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On the Outside Health and Fitness Podcast we explore new and fun ways to get fit on the trail, on the water, on the slopes and outside. Discover the latest in health and fitness from leading experts and get tips on fun ways to get fit. We're getting outside the box, outside our comfort zone and outside and in shape.

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On the Outside Health and Fitness Podcast we explore new and fun ways to get fit on the trail, on the water, on the slopes and outside. Discover the latest in health and fitness from leading experts and get tips on fun ways to get fit. We're getting outside the box, outside our comfort zone and outside and in shape.

    Can Time Outside Shrink Your Waistline?

    Can Time Outside Shrink Your Waistline?

    The Final Episode
    In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness podcast we talk about how getting outside can benefit your weight-loss goals.

    On Today’s show you’ll discover…

    …how different elements in nature support a healthy weight;
    …fun activities that can be done outside;
    …and I say goodbye and talk about my decision to take Outside Health and Fitness off the air.

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    Weight Loss in America
    In a recent Gallup poll, 49 percent of Americans said they would like to lose weight which is the first time in at least 25 years that less than half of Americans said they wanted to lose weight. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, unfortunately there’s a bit more to the story you see obesity rates in America are still on the rise which may explain why fewer people would like to lose weight.

    “If you look like your friends, then you think you’re at a normal weight,” You may be normal by american standards but not by medical standards.”

    On top of that more people are spending time indoors and not getting the full health benefits available outside. While 80 percent of a healthy weight happens in the kitchen there are distinct advantages to spending more time outdoors….advantages that could help you lose weight.

    So how could something as simple as spending more time outdoors help you be healthy and lose weight?  I want to share four different factors that come into play when you spend time outside…factors that have a direct connection to weight loss.

    Outdoor Elements and Weight Loss
    #1 Spend Time in Nature
    The first is that spending time in nature can help you reduce stress and anxiety and we know there’s a connection between stress and weight gain. In fact, there is a term for this- Ecotherapy – it refers to the various physical and psychological benefits of being outside.  

    A 2009 study  found that the closer someone lived to a green space or nature area, the healthier that person was likely to be. Another study found that those who spent time hiking or resting in a forest had measurably lower cortisol rates, heart rates and blood pressure.

    Along with the physical benefits of reducing stress you’ll also feel more in control of your life, and may find it easier to stick to healthy eating and exercise habits.

    #2 Fresh Air
    Another way that being outdoors can help you achieve your weight loss goals has to do with the air you breathe. When you spend time breathing fresh air outside your metabolism responds positively…why? Because you’re getting more oxygen and when you add an activity like walking, hiking or biking you need that oxygen to provide energy and burn calories.

    Yeah, but I could just walk inside right? Well, the difference between exercising indoors and outdoors is that indoors there is less oxygen in the air. Your body uses oxygen to burn calories which in turn provides the energy you need for exercise. You burn more calories and have more energy when you move your exercise outside.

    #3 Earthing
    Earthing, which is also known as grounding (or vitamin G),  is about reconnecting with the earth and getting back to the skin to skin contact our ancestors had on a regular basis. In episode 138 I talked about earthing, what it is and how you benefit. Now you might be saying to yourself…yeah but I walk on the ground all the time. True but In our modern world we’ve become very disconnected. Think about it, when was the last time you literally walked outside in your bare feet?

    All good stuff but what about weight-loss? Could something as simple as spending time outdoors walking barefoot really help you lose weight? Dr. Laura Koniver says yes.She conducted a 10 week study where participants were asked to touch the earth for a minimum of 15 minutes a day on a daily basis. They were to change nothing else a

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    Take a Hike

    Take a Hike

    Prepare for Hiking
    In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness podcast...

    On Today’s show you’ll discover we're talking about exercises that can get you ready for a great hiking season. Also, we're touching on 10 of the top hiking trails in the U.S.

    …some ideas for getting in shape for hiking season;
    ...and 10 hikes to add to your bucket list!

