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4.4 out of 5
164 Ratings

164 Ratings

rompurecord ,

Off the beaten track

If you enjoy hearing about things you've never heard about before (and really - is there any better reason to listen to podcasts?) then you've come to the right place. Worth the time.

Blake203 ,

Great show

Justin is a thoughtful guy who does his best to go deep and understand the best form of any argument

Callicles' stepdad ,


Great great great

Gabriella1700 ,


Compelling alternative conversation

divergio ,

good interviewer

Justin can be a bit of an iconoclast on twitter, but that’s just the way the medium works. In his podcast I’ve seen him be a very sensitive and inquisitive interviewer. It’s one of my top listens, lately.

dream_user_69 ,

The Best

I’ve been really over podcasts lately. It seems that most in the theory/philosophy genre are too long and watered down. Why listen to somebody’s thirty-something vocal fry recite some partially indigested interpretation on like Debord when you could go and read it yourself? With Justin, this is not the case. His solo lectures are always engaging. In these shorter episodes he always has an idea or interpretation of the culture that is insightful and original.

rk123 ,

Makes you think differently

Always interesting guests. Feels like you are in the room

digitalproof ,

Out of the box.

“Already sold just based off the intro”. If your looking for a fresh perspective on technology, philosophy, aesthetic, or just life in general, this is THE podcast.

HimAlpaca ,


I’m a simple man, I see Riva, I listen. Good interview. Not afraid to break his own rules. You should try to get @AkiraTheDon on the podcast.

Chadhadmaddads ,

Justin is a chad whisperer

That’s it, that’s the review. Justin is a chad whisperer