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Positive, fresh, modern and real talk radio covering health & nutrition, relationships, fitness, environmental issues, giving back and more. On One Life Radio, we cover the topics that matter today in an un-scripted, off-the-cuff, engaging format. Our guests include leading authors, doctors, sports figures, psychologists, nutritionists and scientists from around the globe. Our motto: one body, one mind, one life…go out and make the most of it!

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Positive, fresh, modern and real talk radio covering health & nutrition, relationships, fitness, environmental issues, giving back and more. On One Life Radio, we cover the topics that matter today in an un-scripted, off-the-cuff, engaging format. Our guests include leading authors, doctors, sports figures, psychologists, nutritionists and scientists from around the globe. Our motto: one body, one mind, one life…go out and make the most of it!

    #1350, Jason Harris, Mary Holland

    #1350, Jason Harris, Mary Holland

    Happy Monday!

    We had a fabulous weekend spent with family and friends! Junior had a great weekend too! Bernadette says that her and Junior always have a great weekend because they both have gratitude. We have a great show in store today! Mary Holland is talking about Restoring Child Health, and Jason Harris is talking about Empathy at the half, so let's get started!

    Jason Harris

    Jason Harris is the Co-Founder & CEO of Mekanism, an award- winning creative advertising agency whose clients include Ben & Jerry’s, Peloton, OkCupid, Molson Coors and Alaska Airlines. Under his leadership, Mekanism was named to Ad Age’s Agency A-list and twice to their Best Places to Work. Mekanism was also named as one of Creativity’s Creativity 50.Harris has been named in the Top 10 Most Influential Social Impact Leaders, as well as in the 4A’s list of “100 People Who Make Advertising Great”. Jason’s national best-selling book, “The Soulful Art of Persuasion,” highlights the 11 habits you need to become more authentically or soulfully persuasive.

    Pt. 3 -

    To catch up on part one, click here! For part two, click here! Empathetic people are great at bringing people together. Empathetic people see other people as equals, and they are natural collaborators that forge connections between unlikely odds. "Don't judge my life by the chapter you walked in on." You never know what the other person in the room is going through. You must see the world though a different lens to become more empathetic. Jason says that social media is ruining empathy, so try and take a break. We have become and us vs them society. The political landscape is either left or right. There is no room in the middle for empathy. Jason suggests everyone watch the movie "The Social Dilemma." Jason believes in putting positive thoughts out into the world, but push yourself!

    Try to think about other points of view, and try to get a sense of how other people think. Don't write your friend up for having an opinion different from your own. If you open your mind, you may learn more about the other person. Life is about keeping an open mind, so don't judge someone for their surface. Dive deeper! You will learn something if you take the time to be empathetic. Collaboration helps people really understand how together people on your side. Natural collaborators are better persuaders.

    Mary Holland

    Mary Holland serves as General Counsel and Vice Chair of the board at Children’s Health Defense. She recently left the faculty of the New York University School of Law where she served for 17 years, most recently directing its Graduate Lawyering Program. Mary received her Master of Arts and Juris Doctor Degrees from Columbia University, and her undergraduate degree from Harvard. She has worked in international public and private law. Mary is the co-author of “Vaccine Epidemic” and “The HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed”.

    Restore Child Health Campaign

    Bernadette loves having Mary Holland on the show, because the conversation is always brilliant and titalating. Mary Holland and the Children's Health Defense is in a war with Facebook regarding censorship laws. The Children's Health Defense have been stripped of basic rights, as well as being stopped fiscally. Facebook removed their donate button! That being said, Mary is moving forward with their lawsuit against Facebook. Mary just wants to stand up and protect children! 99% of children in the United States are vaccinated. There is a burden placed on children more than adults that continues to push vaccines. Children's health is in a crisis. 54% of American children have a chronic illness. 11% of children have been diagnosed with ADHD.

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    #1349, Dallas DogRRR, SPCA Texas, Rogers Wildlife Center

    #1349, Dallas DogRRR, SPCA Texas, Rogers Wildlife Center

    Happy Furry Friday!