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    Fitness Training for Hikers
    Even if you’re in good shape there are unique demands hiking places on your muscles, joints and cardiovascular system. For example, when you’re hiking downhill, your legs have to work harder to help keep you balanced. Fitness training helps improve your muscle strength, bone density and joint health. It can also help reduce the risk of injury when hiking.

    Stuart Young from Take Fitness shared some great ideas for pre-hike training in an article on Outside Health and Fitness and I wanted to share some of his ideas.

    Include Hiking Related Activities
    Your training should include activities that closely resemble hiking. For instance, you want to find a way to replicate walking uphill with a weighted pack, ideally by including steep outdoor trails in your training program.But what do you do if you live in a place that is relatively flat?  He suggests training on an incline treadmill or even using stairs at home to go up and down.

    Make sure your training includes a pack and hill work. Multi hour hikes and sessions at the gym will help you train:

    ...your hips to support your weight over variable terrain;
    ...your quads for descents;
    ...your upper back, shoulders and traps to hoist your gear and carry your pack.

    You also want to train your lower back, abdominals and obliques...all important for transferring power to your legs to move you forward. You'll need strength to navigate boulders, rock scrambles, cross streams and traverse tricky slopes.

    Best Fitness Training for Hikers
    Progressive Hiking
    Nothing prepares you to hike better than hiking. (it’s the same reason runners run to prepare for a race). Just like a runner builds up their distance, speed and intensity you should start your training with short, less-strenuous hikes with a light backpack or daypack, and slowly increase the elevation and length of your hikes.

    As you do, gradually increase the size of your pack. Overtime you’ll get stronger and want to take on bigger challenges and longer hikes with the load you’ll carry during your targeted trip.

    Light Cardio
    Lighter cardiovascular exercise is useful for improving your aerobic conditioning.  Aim for a 5-mile hike, including walking for 30-45 minutes across varying incline, 3 days a week. It’s worth including a longer walk on a hilly terrain on a 4th day and increasing the long walk every week until at least two-thirds of your target hike distance is covered.

    In the gym, you can use elliptical trainers, climbing machines and stair-steppers to isolate the lower-body and improve your cardiovascular endurance.

    Strength Training
    Finally, Strength training will help increase your flexibility, balance and strengthen your back and legs as part of your overall conditioning. The shoulders and back should also be strong enough to carry a pack.

    Some useful strength training exercises include:

    Bodyweight Squats
    Single-leg Squats
    Barbell Shrugs
    Back Extensions

    To improve flexibility stretching warm muscles will help and Yoga is excellent for improving both your flexibility and balance.

    10 of the Best Hiking Trails in the U.S.
    The U.S. is full of excellent hiking trails so as you plan your next hiking trip keep these 10 locations in mind:

    The Appalachian Trail

    Yosemite National Park

    Green Mountain National Forest

    Hudson Highlands State Park

    Rocky Mountain National Park

    Mount Whitney

    The Pacific Crest Trail

    The Grand

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    Tobu Discs

    Tobu Discs

    In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness podcast I’m talking with Chris from Tobu Discs about an amazing new and amazing Disc Golf Disc.

    On Today’s show you’ll discover…

    …a revolutionary new disc golf disc with on-board electronics;
    …why the PDGA has approved the Tobu disc for tournament play;
    …and how you can get one of these incredible discs for yourself!

    call the show: 207-370-9797

    email: sws0926@gmail.com

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    Tobu Disc Golf Discs
    About Chris Martin
    My guest today is Chris Martin. Chris has created the world’s first disc golf discs with onboard electronics. Chris’ invention allows players to track their discs with a mobile device if they get lost on the course.These discs are so revolutionary and of such high quality he was successful in petitioning the PDGA to change international rules so that Tobu discs would be accepted into tournament play.

    About Tobu Discs
    3:17 Can you describe the Tobu Disc for us?
    Everyone has lost a disc playing disc golf. It can slow down the game and they can be expensive to replace.Tobu figured out how to create a track-able disc golf disc that is high quality.

    Tobu discs:

    Are made of a high medical grade plastic
    They have a small well in the center of disc on the bottom
    The well holds various electronics
    There’s also a plastic cover the screws down over the well to hold everything in place.

