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Overdrive magazine presents trucking interviews, music, speakers and other information and entertainment.

    On-highway with the 'Bandit': Owner-operator John McCormick's 2021 Kenworth W900L

    On-highway with the 'Bandit': Owner-operator John McCormick's 2021 Kenworth W900L

    In this edition of Overdrive Radio, drop into a dry-bulk run in the Working Bobtail, 2015 & Newer category-winning rig in Overdrive's 2022 Pride & Polish competition, owner-operator John McCormick's 'Bandit' 2021 Kenworth W900L. It's the Oakley-leased owner-operator's bread-and-butter haul back and forth between Cresline Plastic Pipe in Henderson, Kentucky, near the McCormick home in Robards, and Westlake Chemical’s PVC complex in Calvert City.

    Hooked to one of two Mac pneumatic tank trailers owned by all-owner-operator Oakley Trucking out of North Little Rock, Arkansas, McCormick’s Bandit Kenworth cuts a fine picture, whether offloading PVC powder into one of the silos at Cresline, where they turn that powder into pipe, or hauling along I-69 or 24 or elsewhere between the two principal points for most of his runs.

    The 280-inch wheelbase KW features a 565-hp Cummins X15, an 18 speed transmission and 3.36 rears. Utilizing principal supplier Chrome Dome out of Haubstadt, Indiana, on I-64 north of Evansville, McCormick's added bright parts and more over the two years he's owned the truck -- including throughout the interior. He's added 8 cab lights, breather lights and plenty throughout the interior. Amber underglow lights are by Shift Products,

    Drive fenders are from WTI, and custom-painted by a semi-retired artist in Robards McCormick knows only as "Chop." Chop's next project is already under way -- he's painting a Rockwood floor for the interior that McCormick gave the artist plenty of rope to produce. When asked what it was going to look like, "I'm not real sure," McCormick said. Basically I just give him free rein of it. He said he had a friend who does airbrushing. ... I told him, 'you know the truck, the theme of the truck, you can go from there.' ... Everything I've seen from him looks great."

    It's that kind of trust in long-term business relationships that guide 48-year-old McCormick, whether in his choice of leasing partner (he's worked with Oakley for 15 years now) or his approach to general maintenance. Over the time he owned Western Stars prior to the Kenworth purchase in 2020, he established a solid partnership for basic preventive maintenance with a Detroit dealer right next to the Cresline facility, Clarke Power Services. "I'm sure people would wonder why I take a Cummins to a Detroit dealer to get the oil changed," he said. "It's one of those deals where you get a good working relationship with somebody and you want to stick with them."

    Find plenty pictures from the run of the rig and the equipment in McCormick's history via https://www.overdriveonline.com/15303882

    Read about all Pride & Polish winners via http://overdriveonline.com/pride-polish

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    ELD mandate and crashes -- cause or correlation? Owner-operators weigh safety, training, more

    ELD mandate and crashes -- cause or correlation? Owner-operators weigh safety, training, more

    This edition of Overdrive Radio picks up where Overdrive News Editor Matt Cole left on in his reporting from mid-late October around truck-involved crash statistics in the four years prior to, and the four years after, implementation of the FMCSA's electronic logging device mandate, which began in earnest right at the end of 2017: https://www.overdriveonline.com/csas-data-trail/article/15301876/crashes-injuries-and-fatalities-up-posteld-mandate

    As many listeners and Overdrive readers have likely seen, Cole’s reporting illustrated clearly the generally higher rates of crashes post-mandate, even considering the 2020 year when statistics were way down with the big decline in motorist highway traffic amid the fear and uncertainty of the early COVID pandemic. So there’s a definite correlation between regulatory change in the ELD mandate and those negative safety impacts, but can we really determine there’s a cause there? Hard to say, given so many factors go into the cause of any crash, not least among those causal factors the “unprofessional” driving behavior of our four-wheeled friends.

    Just refer back to the 2020 year noted just earlier for evidence of that.

    The question of cause and effect around the ELD mandate, though, is certainly a conversation starter for Overdrive’s owner-operator audience. Attendant to Cole’s reporting, we surveyed owner-operators, and the overwhelming majority feel the mandate has at least contributed to safety-negative effects. In this podcast, hear a variety of viewpoints on the cause-and-effect question, both from contributing reporting from video editor Lawson Rudisll surveying owners about the ELD mandate and any safety connection, or lack thereof, and Matt Cole’s own interviews for the broader picture.

    We can’t count Michigan-headquartered small fleet owner Bud Davenport among the majority who see some safety impact from the mandate, exactly. Yet Cole’s talk with Davenport is instructive when it comes to the state of play for driver training that other owners feel has been exacerbated by the mandate.