    The weather is unbelievable here in Dallas! Bernadette spent the morning outside playing with her newest rescue dog, Love! Furry Friday is brought to you by Castor & Pollux! As the leader and maker of America’s #1 organic pet food, Castor & Pollux has set a new standard with the most comprehensive portfolio of purposeful pet food. We have a great Furry Friday lined up for everyone today with Maura Davies, Patti Dawson, and Kathy Dawson of Rogers Wildlife! So let's get started with Maura Davies!

    Maura Davies - Halloween Ideas For Pets

    Maura Davies is the Vice President for Marketing & Communications at the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) of Texas. As a longtime friend of One Life Radio, Maura is with us almost every Friday!

    There are so many DIY ideas you can do to enjoy Halloween with your furry friend! Try dressing up your pet and show them off in the group chat, but be cautious! Make sure not to force your pet to dress up if they really don't want to. Baked sweet potatoes are a great orange treat for your furry companion! Click here for some dog treat recipes! Maura says you can buy pumpkin shaped ice cube trays and make little pumpkin treats! Animals can reduce stress and depression, so don't be afraid to adopt a family member!

    Patti Dawson

    Dallas DogRRR is a group of dedicated, animal loving volunteers who help rescue dogs in the South East Dallas area. Patti started volunteering with Dallas DogRRR in 2014 and began running the operations in January of 2016. When she’s not rescuing animals, Patti is a behavior specialist, wife and mom.

    Virtual Adoptions and PitBull Awareness Month

    October is PitBull Awareness month! Approximately 1,000,000 PitBull's are euthanized each year, that's over 2,800 PitBulls killed a day. The kicker is that most PitBulls that are euthanized are mixed breed! Pit Bulls are not actually a breed of dog. The term refers to a variety of breeds, like the American Staffordshire terrier, the Staffordshire bull terrier and other such mixes of dogs. In the early part of the last century, Pit Bulls were known as “Nanny Dogs”. It may be hard to believe now with all of the bad press they receive, but Pit Bulls were the breed of choice among parents with young children. If you left your kid with a Pit Bull, they were safe!

    Dallas DogRRR is launching virtual fostering! Dallas DogRRR has created a program where you email in and get issued a dog virtually! This is a way to network animals that need homes! Virtual fosters will share photos, videos, and personality facts to get dogs adopted all over the country, not just in the DFW area!

    Kathy Rogers

    Kathy is the founder of Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, a nonprofit rescue organization in the Dallas/Fort-Worth metroplex specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, sick and orphaned birds of all types. She began working with animals at Samuel Farm in Dallas where she was Livestock Manager for 15 years. Kathy has always owned parrots, and the neighborhood kids would bring her injured birds, leading her to form Rogers Wildlife. Currently, the Wildlife Center cares for over 5,000 birds per year. Find Kathy at her website, here!  

    The Life Saving Work Of Rogers Wildlife

    Bernadette says that she saw two ducks at night last night and was very puzzled! Kathy says that the ducks that Bernadette saw were probably flushed out by a bobcat or other predatory animal and were fleeing to safety! Kathy says that their "baby" period is from March to December, and it is very labor intensive. Bernadette brings up dove hunting and seeing a repulsive Facebook post of a family friend's husband proudly showing off his kills.

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    #1347, Virginia Sole-Smith, Tom Blas, Krav Maga

    #1347, Virginia Sole-Smith, Tom Blas, Krav Maga

    Happy Hump Day!

    The Buffalo Bills had their first loss last night, and while that is sad, Bernadette still has high hopes! We have a great show in store today with Virginia Sole-Smith on at the half, but first up, we have Tom Blas, so let's get started!

    Virginia Sole-Smith

    Virginia Sole-Smith is the author of the book we are talking about today; The Eating Instinct: Food Culture, Body Image and Guilt in America. As a journalist, she has reported from kitchen tables and grocery stores, graduated from beauty school and gone swimming in a mermaid’s tail. Her work has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Harper’s, Elle and many other publications. She's a frequent contributor to the New York Times' parenting section, where she writes a monthly column on kids, food and body image.

