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A Sydney podcast for the LGBTI and Queer community across NSW. Each episode will be about being Out, getting out, and belonging. The show will hear from people campaigning for equality, feature news and interviews from a Queer bent, and foster a sense of wellbeing. Enjoy.

Out In Sydney John Kerrison: Gay, Lesbian and Queer news

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A Sydney podcast for the LGBTI and Queer community across NSW. Each episode will be about being Out, getting out, and belonging. The show will hear from people campaigning for equality, feature news and interviews from a Queer bent, and foster a sense of wellbeing. Enjoy.

    S2E3 Is every body ready for Mardi Gras 2022?

    S2E3 Is every body ready for Mardi Gras 2022?

    The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is back at the Sydney Cricket Ground in 2022 but that's not the only big news. In this episode we talk to CEO Albert Kruger about the return of Fair Day for vaccinated patrons. 
    NSW Health has provisioned exemptions which will mean full capacity across most events but there'll be Covid plans and vaccine checks. 
    I ask Albert about rumours the LGBTQ+ parade is moving to the SCG for good.
    I also do my best to get clues about the big stars set to perform at the parade and party.
    Find out more about this year's festival here https://www.mardigras.org.au
    Lots of people will spend the coming months getting fit for March and, in the main, that's good for us. What happens when working out isn't working out for your mental health?
    Dr Scott Griffiths is currently a researcher with the University of Melbourne. He's is a leading expert in body image and eating disorders. Scott helps Out in Sydney understand some of the complexities of muscle dysmorphia particularly for queer men.
    When does an obsession with exercise, muscle, body image, and size get out of control? Scott Griffiths gives us some clues on how to spot the problem.
    If you or someone you know in Australia would like information or help about muscle dysmorphia or related conditions contact the Butterfly Foundation at 
    This episode is the eve of our interview with Torrey Peters, the author of DeTransition Baby. Have you been enjoying the novel? You have two weeks to catch up before we hear from the author herself about these funny and complex characters. The novel has been nominated for Goodreads Choice Book Awards in the 2021 debut category and best fiction. The winners are announced on 9 December.
    I look forward to seeing you Out in Sydney.
    Show notes and more at https://outinsydney.show

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    S2E2 A fight for justice and meet Sydney's queer wrestlers

    S2E2 A fight for justice and meet Sydney's queer wrestlers

    In this episode, come along to training with the queer wrestling club first known as Harbour City Wresters. In the early 2000s, the club became the Sydney Silverbacks to minimise confusion with the Harbour City Bears. There's much more to this story including wrestling's growing appeal to women. Hear from Ariadne Burkhart who's a Commonwealth Games qualified wrestler.
    Here's the link to Ari's women's wrestling on ramp program running to February 2022.
    The Silverbacks are among many LGBT+ groups set to March in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, and perhaps they'll be nominated for a choreography award again. Who says wrestlers can't dance? https://www.sydneysilverbacks.com/
    Also in the show, LGBT+ advocates are responding to the NSW Government's commitment to a judicial inquiry into gay and transgender hate crimes over more than thirty years in Sydney. This is a major development for the podcast Bondi Badlands which has now dropped all five episodes.
    Greg Callaghan is the author of the book and the podcast of the same name. He tells Out in Sydney about the ongoing fight for justice for the many men likely murdered in the Eastern Suburbs by roaming gangs.
    Bondi Badlands is sponsored by ACON and is available in all good podcast players.
    Have you managed to get your hands on the novel Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters? Out in Sydney has a book club over summer so climb into this interesting novel about a trans woman's longing for motherhood; unconventional families; and the ex partner who you just can't imagine out of your life.
    I'll share an interview with the author, Torrey Peters, in an upcoming episode.
    See you soon Out in Sydney.

