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On the Brighter Side delivers tools, tips and strategies for success in life, marriage, health and business. Learn how to live your purpose and rock your life!

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On the Brighter Side delivers tools, tips and strategies for success in life, marriage, health and business. Learn how to live your purpose and rock your life!

    Marriage Steps with Dr. Wyatt Fisher

    Marriage Steps with Dr. Wyatt Fisher

    Today we are chatting with Dr. Wyatt Fisher. Dr. Fisher has a Master’s & Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He is a Licensed Psychologist in Boulder Colorado and has been married since 1999 while experiencing a marriage that has been on the brink of divorce and back, which gives him a personal and professional skill set that allows him to assist other couples.
    Dr. Wyatt grew up in a broken-up home leading to stepparents and sibling that cultivated a need in him to want to help others. He understands the struggles that families can go thru and wants to encourage and give those he can the tools to create strength and happiness in their marriages. Today he is giving us his Top 6 tips to marital happiness.
    1.     Establishing a Covenant Foundation
    2.     Owning Your Brokenness
    3.     Learning to Share Power
    4.     Developing Emotional Attachment
    5.     Cultivating Sexual Fireworks
    6.     Staying in Love
    For more information about Dr. Wyatt Fisher check out his website below
    https://www.drwyattfisher.com/pages/marriage-podcast-marriage-steps (https://www.drwyattfisher.com/pages/marriage-podcast-marriage-steps)
    On the Brighter Side is getting a facelift! Stay tuned for more details about On the Brighter Side of Marriage Podcast!

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    Modern Manners for Moms and Dads with Evie and Sarah

    Modern Manners for Moms and Dads with Evie and Sarah

    My guests today, Sarah Davis Ed.D., and Evie Granville M.Ed. are etiquette experts on a mission to acknowledge all the external factors that affect our parenting and provide the knowledge and skills to navigate them with confidence, clarity and character.

    With their combined expertise in early childhood development, education, communication and etiquette, Evie and Sarah teach research-based strategies that give parents and children a powerful social advantage linked to relationship-building, academic success and resiliency. Their advice stems from their professional experience in the classroom, their research as well as their hands-on training as mothers.

    Their first book, Modern Manners for Moms and Dads: Practical Parenting Solutions officially releases October 27th, but you can preorder your copy on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3iOBZsT.

    You can also find more information about Evie and Sarah and what they teach on their website at: https://www.evieandsarah.com/ or find them on Instagram @evieandsarah.

    Stay tuned. I have a giant announcement. Something really BIG is coming! Mark you calendars for November 2nd. I cannot wait to tell you more!

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    Live From Love and Desire with Amanda Louder

    Live From Love and Desire with Amanda Louder

    Today's episode is an interview with live coach and intimacy expert, Amanda Louder. We discuss how to change your mindset to increase desire and why that is so beneficial to becoming the best version of ourselves. We debunk several desire diminishers and talk about how to feel confident and sexy inside and outside of the bedroom.
    To check out Amanda's special gift to my listeners Roadmap to Personal Pleasure, go to this link: https://amandalouder.com/brighterside/ (https://amandalouder.com/brighterside/)
    To find other amazing resources by Amanda, go to her website: https://amandalouder.com/ (https://amandalouder.com/) or her podcast: Live From Love on your favorite podcast listening app.
    You can find my FREE How to Get More Support From Your Husband here: https://onthebrightersideofmarriage.com/syschallenge (https://onthebrightersideofmarriage.com/syschallenge)

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    Greatest Day Mindset with Craig Smith

    Greatest Day Mindset with Craig Smith

    Happy Labor Day! Today's episode is an interview with Greatest Day Mindset podcast host and licensed therapist, Craig Smith. He is actually interviewing me on all things sex and intimacy.
    We talk about the importance of date night and flirting with your spouse as well as my book recommendations and how my husband and I deal with differences. This conversation is honest and candid and so much fun!
    You can find Craig on Instagram @greatestdaymindset or his podcast on your favorite podcast listening app.
    In today's episode, we talked about my free downloads, which you can find here: https://onthebrightersideofmarriage.com/51waysinitiate (https://onthebrightersideofmarriage.com/51waysinitiate)
    You can register for the next Seduce Your Spouse Challenge which starts on September 21st here: https://onthebrightersideofmarriage.com/syschallenge (https://onthebrightersideofmarriage.com/syschallenge)

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    How NOT to Break Up with Dominic Cruz

