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Join Dr. V, a board certified Ob/Gyn, for a 15 minute office visit addressing topics related to obstetrics and gynecology, health and wellness. She wants to empower you through education about your body, mind and spirit so you can be happy and healthy.

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Join Dr. V, a board certified Ob/Gyn, for a 15 minute office visit addressing topics related to obstetrics and gynecology, health and wellness. She wants to empower you through education about your body, mind and spirit so you can be happy and healthy.

    Episode 1: Meet Dr. V

    Episode 1: Meet Dr. V

    I am a busy doctor, wife and mother. Get to know me and why I love you so much that I wanted to create a podcast. My prayer is that something said on this podcast will get you started on a path to your optimal health and wellness.


    00:36 - This being the first episode of the Office visits with Dr. V podcast, Dr. V starts by outlining what inspired her to start the podcast. The fact that she wasn't sure about what to talk about didn't stop her from following her dream of starting a podcast. So, armed with her husband's advice, she decided to treat this podcast like a job interview and tackle issues she couldn't cover in a typical doctor's appointment.


    02:08 - Every person's career journey is unique; Dr. V's journey is no different. Having taken a gap year before joining campus, she decided to work for a non-profit organization called the Public Allies. Dr. V admits that the real-life work experience she got while working with that organization helped her realize what she wanted to do with her life.


    03:13 - Dr. V's mother was a pediatric nurse, and that's how she got to learn about the wonderful world of medicine. At one time during her teenage years, she stumbled upon four books about the human body. One of the books was about the reproductive process, which, to her, was like reading and watching porn. She was fascinated by how the human body works and the entire process of how a baby comes into being.


    05:15 - There was a time during her undergrad days when Dr. V was faced with a situation which most people will view as somewhat awkward. One of her athlete friends struggled to put on a tampon, and Dr. V had to talk her through how best to put on a tampon. This experience helped her realize that women don't know a lot about their bodies. It was high time someone took the initiative to educate women about how unique their bodies are.


    06:18 - When Dr. V got into private practice, she found out that some of her patients were having difficulties dealing with their mental and physical ailments. Although some patients could hardly afford a doctor's appointment, most, if not all of them wanted someone to listen to them. This, in turn, prompted Dr. V to become the doctor who gets to know her patients better before treating them. She describes that the talks she has before getting into a patient's problems help ease the room's tension and enhance that patient-doctor relationship.


    09:35 - In this part of the conversation, Dr. V is not happy with how some women know very little about their bodies. Dr. V states that some women would book a doctor's appointment claiming to have an unhealthy vagina while it was just normal cervical mucus. Although Doctor Google can sometimes have misinformed diagnostics, Dr. V believes that it's always beneficial to know about some of the common issues women face.


    12:14 - The medicine world is always changing to accommodate new strategies and information to help people live better lives. With the introduction of Lifestyle medicine, Dr. V found out that 80% of chronic ailments can be prevented by the mere shift in how we live. Although some conditions like age are things we cannot control, according to Dr. V, changing how we eat, drink, and exercise can significantly enhance our lives' quality.


    15:15 - The pillars of health, as described by Dr. V, are nutrition, exercise, sleep, and connection. Although most people downplay the benefits of a great connection, having a good connection with your family or society can significantly improve the way you live. Dr. V goes on to applaud her husband, who has been of great help in her medicine journey.


    17:40 - As a parting shot, Dr. V narrates how she has always been fascinated by the human body and just how great our bodies are. Just like everybody is unique, everyone has a different purpose in life. With that in mind, Dr. V explains that her purpose is to become an instrument that brings peace

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    Episode 10: Women‘s Mental Health

    Episode 10: Women‘s Mental Health

    Postpartum Depression. Anxiety. Mental illness.  The shame and silence around these topics is heart breaking, especially when there is a way out.  Dr. V has an eye opening discussion with her friend and neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Samantha Suffren of Women's Transitional Healthcare in Charlotte, NC.  Dr. Suffren freely shares her encounter with postpartum depression and how to recognize when your unhappiness may be something more serious.  She also educates us on how to use the healthcare system to address our mental health needs. 