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    S2E1 Welcome to a new summer series

    S2E1 Welcome to a new summer series

    It's fabulous to be be back for a summer series of Out in Sydney. I'll be bringing you a bunch of new episodes at least until Mardi Gras 2022.
    In this kick off episode I speak to Kate Wickett, the CEO of Sydney World Pride 2023. Some people have said that World Pride will be Mardi Gras rebranded but that's not actually right. The two organisations will be working very closely together. Kate helps us understand the size and significance of the festival and how you can be involved.
    Discover Sydney World Pride here https://sydneyworldpride.com
    Also, I profile Suzy Wrong who's an actor, blogger and theatre critic. Suzy is an inspiration for Sydney creatives. Suzy campaigns for more Queer representation across stage and screen. Suzy tells us about her leading role in the SBS show Hungry Ghosts, and appeals for a new generation of writers. 
    Visit Suzy's website at https://suzygoessee.com
    Out in Sydney is about lots of things but it's mainly a celebration of the LGBT+ community in Sydney. If you're planning to take part in Mardi Gras, I'd love to profile groups getting ready to march. 
    Also, get your hands on a copy of Detransition Baby by Torrey Peters. Let's climb into a book that's both good fun but invites us to see the world a little differently. Support the Queer bookshop on Oxford Street, The Darlinghurst Bookshop at https://www.thebookshop.com.au
    We'll circle back to the book and its themes in future episodes. 
    Links and shownotes at https://outinsydney.show 

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    05: How to be a wingman for your gay mates

    05: How to be a wingman for your gay mates

    This show looks at both ends of the spectrum. From the critical discussion around mental health for LGBTQ communities, to a little bit of Kylie Minogue.
    The Beyond Blue organisation has launched a series of online conversation starters called Wingmen resources. It's a series of tips about how to talk to a friend experiencing depression or anxiety. 
    Meet Craig Mack who shares a deeply personal account of experience with depression, anxiety and self-harm. He's currently well, and campaigning to help others.
    You can find the Beyond Blue Resources here:
    In the news this week, keep an eye out for new jobs being advertised by Pride in Diversity. Have you got what it takes become a relationships manager, making big business more welcoming for LGBTQ employees? Check out the role here:
    I mentioned a great ready by Amy Coopes about the recent LBQ Women's conference in Sydney. The gathering hightlighted strengths in women's research but also debated voids in services and funding. Amy's piece is a great summary. Read it at Croakey here:
    And then join me and Tina TurnOn as we rave and flap about why we love Kylie Minogue. Locomotion turns 30 next week. We should be so lucky. Show Tina some love on Facebook here

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    04: Marriage equality momentum and the balls fall at Bingay

    04: Marriage equality momentum and the balls fall at Bingay

    Marriage equality never left the agenda for LGBTQ people, but it's back in the news in Australia.
    Are there signs of a significant policy change that could see the coalition introduce a conscience vote as early August this year? I chat with the Australians for Marriage Equality CoChair, Alex Greenwich to get a better handle of what could happen next in Canberra. 
    This is a great link in The Guardian that explains the politics around the marriage equality standoff. 
    The AFL Pride Match between the Sydney Swans and St Kilda is fast approaching. The AFL says the game is about celebrating the diversity of its fans. The Rainbow Swans have full event details.
    The Gay Games in Paris currently have a deal for registrations. I chat to Team Sydney about what you need to do to get to Europe next year! Start training. 
    There's kooky and serious this week.
    Bingay is a Sydney institution that's raised about $1Million for ACON over the last 18 years. Why do so many people love it so much? Come along and find out. Upcoming Bingay nights are usually listed at ACON events.
    Remember, Out in Sydney is available in all good pod directories or listen easily on your mobile at www.OutInSydney.Show

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    03: The art of gender and wearing coloured hankys

    03: The art of gender and wearing coloured hankys

    I promise an episode of diverse content this week. 
    Be sure to get along to Resonance at the ESD Gallery on Burton Street. Curator Lisa Tolcher is exhibiting several works that look at gender theory and how we communicate who we are through colour. 
    Has Facebook gone crazy for you? Yes, everyone's RSVPing to next year's Mardi Gras parade. We talk to Matt Akersten about why there's so much buzz so early. Make sure you find the right page.
    Bentstix hockey club is going strong again this year. How you can get involved, dress up, and raise money for our favourite hockey players.
    And do you know the hanky code? Find about this underground code and find out how to wear your colours. But be warned, I wore a hanky up and down Oxford street only to be asked if I had a bad cold. Thanks to the team at Sax Fetish for explaining all. 
    See you next week. 

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