    The disc is modular, and the disc was designed from the ground up to ensure that the added weight did not impact flight performance.

    5:15 Specifically Designed for On- Board Electronics
    It took a lot of trial and error to get it right. In fact, the Tobu team went through about 100 prototypes to get to the discs they have now.

    It’s a study of:

    the weight ratio between the flight plate and the rim
    how thick the rim needs to be
    where the moment of inertia is
    parting line height

    There were a lot variables to consider to get the disc just right.

    6:23 PDGA Approved
    Chris had to petition the PDGA for about 6 months to consider modifying the rules to allow the Tobu Disc to be used in tournament play. For the PDGA it came down to reducing the time players spend looking for lost discs during tournaments. The disc meets the new updated standards of the PDGA.

    8:06 The Disc is Modular
    Tobu Discs have different modules:

    The Tracker Module that comes with the disc connects through bluetooth to the Tobu app on your phone. It also flashes and beeps to help you locate your disc.
    The Starlight Module has super bright LEDs on it. With the Starlight Module in the disc it glows from the top, out the sides and from the bottom. It’s perfect for night time rounds.
    Another module that’s in development is a weight module which you can add to vary the flight path of the disc.
    Another module the team is just about to release is a module that will record flight data. It will track speed and rotation and maybe even more.

    9:52 The Tobu Disc Line-Up
    Right now Tobu has 2 Fairway Driver discs in their line up.

    The Charge is a slightly overstable fairway driver.
    The King Roller is a very understable fairway driver designed for roller shots.

    The next disc the team is working on is a speed 11 or 12 distance driver.

    In the future Tobu has plans to develop a mid-range and a putter with the real benefit of these being the option to play at night.

    11:22 Tobu Price Point
    $35.95 it may be one of the most expensive discs on the market but when you consider the high quality plastic and the track ability it’s very reasonable. In fact, (when you consider the cost of a traditional disc, if the tracker helps you find a disc you would have otherwise lost it’s paid for itself.

    12:48 Shop Tobu Discs on-line
    Website: TobuDiscs.com or Trackabledisc.com 

    The Tobu Seeker is a portable technology that allows you to add the locator module to your favorite discs.

    Follow Tobu Discs On-Line
    Tobu Discs on Face

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    Par 3 Near Me

    Par 3 Near Me

    In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness podcast I talk with Josh Waldron from Par 3 Near Me about how golf is different on a par 3 course.

    On Today’s show you’ll discover…

    …what a par 3 course is;
    …the health benefits you get from the game of golf;
    …how to find a par 3 course near you.

    call the show: 207-370-9797

    email: sws0926@gmail.com

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    About Josh Waldron
    Josh Waldron is a web designer and golf course manager. He is passionate about staying fit and believes that smaller golf courses provide great opportunities for fresh air and exercise. To that end, Josh is building Par3NearMe.com, a website designed to connect golfers of all ages and skill levels with nearby short courses.

    Par 3 Golf
    0:13 What’s Par 3 Near Me about? 

    There’s a growing demand for smaller golf courses. People are looking for courses that are beginner friendly, don’t require as much of a time commitment or aren’t as expensive as traditional courses.

    Par 3 Near Me is designed to connect people with those types of courses.It has a  Geo-Location feature so when you logon it can tell where you are and then recommend courses in your area. It’s great for someone who travels and wants to find courses in the area.

    0:51 What is a Par 3 golf course? 

    Usually a par 3 course has shorter distances but the same challenges as a regulation sized golf  course. Some are 18 holes and some are 9 but many offer multiple tee boxes so you can play 18 holes in the space of 9 holes.

    1:32 How long have you playing at Par 3 golf courses? 

    It was in college that Josh started playing golf and discovered how much fun it was.When he was 13 his mom took him to his first par 3 course.

    2:01 Golf seems like a pretty expensive sport, is playing a Par 3 a little easier on the wallet? 

    Yes, most par 3 courses are at least half the cost of a traditional course.

    2:32 What are some of the health benefits you get from playing golf? 

