4

    If you are under the age of 35 and interested in managing your finances better in order to build a stable future. Jasmine solves the problem of self-doubt and bad budgeting by offering several simple side hustles and financial consultations. She is a multi-hustle Diva, or serial entrepreneur, who is earning income in the crypto space, life coaching, and more. For more info visit joorishidol.com


    You used to live paycheck to paycheck and that is no longer your reality. What changed?
    So having lived this reality, you can walk others out of that experience into a new reality. What is that new reality and who is it that you are best positioned to serve?
    Cryptocurrency seems to be one of the newer wealth drivers, what has been your experience in the crypto space that makes you feel competent to help others get started and on the road to crypto-generated wealth?
    You describe yourself as a serial engineer and you help young adults add a side-hustle to their life. Why do you encourage a side-hustle instead of just getting another job and how is a side-hustle different from having another job?
    What’s next for you? Potentially, where is Jasmine in the next 5 years, what dreams are you personally chasing right now?
    You wrote Teenage Love Chronicles. The title will probably draw a Teen audience who are unlikely to be watching PSI TV. Speak to their parents and grandparents for a moment. What can a reader of Teenage Love Chronicles look forward to?
    Is there anything else you would like to share?

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    Terror Strikes (Book), with Author - Joseph Lenard

    Terror Strikes (Book), with Author - Joseph Lenard

    Are you my next guest?  

    Joseph M Lenard is my guest today. He is an author and political activist. He has been writing most of his life and has finally published his first book which he dubs, as being a book in a book and a blog in a book. For more info, visit TerrorStrikes.info

    Before I have Joseph Lenard share, I want to say I am an old-school, independent journalist. I was a freelance contributor in the 1990s to the Tampa Tribune before they closed, and a columnist for an international paper prior to that. Having never been on staff with any news house, I have been untouched by the claim of producing anything less than objective content. I maintain my press credentials and I am able to share content that may or may not agree with my personal opinion, and I hope you are as open-minded to receive information and filter it through whatever perspective you ascribe to. Feel free to agree or disagree with my guest, and I will warn you, that some of his belief positions are not the generally held opinions, however, he deserves to be heard, because that is what old-school journalism is all about.

    Joseph answers the following:

    Your book, Terror Strikes, you have dubbed as a book in a book and a blog in a book. What do you mean by that?
    You have been a political activist most of your life, has that experience influenced your writing Terror Strikes?
    Modern Journalism has become politically influenced so today there is left, or Democrat-leaning media, and right, or Republican-leaning media. How has your ability to share your message and your book been received by various media platforms? (include social media please).
    PSI TV has no public political position because we tend to interview entrepreneurs, coaches, and authors, and you are an author. However, Terror Strikes does have a very clear political overtone. Tell us about Terror Strikes. What will folks find or learn when they read your book?
    Let’s tap into the aspect of your book that speaks to suicide prevention, particularly among first responders and former military. What led your book in that direction?
    Is there anything else you would like to share?

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    B.O.S.S. Moves to Biz Success. Myron Golden Guides us to the PROFIT Land.

    B.O.S.S. Moves to Biz Success. Myron Golden Guides us to the PROFIT Land.

    https://psitvnetwork.com/golden Our modern-day Joshua leading entrepreneurs to the PROFIT Land.  

    Myron Golden, Ph.D. was my guest on PSI TV. Are you next?

    Apply here https://lnkd.in/eMvgYqZ4

    Dr. Myron Golden is my business coach and today I share him with you. He has a history of amazing personal success, but even more impressive, he has helped many have $100K days in their biz. While that is not yet my story, I have already seen a 25% bump in my sales.  The biggest reason I am so excited to share Myron with you is, he is a man of God with a solid grasp of the Word, a Kingdom identity, and an ability to share his success strategies using the word of God in such a way that even unbelieving audiences sign up to receive what he has to share. He is the author of several books, of which his most recent is my favorite, B.O.S.S Moves.  

    Myron Golden answers the following in this interview:  

    1.  Let's talk about the software for success. A decade ago I played a prosperity game and got hung up when the universe handed me 60K. I played it again and it felt like a fairy tale when the universe handed me $2M. The third time I played the game I saw that $2M in my future. You talk about FOS - failure operating system and SOS success operating system,  how do we rewrite/upload the SOS?   

    2. I've watched you go into secular environments and unapologetically use the word of God and I have watched unbelieving audiences still literally absorb like a sponge everything you say sure. I really want to empower the Christians who may be watching this show today. How do you do that and be so well received?  

    3. Let’s talk about starting a business, or the path of self-employment. The story of Jacob has him heading to Laban with just a walking stick and returning home in Genesis 30-35 with two groups of people, wealth and livestock. I am no Theologian, but I believe that switching from working as a hired hand to his father-in-law, then renegotiating his salary to a commission-based option where his pay was the spotted or speckled flock was a key to this wealth. Speak to the person who has been contemplating the switch and is fearful of this unknown path.  

    4. Let’s talk about the school work and the preparation for the mission ahead. There are many who choose to DIY their business operation without any guidance. Jesus learned a trade and was a carpenter, building furniture. Before Jesus started his ministry of building people, he spent 40 days in intense saturation with His father. Speak to the DIY mentality that often leads to many great business startups ending as business failures   

    5.  Now let us talk about scaling to grow. In Acts 11:21, it says, “The hand of the Lord was with them, and a great number of people trusted and turned to the Lord.” The Christian church has continued to grow over the centuries and has failed to die like many fads that have come and gone.  Speak to the value of TRUST when it comes to scaling their business operation.  

    6. Billy Graham said, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MEN POSSESSING RICHES, THE WRONG COMES WHEN RICHES POSSES MEN. The one thing you said that had me write the check to have you as my Coach was, some use the people and love the money, it is better to love the people and use the money, and even better to use the money to love the people. Speak to the idea of sharing and philanthropy when God has blessed us.  

    7. Is there anything else you would like to share?

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