    As referenced in the podcast, for some relief from the ticking-clock pressures of the 14-hour rule, the 2020-changed split sleeper allows for some mid-duty-period rest without losing duty time. Find something of a tutorial via this link: https://www.overdriveonline.com/channel-19/article/14897907/how-to-log-the-new-73-splitsleeper-in-the-hours-of-service

    Leave a message on Overdrive Radio's podcast line at 615-852-8530 with your name and location, and we'll get back in touch for your shipping information for a Howes prize pack featuring both Diesel Treat and Lifeline anti-gel fuel treatments, the Howes Multipurpose penetrating oil, and more swag from the company. Again, that’s 615-852-8530.

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    Back in the saddle, on a mission -- Toby Bogard's journey home, to the road

    Back in the saddle, on a mission -- Toby Bogard's journey home, to the road

    Now Lansing, Michigan-based operator Toby Bogard is on a mission. That mission is multifold, as you’ll hear in today’s edition of Overdrive Radio, where we catch back up with the driver, now hauling for Heartland Express after about a year and a half away from the road.

    Bogard’s return to the road follows a million-plus-mile career prior, and he's newly involved in efforts to push along an idea for something of a feel-good movie narrative about the life and times of a trucker, framed by his last ride home, with the goal of improving the public image of trucking. At least that's among Bogard's principal goals for involvement.

    This isn’t Bogard’s first such foray. Regular Overdrive readers may have caught a mention earlier in the week of his Semi-Aware book, designed for teens setting out to get their driver’s license for the first time. It's all about education and appreciation for the work trucking does, and even more specifically just how to maneuver around tractor-trailers on the road (more emphasis on which is sorely needed in driver’s ed programs around the nation): https://www.overdriveonline.com/channel-19/article/14874190/con-way-truckload-driver-pens-semi-aware-book-for-teen-drivers

    It had been quite a time since we'd spoken to Bogard, and a whole lot had happened to him in the interim, including the move north from his former home in East Tennessee, the tragic passing of a loved one, and a big re-evaluation of goals during his time off the road caring for two young daughters. Hear his story in today's podcast.

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    Car-haul fleet's back-office backbone got his start as so many do -- behind the wheel

    Car-haul fleet's back-office backbone got his start as so many do -- behind the wheel

    In this edition of Overdrive Radio on Veterans Day, we’re going to get a bit of look at how the nation, and the trucking business, remains a bulwark for opportunity no doubt in part attributable to servicemembers’ many sacrifices through the decades gone by.

    We’ll hear from Slava Sobetki, co-owner of the Chicago-area-based Taurus Auto Group car-haul fleet, and who Overdrive profiled as well just yesterday as part of a package of stories that digs into a few relative newcomers to the Transportation Management System platform space: https://www.overdriveonline.com/business/article/15302588/tms-platforms-not-just-for-large-fleets

    Specifically, such systems -- commonly known by the TMS acronym -- that are increasingly geared toward owner-operators and other small fleets. As the TMS market has matured through the years, such technology is no longer just the province of large motor carriers, as the stories make clear. They feature:
    **One-truck TB Trucking and its owners Troy and Hather Baumgartner utilizing the Lynks TMS: https://www.overdriveonline.com/business/article/15302486/independent-owners-find-money-time-with-new-tms
    **Three-truck Shipping Teleporters with the new Command system from Trucker Path: https://www.overdriveonline.com/business/article/15303003/smallfleet-owner-finds-organization-growth-with-tms
    **And the Ship.Cars platform, where now almost 100-truck Taurus Auto Group has found greater back-office and in-the-field efficiency with the car-haul-specific, and free-to-use, Carrier TMS Ship.Cars offers: https://www.overdriveonline.com/business/article/15302575/taurus-auto-groups-experience-with-shipcars-tms

    Taurus owner Slava Sobetki didn’t just hop right into trucking in the back office, though. He got his start in trucking like so many do -– behind the wheel. After a childhood in Moldova, he came to the United States on a student exchange program in the early part of the century. That experience led to a determination to stay, to join what he calls "the greatest country in the world."

    Most of the trucks in the Taurus Auto Group fleet today are owner-operated, Sobetki noted, too, sending 10% of the load back to the company, he said. Likewise, most are hotshots, but some owners run stingers or other car-haul-capable trailers with larger trucks.

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    Fighting double-brokering fraud: Attorney Hank Seaton on prevention, ways to elevate the issue

    Fighting double-brokering fraud: Attorney Hank Seaton on prevention, ways to elevate the issue

    Hank Seaton, with the Seaton & Husk law firm, spoke at the National Association of Small Trucking Companies’ annual conference a couple weeks back about what he called Fraud Prevention and Supply Chain Protocol. He offered what he feels is a possible preventive fix to the crime of double brokering when misrepresentation is involved.