    The Eating Instinct; Food Culture, Body Image and Guilt in America

    When Virginia was pregnant with her first daughter, she did what most first moms do, and became very focused on everything she could do for her daughter before her daughter was here. She began to try to eat perfectly. When her daughter was born, Violet was diagnosed with a rare congenital heath condition. Violet survived, but she stopped eating and began eating solely though an eating tube. Virginia had to find a way to have her baby girl connect with food again! All of that led her on a new path than led her to the way she eats today. Virginia doesn't live by societal food rules! Everyone eats differently, but we all must start with trusting ourselves and our bodies with hunger.

    When we are born, we know when we are hungry and full. We derive comfort from eating! As we get older, we become socialized with meal schedules, and our eating instill becomes mixed with social pressure and trust within our own bodies. We don't need to stop ourselves from feeling our instincts. Virginia says to trust ourselves on our eating habits. Don't stop yourself at one handful of pretzels, but rather listen to your body and what it is needing and what nutrients it is craving. You can protect your eating instinct! Trust your hunger. Trust your fullness, that your food will still be there later. Understand that there are no bad foods! Stop demonizing certain foods and equating cookies with "bad." Honor yourself and your body!

    Tom Blas

    Tom is an United States Army veteran, certified trainer and Krav Maga instructor. He was one of the first Krav Maga instructors in San Antonio, helping to establish what are now the largest Krav Maga World- wide training facilities in the U.S. In 2005, he moved to Dallas to oversee training and education for all DFW 24-Hour Fitness locations. Currently, Tom is one of the top trainers in the Metroplex with over 60 client sessions per week.

    Krav Maga

    Bernadette has never heard of Krav Maga! Krav Maga is an Israeli self defense mechanism! It can be taught to all ages, from ages four to seventy! Krav Maga is a military self-defense and fighting system developed for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Israeli security forces derived from a combination of techniques sourced from aikido, boxing, wrestling, judo, and karate. It can be a workout and a self defense mechanism combined, so it raises your heart rate and allows you to burn fat. Tom teaches Krav Maga, and can include knife tactics, gun tactics, and be a full body workout at the same time!

    Tom has an incredible story from being a Veteran. He was engulfed in flames for a whole 20 seconds because he was trying to save three of his fellow soldiers. Tom was left with PTSD after his horrible injury, but he found Krav Maga and it changed his life! Krav Maga is based on instinctive movements.

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    #1346, Jared Ramirez, Germ Theory, Mo Brossette

    #1346, Jared Ramirez, Germ Theory, Mo Brossette

    Happy Tuesday!

    Today is National No Bra Day! So take that bra off ladies and be free! Bernadette and her daughter went to Ikea yesterday and boy did they have a blast! 2 full shopping carts later, and here we are. We have a great show in store today with Jared Ramirez and Mo Brossette on at the half, so let's get started!

    Jared Ramirez

    Jared Ramirez is the CEO of Enviromedica, makers of Terraflora and a sponsor of One Life Radio. Enviromedica is a natural health and wellness company founded in 2007. Inspired by nature and ancestral health, they make premium foundational products to support whole body nutrition and help people achieve optimal health.

    How Terrain Theory Is Changing The Way We Look At Germs

    "The microbe is nothing the terrain is everything," Louis Pasteur. Germs are just the umbrella term for viruses, infections, bacteria, etc. Why one person gets sick and the other doesn't has to do with the terrain of the body! Germs can make us sick, but the question is why do some people never get sick and some get sick twice. The terrain of the body has to do with how healthy someone is, if you lead a healthy life,  your terrain is stronger against germs. It's as simple as that! Nature favors the most hospitable conditions! Life wants to thrive in optimal conditions. Get out and move! Your heart needs to get pumping! Jared says to get out there and just walk. One should abstain from processed foods to reach optimal body health.

    Bernadette asks about over-sanitization. Jared says that over-sanitization may be hurting us and our ability to fight off germs! Herd immunity is where enough of the population builds up a resistance to a contagion or disease. The virus will stop spreading as effectively. Listen to the full interview to learn more about heard immunity!