    Like a lot of the activities we talk about on the show, golf is a great way to get outdoors, enjoy fresh air and the benefits of being in the sun. There are some additional benefits too:

    It’s a great way to get some cardiovascular exercise when you walk a course
    it’s a great way to burn extra calories (walking just 9 holes can burn between 700 and 800 calories!)
    because the game is so much fun it’s a distraction that allows you to get some exercise and have fun at the same time!

    4:25 Can you play golf in the winter? 

    The golf season is longer the further south you go where snow doesn’t really impact your ability to get out and play. That said, there are those hearty souls that head out in the winter to play a few rounds!

    5:12 What makes a par 3 golf course so good for beginners? 

    There are few reasons why a Par 3 is such a good option for beginners:

    Shorter distances to the holes;
    The overall atmosphere is perfect for beginners. Generally you’ll find a friendly staff who caters to the needs of a beginner;

    6:04 If you’re a beginner can you go to a par 3 course and rent equipment? 

    Yes, most places will have rental equipment to help get you started. They want beginners to be there.

    6:30 What’s the relationship par 3(s) have the regulation sized courses? 

    It’s generally a very good relationship. The big courses are generally helpful and even refer beginners to local par 3 courses. Par 3 golf courses are perfect for grooming new golfers into future clients for the bigger courses. Some larger courses even have a par 3 course on site in addition to their regulation sized course.

    7:18 What gave you the idea for Par 3 Near Me? 

    A lot of customers would come in asking about par 3 courses and how to find them. Based on his experiences and those of his customers, Josh realized there is a demand for this type o

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    What to Eat for a Fantastic Run

    What to Eat for a Fantastic Run

    Proper Nutrition for Running
    In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness podcast I’m talking with Tara Whiton from Fleet Feet Maine Running about the best approach for nutrition and running.

    On Today’s show you’ll discover…

    …what you should eat before a run;
    …good alternatives for energy to carry with you;
    …and the best foods to eat for recovery after your run.

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    About Tara Whiton
    Tara is a certified exercise physiologist, a running coach and an outreach coordinator for Fleet Feet Maine Running. She’s an avid runner and helps others at any level from beginner to those running mountain and ultra races using a science-based approach.

    I was lucky enough to get a chance to talk with her at Fleet Feet Maine Running in Brunswick about proper nutrition for running.

    Listen to my previous interview with Tara when we talked about how to stay motivated to run during the colder, winter months.

    Nutrition for Running
    3:20 Common Questions about Running and Nutrition 

    The most common questions about running and nutrition center around:

    When to eat?
    What to eat? and
    How much to eat?

    4:24 Advice on what to bring with you on a run

    There are recipes on-line for people who like to make their own all natural foods for running. Crystallized Ginger is a nice option

    Commercially available products are options too.

    and a variety of Electrolyte drinks

    5:42 Hydration and Electrolyte replacement is an important factor in running.  

    It can be dangerous to do a long event like a marathon or iron man if you’re not replacing electrolytes. If you feel nauseous after a run a common remedy is to drink electrolytes. The feeling can happen as a result of dehydration. Even though you’re drinking plenty of water electrolytes are needed to ensure your cells are properly hydrated.

    6:56 Common Mistakes Runners Make With Nutrition

    One common mistake is rewarding yourself after a long run with a big meal or food that’s less than nutritious. Sometimes runners over estimate the calories they’ve burned during a run. It’s important that your reward is aligned with your long term goals.

    Another mistake is eating too much before or during your run. You don’t need to eat a gel every mile. In fact, overeating like that can make you feel pretty sick. A lot of it comes down to trial and error and figuring out what works best for you.

    8:00 What are good food choices for after a run? 

    You should try to get carbohydrates in your system within 30 minutes after a run so you can restore glycogen used during your run. Drinking fluids with electrolytes and carbohydrates is also a good choice after a hard effort.

    Within the next hour it’s good to have a meal consisting of carbohydrates, fats and proteins to help repair your body at the cellular level.

    9:00 How much should you eat before a run? 

