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Welcome to On Air Hustle

Where you will hear true and impactful stories from successful Entrepreneurs about their struggles, the journey, and that ONE moment that completely changed their life - forever!

It’s time to create your own path to success.

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Welcome to On Air Hustle

Where you will hear true and impactful stories from successful Entrepreneurs about their struggles, the journey, and that ONE moment that completely changed their life - forever!

It’s time to create your own path to success.

Visit onairhustle.com for more information.

    You Can Make $500/mo With Little Work (FULL Episode)

    You Can Make $500/mo With Little Work (FULL Episode)

    In this podcast, Saravanan Ganesh, a digital real estate entrepreneur, shares about the dynamics of rank and rent platform and the concept of exchange from one client to the other. In the art and modern industry, Saravanan tells us how there’s so much more to explore online and actually make money for yourself through browsers, websites and other virtual programs. He also expounded on maintenance costings and monthly exchange of reports between clients.

    Saravanan starts by creating websites for months, completing the contents needed and the complementary visuals, after then these websites are ranked. He then contacts local contractors and probable clients to rent the websites for as long as they wish to. The business expands to different cities across the country and outside as well. Exploring online platforms could be so rewarding when done properly. 

    In this podcast, we also cover:

    04:24 Real estate landscapes

    08:20 Studying Search Engine Optimization

    13:25 Which clients to keep

    17:12 Transition to sales

    21:44 Researching on the right customers

    26:59 Figuring things out

    30:25 Getting consistent leads and finding the right niche

    Saravanan also reminds us how finding the right niche could pitch your business into a different level and how matching SEOs that works best with your content could attract people better. You can hire virtual assistants while you’re at it and even graphic designers for aesthetic changes and for fuller contents.

    • 40 min
    I Wanted To Get Rich & Live Where I Wanted (FULL Episode)

    I Wanted To Get Rich & Live Where I Wanted (FULL Episode)

    In this podcast, Immy Tariq, a social media personality and co-founder and CEO of Webmetrix Group company, shares about his life before he jump-started his business. He tells us how he dropped out of medical school and pursued entrepreneurship instead. To date, Immy has dealt with brands from small scale businesses to billion-dollar companies and still continues to thrive.

    Immy tells us more about the fundamentals of trust and direction in business. He reminds us that taking care of the teams and publications that fill in the company will help you build better products and services and produce more reproducible outputs. He also stresses on the importance of being a middle person that connects one business to another and how it’s efficient and proven to be very beneficial in setting up a bigger pitch for your company in the long haul. 

    In this podcast, we also cover:

    10:50 Acquisition Traffic

    14:51 Importance of credibility and trust

    20:01 Being the connector in publications

    26:37 Uphills and downhills

    30:32 Maintaining teams

    33:55 Hanging out with the right people

    Publications could either make or break you, that is why good advertising is essential in building a good reputation for yourself and your company. With it comes to trust and integrity, and both are an integral part of any business success.

    • 42 min
    Quitting His Job After No Christmas or Salary Bonus (FULL Episode)

    Quitting His Job After No Christmas or Salary Bonus (FULL Episode)

    In this podcast, Jim Chester, a chiropractic philanthropist and mind practice mentor, indulges us in their niche of chiropractic and how it connects us to positive well being. He explained more on how the practice helps people and for which people the services are for, clearing misconceptions along the way. Jim believes that chiropractic needs more exposure, especially in the advent where the nation’s health insurance policies are challenged.

    If you want to dedicate yourself to something, make it a principle, idea or movement that speaks to you in the deepest sense of being a human. Sometimes you get caught up in a routine and it begs a question for change, for variety, and that’s when you find yourself looking for things that make you feel more alive and that would reach more people, help for people at your given time. With Jim, it’s giving chiropractic the attention it deserves.

    In this podcast, we also cover:

    05:48 The art of learning people’s names

    07:40 Media leverage

    09:08 Rehab with patients and working in a clinic

    13:29 Coming from a journalistic background

    16:25 Pushing forward

    22:50 Switching your game up

    49:44 Helping more people

    With the pile of podcasts, Jim is getting more content out in the community at a more consistent pace. Being somebody who becomes a go-to when it terms of chiropractic, it becomes a duty to educate more people about the benefits it offers and its accessibility to the public. This way, chiropractic is given the attention it deserves in today’s medical needs and set-up.

    • 40 min
    Success Is a Choice, Not Luck - TEDx Speaker (FULL Episode)

    Success Is a Choice, Not Luck - TEDx Speaker (FULL Episode)

    In this podcast, Akbar Sheikh tells us about putting yourself out there and growing in the kind of model you envision your business to work. He reminds us about the joy of trying different things, of experimenting programs and strategizing its development to the fullest of its capacity by optimizing business and profession. Some of us came from nothing while some of us actually are more fortunate, but none of that matters if you don’t do something about you got.