    Mo Brossette

    Mo Brossette has been in the health and fitness industry for over 24 years, and he is currently the Director of Mindset and Nutrition at The Adaptive Training Foundation. The Adaptive Training Foundation is a Dallas based non-profit that leads disabled military veterans and civilians through a 9-week mental and physical training program called “Redefine”. Through this unique program, Mo helps these adaptive athletes overcome physical, emotional and mental pain, fear, and self-doubt. He is a corporate speaker on Fear and Human Potential, where he teaches companies and individuals how to achieve professional and personal goals, overcome limiting beliefs, and use fear as your greatest tool for success. You can find Mo here.

    How Pushing Limits Makes Us Stronger

    The Adaptive Training Foundation empowers those with physical disabilities to transform their lives through exercise and community. If you want some inspiration go the @adaptivetrainingfoundation on instagram to see some motivational stories and more! It is so important to push ourselves mentally and physically because you will never reach your potential until you reach your threshold! Once you realize you can do it, you strive to the next thing, and the next, and you become unstoppable! Growth comes through discomfort. Instead of looking at something and thinking you don't want to do it, focus on what you want to get out of it. So if you want to be stronger, no matter the task, you must muster the strength to get through the hard stuff.

    Understand the difference between injury and pain. You can be in pain while working out, but if the pain stops you from moving, that's an injury and you need to take it down a few notches. Push yourself to the physical limits, you will survive! Visualize what you want and count your blessings.

    Thank You!

    A big thank you to our guests, Mo Brossette and Jared Ramirez! To purchase and peruse all of Enviromedica's products, click here!

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    #1345, Sam Morris, Autumn Warren Connolly

    #1345, Sam Morris, Autumn Warren Connolly

    Happy Monday!

    It's Monday everyone and we can feel it! Junior is doing good and had a great weekend! It has been a little over two weeks since Junior has been working with One Life Radio. Two Truths and A Lie! Fun! Bernadette and Junior work well together. We have a great show in store today with Sam Morris and Autumn Warren Connolly, So let's get started!

    Sam Morris

    Sam Morris is the founder of The Unbreakable Human Project, an interactive web-based personal development program for men wanting to “slay their mental dragons” of depression, anxiety and addiction. He is a certified Personal Development Coach, Recovery Consultant and Health Coach.

    Are You Letting Personal Struggles Define Who You Are?

    Sam says that if you are going through struggle, it can last for so long, that the struggle can become comforting. People who have been in the woes of addiction can often identify themselves as addicts instead of recovering addicts. Being defined as your struggle is a badge of honor, but when it becomes their identity is when it becomes harmful. People who have been trough struggle sometimes feel guilt, and that keeps them in the struggle stage. Self worth and value can often get convoluted with one's recovery, so that becomes a point of conflict and doesn't allow someone to fully heal.

    Sam says you need to shift your identity from alcoholic, too recovered human. Look at the stuff in your life that is data, the raw data. Align your identity with the raw data in your life! If you are doing great, identify with that instead of your past.

    Autumn Warren Connolly

    Autumn Connolly lives in the sky islands of Arizona with her three kiddos and animal babies. She is the creator of Anvil Traditional Healing, a company dedicated to restoring microbiome health through diet. Follow Autumn on Instagram @AnvilTraditionalHealing. Autumn is a self-taught vegan chef, a serial gardener and an avid believer and teacher of the powers of meditation.

    Prepping For A Winter Garden

    Starting a winter garden is really simple! Don't google it, because it is way easier than the internet gives off! The easiest way to start a winter garden is to have plants indoors! Dark leafy greens are really hearty outside if you can't have plants inside due to pesky pets. Even during light freezes and frosts, you can grow! Things like kale, Swiss chard, boy choy, and herbs can grow all year round and withstand the weather! The simplest garden house you can make is called a hoop house! Autumn says that gardening is a great way to get your kids involved in the cultivation of their food.