    Typically, if you’re running for an hour or less you don’t need to eat too much. If you’re planning on running for more than an hour you should eat something, preferably something with carbohydrates like peanut butter or a banana.

    If you’re running for more than 60 – 80 minutes you should start fueling before that point. Every 40 -45 minutes you should have something like a gel or a couple of shot blocks. Again, it depends on your body size and level of fitness.

    It’s important to try and pay attention to your body signals although when you’re running that can be difficult. If you are eating gels it’s important to wash them down with fluids to help them properly absorb in your intestines.

    11:16 What are some of the different nutritional supplements you sell at Fleet Feet Maine Running? 

    The most common are Goo, Hammer and Nuun Hydration. Honey Stinger is an all natural honey based product. Huma gels are another all natur

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    How to See the Results You Want

    How to See the Results You Want

    The Results You Want
    In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness podcast I talk with Gerald Smith about the connection between hormones and weight loss. If you’ve ever been frustrated that even though you’re doing all the right things you’re just not seeing the weight-loss results you want…you need to check out what my guest Gerald Smith shares on today’s show…

    On Today’s show you’ll discover…

    …the role hormones play in healthy sustained weight-loss;
    ..what you can do (beyond counting calories) to achieve your goals;
    .. and an amazing clean eating program that can help you realize your health goals.

    call the show: 207-370-9797

    email: sws0926@gmail.com

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    Gerald Smith
    My guest today is Gerald Smith you might remember him from episode 156. Gerald is a personal trainer from London England. He’s a former amateur boxer, writer and speaker who specializes in high intensity interval training.

    3:10 Let’s talk about hormones and weight loss…

    When it comes to weight loss many people approach it with the idea that if you eat fewer calories than you burn you’ll lose weight. This is true in theory however there are other factors to consider that play a role. One such area to consider are how hormones effect your body and how it responds.

    4:20 Sometimes there’s a vicious cycle that occurs isn’t there. Stress can cause you to gain weight which causes you to become more stressed and the cycle continues.

    Stress is a key factor and influences certain hormones in the body that impact how effectively you can lose weight. For instance when you’re stressed you release a hormone called cortisol. [Cortisol](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cortisol) is one of the hormones you would release as part of the fight or flight response.

    In days gone by your body would release Coritsol during periods of stress but they were short lived. You would eventually calm down and everything would return to proper balance. The problem today is that we’re constantly under stress with very few chances to calm back down and the result is a slow down in your metabolism and weight gain.

    6:30 What sorts of advice do you give clients who are looking to lose weight but find themselves in a continuous level of stress.

    There are a few things you can do to help reduce stress and relax. Deep breathing is a good way to help the body relax and “de-stress”. Meditation is also a good practice to help reduce levels of stress in the body. The more relaxed you can become the better your results will be as you reduce the production of Cortisol in the body.

    Nutrition is another key factor to consider in achieving your weight loss goals. It’s important to reduce the processed foods you’re consuming as part of your diet. Reducing sugar is another key to help level out this undulation between sugar and stress in the body.

    Another hormone that comes into play when sugar is consumed is insulin. Insulin works to reduce the sugar levels in your blood. It goes past where the normal blood sugar level should be causing you to release Cortisol and that tells your body your hungry. You crave sweets so you consume more sugar and your blood sugar levels spike back up and you have this roller coaster effect happening in the body.

    9:04 What about nature and being outdoors how can that help with weight loss?

    Yes, being outdoors can really help. One of the key things is called Vitamin D which is also a hormone and something we get from the sun. Vitamin D is essential for many things in the body including reducing inflammation in the body. It’s a key nutrient for your skin, your bones and many other areas of the body.

    10:54 Weight loss is a very complicated matter, isn’t it?

    It is. You have calories in and calories out, hormones and even your gut health plays a

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24 Ratings

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This is a great outdoor resource for those passionate about the outdoors and those who merely dabble.

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New to the show and excited about what I’m hearing especially on EP 005 on (taking my bran for a walk!) Thx for sharing the excellent message Steve!! - Josh

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