    There’s no such thing as luck, you get to choose whether you become successful or not. It is a choice to follow the path towards your dreams and goals, because the thing is, there will always be hardships and failures, and so if you’re going to fail, fail at something you believe in the most because that’s how and when you’ll feel most alive. Akbar also tells us that people needs to be emotionally. mentally and environmentally optimized in order to achieve changes in what they perceive and do. It isn’t until you fix yourself and get rid of toxic relationships will you truly be able to take off towards the better parts life has to offer, especially in business. 

    In this podcast, we also cover:

    08:10 Successful entrepreneur

    10:08 Growing up with retail

    19:36 Taking advantage of things

    21:12 Working with winners

    22:45 Selling to the wrong people

    29:48 Half-ass work

    As entrepreneurs, you have to pick what you want to specialize in, you can’t help everyone at the same time, it’s just not logically possible. You have to focus on which group of people you can optimize your business and profession with to the fullest and expand from there.

    • 37 min
    24 Hours Away From Ending My Life (FULL Episode)

    24 Hours Away From Ending My Life (FULL Episode)

    In this podcast, Michael Marcial talked about the power of empathy and connection, how by sharing your story, you could push boundaries and reach more people who needs to hear what you have got to say. Without clarity, it’s hard to look forward with positivity and you’re focused on the things that are just not there. Circumnavigating through your pitfalls and actually sharing that journey with a crowd could just inspire those who are in a dark place themselves at the time, to hope for a better future and try to look more closely at what they got at the moment and work from there.

    Michael reminds us that context will always matter because in everything you do or invest to, results should be evident in any way possible. But before this, you have to be clear in what you want to do, achieve and where your satisfaction lies, because only then will you be motivated to push forward and take actions to fulfill what you’ve got to fulfill and that’s a real hussle right there. While making your vision a reality, effective communication will be essential along the way, only with it will you be able to push boundaries and reach out to your target audience.

    In this podcast, we also cover:

    06:35 Mindset and mentality

    08:05 Taking steps towards our dreams

    11:26 The art of asking the right questions

    13:26 Getting the word out

    20:06 Going back to my skills set

    24:44 Overcomplicating things

    27:01 Accountability

    32:18 Five Figure Work Week

    Sometimes people have got to let this thought to sink in, ‘am I willing to be real with things?’ Pleasing people with a bravado that’s not true to yourself could only serve you for a short, limited time. It reeks of impending failure and lack of satisfaction. That is why in whatever you do, believe that there is something people will learn from you, that you have got something worth listening to. 

    • 48 min
    Fired & Going Bankrupt to eCom Expert (FULL Episode)

    Fired & Going Bankrupt to eCom Expert (FULL Episode)

    In this podcast, Earnest Epps, an online entrepreneur and an e-commerce guru, shares about the dynamics and competitiveness of e-commerce websites and how to do things the right way when venturing with strategies, optimizing the features you are given with online and just basically everything you need to learn about e-commerce. He also talked about how to attract a pool of people to work for you, like virtual assistants and graphic artists to help you run your business on a day-to-day basis.

    Being genuine with your products and services can get you far without having to deal with the issues that could arise when you cut corners in your business. You have to start on the right foot in order to save yourself from years of debt with unforeseen aberrations in your operations. Pooling up your capital and net gain to invest and reinvest, respectively, on your business could just skyrocket you into a higher social value. 

    In this podcast, we also cover:

    07:24 Companies online

    09:37 The negative side of e-commerce

    12:04 Learning skills in computer science

    15:16 Researching stock market

    22:54 Reinvesting in your business

    31:40 Marketing and promoting businesses

    43:02 What to learn about price points

    46:50 Handling bigger deals

    What you need to learn more about e-commerce is that every transaction matters, it all forms this abstract connections that will serve you well at some point, so you’ve got to weave them all together in this sort of organized, ordinal way, if possible, in order to pick out which services would guarantee the best win at a certain season.

    • 1 hr 11 min

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5.0 out of 5
64 Ratings

64 Ratings

Roberto - @RSACRIPANTI ,

Success is a choice, not luck!

I absolutely love this episode with Akbar Sheikh about success and providing massive value through coaching. I truly believe success is like an iceberg, many people see the results and mostly label them as “luck” - but they do not see the hard work, hustle, sacrifices behind it! Thank you for an amazing show Danny!

DJTonyG1988 ,

Amazing Amazing Amazing

Daniel Vega is the Man he is on point all of his episodes are amazing inspiring and very helpful.

gifted rst ,

Off to a good start

Great episodes so far.

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