    How NOT to Break Up with Dominic Cruz

    Today we are chatting with Dominic Cruz, who is a breakup expert, on a mission to help young men and women recover from their breakup so they can be more at peace and be fulfilled to find hope and peace in their future relationships.
    Today he is sharing his tops top ways to prevent your relationship from failing.
    1.Getting to know each other- We are continually changing over time and it is important to be committed to getting to know each other as we evolve.  Dominic’s motto is “Always be learning and always be better than yesterday”. We can do this by constantly being curious and wanting to get to know our partner- regardless of how long you have been together.
    2. Date Night- its so important. A few parameters for date night is its NOT a time to talk about stressful things like the kids, or careers, or problems in the relationship. It IS for fun! It is just a few hours one night a week that you can share your passions with your partner. If you miss it this week, you do it twice the next week. Protect the time you have together, have fun, be together and do not be stressed.
    3. Have a vision and share your goals - plan for ‘we’. Don’t have the mindset of what makes “me” happy. Instead have it as what makes “us” happy.  When planning your life together you will find that you have different values. Make sure to share and learn each other’s values along the way. Don’t be afraid if they are different. We grow from challenges and they make our relationship stronger.
    To learn more about Dominic and his mission you can find him on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PoppinDom7 (https://www.youtube.com/user/PoppinDom7)
    His book 10 Simple Tips to Get Over Your Ex is available on Amazon.
    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08DBPTNH6 (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08DBPTNH6)

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    Forever Brazen with Kirsten Karchmer the Period Fixer

    Forever Brazen with Kirsten Karchmer the Period Fixer

    Today we are talking with the amazing Kirsten Karchmer. She is a health tech pioneer, a women’s health expert and Founder & CEO of Forever Brazen. Kirsten is leading a women’s revolution to eradicate PMS and cramping!
    In the last 20 years Kirsten had started and built one of the largest fertilities and women’s health clinics in North America. She has helped over 10,000 women struggling with infertility to conceive using information based on their periods. Kirsten is currently working on an app that will help gather information about each woman’s period and cycles to help them better understand what they can do to help them live a happier life during that dreaded monthly time. Kirsten currently offers formula blends of different natural herbs and ingredients that is a proven system to help give relief for cramps, PMS or both!
    Talking about our periods is such a taboo in so many circles in the world and Kirsten strives to get as much information out there for all women, young and older. Her and Forever Brazen donate 5% of sales to help get supplies for all women around the world who may need help getting items that are needed for their periods. She has also wrote a book called Seeing Red which can be found on amazon, link below, that she recommends for all women to start, if you want to learn more details on periods, cramps and ways to alleviate those pains and suffering. She also is on TikTok and Instagram offering videos and advice for any woman any age to follow and learn more. She wants everyone to be Brazen and Forever feeling happy!

    For more information on the herbs and blends, check out her website
    https://foreverbrazen.com/shop (https://foreverbrazen.com/shop)
    Grab her book below!
    https://www.amazon.com/Seeing-Red-Every-Woman-Period-ebook/dp/B07Q6ZR7VH/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2PXNR6G1HPU4U&dchild=1&keywords=kirsten+karchmer&qid=1597677000&sprefix=kirsten+kar%2Caps%2C207&sr=8-3 (https://www.amazon.com/Seeing-Red-Every-Woman-Period-ebook/dp/B07Q6ZR7VH/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2PXNR6G1HPU4U&dchild=1&keywords=kirsten+karchmer&qid=1597677000&sprefix=kirsten+kar%2Caps%2C207&sr=8-3)
    Or follow her on TikTok - @theperiodexpert
    And on IG - @ForeverBrazen

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4.9 out of 5
237 Ratings

237 Ratings

3 buoys ,

Awesome Find!

I’m so excited to discover this podcast! As a podcaster myself, I profoundly appreciate the effort and obvious effort she goes to to produce these quality, informative podcasts.
Great guests, great topics, and yahoo me because I have a lot to binge listen to. Susie Pettit

Melissa Corkum | Parent Coach ,

Your marriage needs this!

Monica's high energy and relatability are contagious. She's a force to be reckoned with. You'll love this show as an addition to your playlist.

Kristenmcoaching ,

Great Information

Love the information and actionable items discussed in the episodes. Not just something you listen to, but education you can apply to level up in your life. Monica is positive and easy to listen to. Uplifitng and happy. Will keep listening. -Kristen

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