    In today's edition of Overdrive Radio, drop into a long talk with Seaton about somewhat simple steps carriers, brokers and shippers working together can take to stop these schemes in their tracks, whether involving carrier and broker identity theft or the insidious and perhaps more widespread presence of authorized carriers and brokerages set up seemingly for the purpose of simply double-brokering loads: https://www.overdriveonline.com/channel-19/article/15302246/fmcsa-and-dot-prioritizing-doublebrokering-schemes

    The honest players in trucking simply must work together both to prevent this kind of thing from ever happening, as he sees it, and elevate the issue. "I'd like to see this raised to the level of attention that, if the FMCSA doesn't have the manpower, that the Department's Inspector General just set up an enforcement group," he said. "Other regulated industries, like particularly the Federal Maritime Commission, they're much more proactive in terms of protecting business practices, ensuring fair play in business practices. Fraud is hardly fair play in business practices."

    Indeed part of U.S. transportation policy as outlined in U.S. code is in part to ensure "fair competition." Those interested in joining with Seaton to help build a coalition around these issues can find him via the website of his firm: http://www.transportationlaw.net/

    His preventive ideas in some ways double down on previous practices that have gone by the wayside for a variety of reasons, most having to do with the speed at which spot market transactions have to occur these days in the rush to compete, to book, to deliver. Brokers, carriers, shippers all have become "sloppy," in his view, in the rush to get freight moved.

    You might think of his message as a re-emphasis of what Michigan-based broker Jon Asiala shared in this editorial just yesterday: https://www.overdriveonline.com/overdrive-extra/article/15302460/know-your-brokercarrier-to-axe-doublebrokering-schemes

    Asiala detailed his own experience of a double-brokered load that ultimately cost him when the real carrier didn’t get paid. Asiala’s message: Get back those old ways, as much as is humanly possible in this day and age, and take the time to know definitively who you’re dealing with, whether broker or carrier.

    Also in the podcast: Meet Dominic Gonzalez of his family's now-28=truck Antonio and Sons Trucking fleet, and a very sharp custom 2016 Peterbilt 579 we saw out at the A.J. Soza Memorial Truck Show in June 2022. Run through some of the fleet's history, likewise that of this particular rig, in the podcast. Find views on the rig via https://www.overdriveonline.com/custom-rigs/video/15302676/small-fleets-firstever-aero-rig-a-beauty-of-a-2016-pete-579

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    Small Fleet Champs on managing equipment procurement, insurance hikes, diesel volatility, more

    Small Fleet Champs on managing equipment procurement, insurance hikes, diesel volatility, more

    In this Overdrive Radio edition, dive into parts of the awards ceremony for Overdrive's Small Fleet Championship, held Thursday, November 20. From a tribute to the great boxing and wrestling ring announcer Michael Buffer to announcement of the competition's winners, the podcast drops most importantly into a roundtable discussion with all four competition finalists.

    Overdrive Radio host Todd Dills teed it up with a question: What's been your biggest business challenge of the past year or two, and what have you done to combat it/mitigate effects?

    We hear here from:
    **11-30-truck division Small Fleet Champ John McGee Trucking, hauling mostly out of the oilfield regionally in Simsboro, Lousiana
    **11-30-truck division final round contender Holtkamp Transportation, pulling dry vans coast to coast out of West Point, Iowa.
    **3-10-truck division Small Fleet Champ CAP Trucking, hauling LTL reefer out of Sanford, Florida -- regular listeners have heard owner Chris Porricelli before: https://www.overdriveonline.com/overdrive-radio/podcast/15296432/stolen-truck-freight-scam-lead-big-reevaluation-for-small-fleet
    **3-10-truck division final round contender Creech Trucking, serving dairy farmers with belt trailers regionally around the Comanche, Texas home base

    From equipment procurement issues to managing trade cycles and warranty work, insurance rating (including captive models), diesel prices, fuel surcharge management and more, these excellent business owners lend the benefit of their experience here.

    The Small Fleet Championship recognizes excellence in small fleet businesses who’ve exhibited growth and stability after getting the start as so many fleets do, as one truck and an owner-operator with a plan for success.

    As last year, the program was sponsored by the National Association of Small Trucking Companies: http://nastc.com

    Congrats to all the finalists. Read more about them and 6 other semi-finalists in individual profiles of each business via http://overdriveonline.com/small-fleet-champ

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24 Ratings

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