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    Episode 9: Conversations for Our Daughters

    Episode 9: Conversations for Our Daughters

    Patients always ask me, “When should my daughter start going to the ob/gyn?” Or “she has _____ and I want her to see you.”  Most often, if your daughter has a gynecologic problem, her first stop should not be the Ob/Gyn.  It should be the pediatrician. This episode addresses the concerns my patients have about their daughters.  Three caring, compassionate pediatric providers answer our questions.  Join Tasha Dial, MD, Kirsten Goolsby, PA and Racquel Tonuzi, MD for an enlightening view into the health issues of our children.


    03:33 - Puberty can be a really confusing time for adolescents, especially girls. With this in mind, it’s extremely important to talk to your kids about puberty from a very young age. This makes them psychologically prepared for the changes that they will experience and makes it easier for them to open up on any issues they might encounter. Unfortunately, many parents don’t know how to talk about these issues with their kids, and that’s why Dr. V. invited three experts for this episode to talk you through the entire process. 

    05:19 - Sadly, birth control automatically equals sex for most people. However, that’s far from the truth. From a medical perspective, birth control methods have two main uses, prevent pregnancy and take control of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Some girls experience horrendous menstrual cycles, which, for a teenager, can be overwhelming. So, if your child’s quality of life is being affected by her menses, it’s time you considered using some type of birth control.

    12:20 - The pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, yet we seem to forget a group of people that have also been severely affected, our kids. Sometimes parents rarely recognize that their kids are suffering from mental health issues until it’s too late. Dr. V. believes that responsible parents can never be too busy for their kids. It’s your duty as a parent to monitor your kids and look out for worrying signs such as withdrawal or self-harm. That said, always try and create a conducive environment to have those difficult conversations. And if your child approaches you with troubling topics, the least you can do is lend a listening ear. 

    16:42 - We all know that puberty is characterized by several changes such as mood swings. So, how can parents differentiate and deal with puberty mood swings and depression-related mood swings? Dr. V. believes that mothers need to cultivate that unique mother-daughter relationship where girls can comfortably open up to their mothers. This way, you’ll be able to teach your daughters reasonable ways to articulate their frustrations and fears. Nonetheless, sometimes things can get a little tense, and it’s up to you to give your child time to cool off, which allows you to have meaningful conversations. 

    20:09 - Even with its proven track record, some people are yet to adopt the HPV vaccine fully. This is because there are still a lot of misconceptions and lies surrounding the vaccine. The good news is that the past couple of years have witnessed a reduced number of cervical cancer cases. If you are the parent of a kid below the age of 15, make it a point to get him or her vaccinated. Vaccines act as preventive measures; thus, it would be best if you protected your kid while you still have control over their decisions. 

    26:30 - Even though we all enjoy technological advancements, some aspects of technology, like social media, still need monitoring. Without the appropriate monitoring, your kids can and will consume content that we’d otherwise not tolerate. Even though you’d like to give your kids some privacy, it still makes sense to monitor the type of content they are into. Start by teaching them how to safely use the internet, and if possible, block some apps and websites on their phones. 

    33:20 - Over the last two years, especially during lockdowns, the number of obese children has dramatically increased in

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    Episode 24:Healing Your Whisper Stories with Yolanda Grier

    Episode 24:Healing Your Whisper Stories with Yolanda Grier

    Healing Your Whisper Stories By Tapping into Creative Healing with Yolanda Grier 
    Whisper stories are those experiences that we have but never share with anyone. They might be about a time when we were bullied, assaulted or something that happened in the past that we regret and need to let go of. Your whisper story doesn’t have to be publicized or written for publication for you to heal. Just getting it out will reduce its power and impact by helping you to see it differently because it doesn’t tell the truth about who you really are. Telling your story in a creative is the way to heal and reframe your narrative, release the burden from your shoulders and move on with your life. If the experience remains inside you, you are not going to live up to your potential because of the pain; hence it’s worth investigating what it is and how to get out of it. 


