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That's One Nacho podcast. Discussing cocktails, technology, and awkward situations humans find themselves in.

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That's One Nacho podcast. Discussing cocktails, technology, and awkward situations humans find themselves in.

    The Harbor Freight of Your Living Room

    The Harbor Freight of Your Living Room

    Asking why your manhole cover is round
    Sound Advice and other hometown things
    Tony is on a Standing Desk Kick
    Ikea, the Harbor Freight of your living room
    Cigarettes with Coronas
    Bidet installations in an Airstreams
    Provocative mask wearing
    Buying a Bi-Plane
    Sending messages to Astronauts
    Lotion Goddess for date night with 'lil fkers'
    Over-hand slow pitching
    Paradise fun-plex with Dennis
    Virtual MLB baseball
    Captain Dirigible goes to the Lightning Games
    Cheating at Virtual Racing

    Cawawba - Evening Joe Coffee Blonde
    Oskar Blues - Gnight
    High West - Yippee Ki Yay
    No Name - Breckenridge Wiskey

    • 43 min
    Jeff Goes Noodling

    Jeff Goes Noodling

    Whole 30 diet, but at 50%
    The New Bronco
    Get your Teslas
    Jared is a master welder now
    Supper vs Dinner
    Remembering Piccadilly
    Selling more stuff on Facebook
    Direct TV grandfathered pricing
    Nautica Nautilus speakers
    Jeff goes noodling on the river
    Tony's new Variable speed bidet
    Bidet Beer Stands
    Mixing the brands of your bathroom fixtures
    Should you wear a tool belt?

    Fancy papers - Cigar City brewing
    Orange Whiskey Sour
    New Belgium - 1985 IPA

    • 46 min
    Winking at your Bonsai Sprig

    Winking at your Bonsai Sprig

    Malls of our times
    Church of One Nacho
    Tony goes on Holiday with Neil
    Baseball hall of fame
    Winking at your Bonsai Sprig
    Drones at night
    Water rafting with Josh
    knocking on the door while doing #2
    Pharmaceutical grade salt lamps

    Old Fashioned
    High West - Yippee Ki Yay
    Barrell Dovetail whiskey

    • 48 min
    Metatacious D

    Metatacious D

    The Guys fight over bourbon with boxing
    Double bicep - shrunken head pose
    The tank top is the vest of t-shirts
    Spotify deals for bidet advertising
    Lance Bass goes nowhere to space
    Windbreaker, The Villain
    Wear your watch face on the inside
    Dog crunches = barking
    We're just older versions of our college self
    The new iPad stand
    Triston has a salt lamp keyboard
    3d salt lamp printers
    Name of the second song is "triston plays keys on it"
    Strong winds to george town
    Metatacious D

    Evening Joe - Coffee Blonde
    Sierra Nevada - Electropical
    10th Mountain Bourbon

    • 41 min
    Porch Pounders by ILL-Gotten Gaines

    Porch Pounders by ILL-Gotten Gaines

    Porch Pounders
    Tony's an accredited cub scout
    bidding wars online with your ex
    Chris Gaines cover band - Ill-gotten gains
    Puddle of Mudd soul patches
    One Nacho goes to Monster Jam
    Fat Weird Cookies
    GIF vs. Jif
    Espresso Machine purchases
    Tony goes thongin' on the Beach

    Voodoo Ranger - 1985 IPA
    Thumbs Up
    Khalua White Russian
    Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour

    • 44 min
    Squirrel Bonsai Farm

    Squirrel Bonsai Farm

    Collections of memories on eBay
    Taxidermy rattle snakes
    Squirrel gym
    Magnets on aluminum
    Guy Fieri, ICP, and Smash Mouth - same guy
    Cold snaps in Florida
    Meth hobbies
    Launder money through art
    Jokes are better when you explain
    Water pants
    Zorbaz pants
    Lycos search engine
    C-list celebrity super powers
    How to solve a fever
    Yucca root dishes
    Bonsai farm

    Terrapin dancing gummy beer
    lagunitas little sumpin sumpin
    El Diablo

    • 32 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

I<3toFEST ,

Not young not professional

I found this by accident looking for help as a young professional. My career is now in the toilet but it’s all worth it to get to listen to this show.

EthanHendo ,

Wonderful cast

The host should consider playing a bit more battlefront

alid12345678910 ,

Nobody has time to review anything

But this is a great podcast.

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