    Autumn is the founder and creator of Anvil Traditional Healing, a company where she strives to create healthy, plant based, products that help our bodies form the inside out! You can nurture with nature! Autumn even has a live horse probiotic now, how cool!

    Thank You!

    A big thank you to our guests, Sam Morris and Autumn Warren Connolly! To purchase Autumn's kefir starter kit, click here! Want to slay your mental dragons? Check out Sam Morris' website to read more about becoming "Unbreakable."

    Thank you to all of our One Life Radio listeners. We truly appreciate each and every one of you, so If you’d like to hear more from One Life Radio, please subscribe to our podcast.

    If you have any hot ideas or burning questions, email us at info@oneliferadio.com. Bernadette loves hearing from listeners.

    And, last but never least, thank you to our sponsors.

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    #1344, Furry Friday, Operation Kindness, Cyndi O’Meara

    #1344, Furry Friday, Operation Kindness, Cyndi O’Meara

    Happy Furry Friday!

    It is furry Friday! We are excited to announce our furry Friday pet sponsors, Castor & Pollux! As the leader and maker of America’s #1 organic pet food, Castor & Pollux has set a new standard with the most comprehensive portfolio of purposeful pet food. Bernadette is tired from hula-hooping, yes, hula-hooping. Junior says the buccaneers game was good, but he was a little disappointed in Tom Brady. We are excited to announce Natalie Buxton of Operation Kindness with Cyndi O'Meara on at the half!

    Natalie Buxton

    Natalie is a passionate animal welfare advocate with expertise in marketing and development. As Director of Marketing and Communications for Operation Kindness, she develops strategy and storytelling to grow the organization's presence in North Texas and save more lives. Natalie has worked in animal welfare for 7 years, both with Operation Kindness and Best Friends Animal Society. She holds a bachelor's degree in marketing from Texas Woman's University. Natalie lives in Richardson, TX with her husband, Ry, her 11year-old black cat, Oliver, and her 7 year old cocker-spaniel mix, Pippa.

    Operation Kindness

    Operation kindness has been around since 1976! Wow! A lot of people don’t realize that they have been in the community that long. Operation kindness is a no kill shelter! They also provide low income families with food for their furry family members. Families can turn to operation kindness for more than just an addition to their family. They can also help with blankets, cat litter, and animal accessories like collars! Please consider signing up for a reoccurring monthly donation of even a small amount like 5 dollars. Operation kindness is almost done with their new building addition in Carrollton! They have added a large dog wing, medical wing, and more! How awesome! 

    Listen to the full show to hear more animal success stories and how operation kindness came together to become the amazing resource it is today!

    Cyndi O'Meara

    Cyndi is an internationally acclaimed nutritionist, author, and documentary maker. She is the founder of Changing Habits which is an educational health and nutrition business. Cyndi has authored and self-published ‘Changing Habits Changing Lives’ prior to creating the documentary What’s With Wheat? in 2016. What’s With Wheat? investigates how the modern agricultural practices of wheat growing has produced a product that is making people more susceptible to disease.

    Changing Habits Recipes

    Cyndi is the creator of the film and book What's With Wheat? and noticing that people are taking well to her information on wheat. People are starting to question more what is in their food like round-up and other pesticides. Cyndi O'Meara is from a family that has not done well with health. Cyndi's mother was born at a time where lead and DDT was prevalent in their society. She has then changed all the chemicals in her life and is living a life free of illness! Cydni says you can change your life by seeking with your wallet. If you change your mind, you can change the world! Bern said you can speak with your feet and send a powerful message!

    Bernadette asks Cyndi if she abides by the clean 15 and the dirty dozen list, Cyndi says it's not that easy. It is more about knowing where your food comes from, and looking at the source and even changing the source to your own back yard if you can! Listen to the full interview to hear what Cydni has to say on her cook book, and what some her favorite recipes are, so be sure to listen to the full podcast!

    Thank You!

    A big thank you to our guests, Natalie Buxton of Operation Kindness and Cyndi O'Meara! Check out Cydni's website here!

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