    Join the conversation with Yolanda Grier, an artist, author, instructor, as she shares her whisper stories, how they impacted her life, and how she overcame them through creative art journaling. Yolanda is a creative healer and the host of The Creative Healing With Yolanda podcast. She creates a space for healing and fun through creativity by combining words, images, and color. Her mission is to teach others how to thrive through creativity, painting, journals, and OOAK makings. 


    Tune in!


    During this episode, you will learn about;

    [00:18] Introduction to the show 

    [02:24] About our guest today, Yolanda Grier

    [04:26] What are whisper stories and Yolanda's mission in that space

    [06:24] Yolanda's whisper story at four years old   

    [15:40] Yolanda’s second whisper story with her cousin at 17 years 

    [20:26] Changing the narrative around childhood traumatic events 

    [24:26] How depression showed up for Yolanda and how she dealt with it

    [30:42] How Yolanda got out of her trauma and later became a creative healer 

    [35:26] Getting into a space where you’re able to tell your story to people who deserve it 

    [37:22] How Yolanda helps people and the ages of the women she works with

    [43:48] Seeking professional help to reframe your experience and how Yolanda did it

    [47:03] Art journaling and how Yolanda discovered she had been doing it for healing 

    [50:29] Why Yolanda left her customer service job and how she became an art educator 

    [55:44] How to tap into Yolanda's creative healing work and work with her

    [58:31] Ending the show and call to action

    Notable Quotes 
    People's negative reactions don’t tell the truth about your story; they just reaffirm that it’s not meant for them.
    Once a story decides it wants to get healed, it’s going to come out  
    When your whisper story gets out and gets apart from you, its impact reduces 
    When you get to the other side of your healing, you may have to introduce yourself to yourself 
    People around you know more about you than you do because you don’t spend time with yourself 


    Let’s Connect!
    Yolanda Grier 
    Website: https://www.yolandagrier.com/

    Creative Healing podcast: https://www.yolandagrier.com/podcast

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/creative_healing_podcast/

    Get Yolanda’s books: https://www.yolandagrier.com/shop


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    Episode 23: Training and Running to Get Fit with Bridget Boss Faison

    Episode 23: Training and Running to Get Fit with Bridget Boss Faison

    There is no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness, workouts, or marathons. Everyone has different goals for themselves and will have different needs when it comes to training and running. It can also be challenging to find the motivation and inspiration to stay consistent, but it's all about finding what works for you and sticking to it. One of the best ways to create consistency is by joining a community or group in your area. Getting involved with other people who are also trying to achieve or make changes in their lives will help you stay motivated.

    Join the conversation with Bridget Boss Faison as she shares her journey and experiences in training, workouts, and marathons. Bridget is a two-time half marathon finisher, a guidance counselor, and an educator. She completed a half marathon and a second one just recently. Fitting her training and workouts into her lifestyle has helped her accomplish her goals and change her body and life.


    During this episode, you will learn about;

    [00:18] Introduction to the episode 

    [02:06] Why and how Bridget started running

    [09:36] Bridget's level of fitness and how she has managed to maintain a healthy weight

    [12:08] What are weight bees and how to use them

    [13:37] Working with groups and why Bridget couldn’t do it by herself 

    [16:10] How Bridget is able to balance her training, job, and family life

    [18:43] Going beyond your excuses to invest in your future health

    [20:52] Bridget's seven days workouts and training schedule 

    [25:52] Bridget's health goals after going past 200 pounds and where she is today

    [28:52] How she keeps her momentum going in her training 

    [31:26] About Bridget’s experience in the first and second race

    [34:22] Why you need the right shoe when running

    [36:41] Bridget's advice to anyone who wants to get off the couch 

    [40:10] Ending the show and call to action

    Notable Quotes 

    You have to start somewhere to get where you want to be
    To be effective, make your workout and training a lifestyle 
    Joining a community or group makes a huge difference 
    When running, you have to have the right shoes 
    Just get started, stick to it, and find a community to make it easier. 

    Let’s Connect!

    Dr. V

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    Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Office-Visits-with-Dr-V-

    Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/office_visits_with_dr_v/

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    Episode 22: Being Physically Active through Running with Thad McLauri

    Episode 22: Being Physically Active through Running with Thad McLauri

    Thad is a personal trainer and running coach who combines his passion for running (over 30 years!) and his love of writing by hosting the popular website RunnerDude's Blog (RunnerDudesBlog.com), one of the top-ranked running blogs in the country. He's also a contributing writer for Active.com, has written articles for AmateurEndurance.com, and was featured in the July 2010 Runner's World "Ask the Experts" section. Thad owns RunnerDude's Fitness, a personal training studio in Greensboro, North Carolina, that provides fitness and running programs for all ages and ability levels. He has worked with hundreds of runners, from beginners to experienced marathoners. His biggest reward is helping others get hooked on running, fitness, and healthy living.


    Tune in!


    Physical activity is the foundation for a healthy life. It has been shown to help with everything from sleep to heart health and mental health. It also helps with weight loss, mood, and energy levels. There are many different ways to be active, including running, walking, cycling, and swimming. Running is an efficient way to get your daily dose of physical activity in without breaking a sweat or burning too many calories.


    Running can strengthen and tone your body, improve your cardiovascular health and endurance, and increase your overall performance during a race or a long-distance run. Learn more about running with Thad McLaurin in this episode.


    During this episode, you will learn about;

    [01:15] Meet our today’s guest, Thad McLaurin

    [02:11] How he became the Runner Dude and a running coach 

    [06:41] Did his childhood upbringing have anything to do with his passion?

    [10:50] Personal benefits of running

    [12:54] Thad’s message to the overweight and obese 

    [16:36] How to choose the best running footwear

    [19:50] Keeping records of your running progress

    [23:55] Why everybody should be doing a running exercise

    [25:25] How to avoid injury when running

    [27:17] Strength training as a way to prevent injury when running

    [29:16] Muscular endurance training exercises you can try today

    [32:30] The health benefits associated with running

    [37:26] Key takeaway lessons from Thad

    [38:55] Connect with him and know about running groups you can join

    [45:10] Episode wrap up and calls to action


    Notable Quotes 

    “Running is the only inclusive activity that anybody can do, regardless of their age, color or race.”
    “Shoes are an investment in running.”
    “Anything you do too excessively is poison.”
    “Running is all about maintaining balance.”

    Book Recommendation;

    Full-Body Fitness for Runners by Thad McLaurin: https://www.amazon.com/Full-Body-Fitness-Runners-Thad-McLaurin/dp/0692026959
    Let’s Connect!

    Thad McLaurin

    Website: http://runnerdudesfitness.com/

    Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/thad.mclaurin/

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/runner-dude-19a07322/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therunnerdude/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/RunnerDude_

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiP5W0Q8VF31tde9Ek7GamA


    Dr. V

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

JulieP0987 ,

Great Information!

I love the style of this podcast- short easy to listen to segments that have the feel of a conversation with your best girlfriends! There is so much that people do not know or are afraid to ask and Dr. V. explains it all in a straight forward way that removes the awkwardness of these topics. I am looking forward to more. Would actually like to see her on The Doctors or similar- she would make great television 🙂

3mmal3 ,


Thank you Dr. V for your wisdom and insight. I find your podcast to not only provide much needed information but to be very inspirational as well. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. Looking forward to what the future has in store for you.

Honepop ,

Dr. V has a podcast!

I love Dr. V. She delivered my daughter and has been my OB/GYN for quite a few years. She is patient, kind, and always listens. Check her podcast out; you will not be disappointed.