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Package Your Genius Personal Branding Podcast for High Achievers covering career, business and personal development

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Package Your Genius Personal Branding Podcast for High Achievers covering career, business and personal development

    PYG 155: Who's keeping you from seeing yourself clearly?

    PYG 155: Who's keeping you from seeing yourself clearly?

    As a personal branding coach to high achievers, I have a special insight into the inner lives of many of my clients. And one unfortunate thing many of them have in common? 
    They don't see themselves clearly.
    Their possibility and their potential for GREATNESS is often obscured by a lack of self-awareness.
    So they downplay their gifts, sell themselves short, and end up overlooked for the very opportunities they seek.
    Since the company we keep is important, and we base so much of our self-knowledge on what the world is mirroring back, it must have something to do with the people around us, right?
    After talking to so many high achievers who don't know one another, I've spotted four sources of this blurred vision.
    Here are four types of people who tend to obscure our ability to see our full potential:
    1.) the opportunist
    2.) the micromanager or toxic leader
    3.) the person who sees us as who we used be despite our evolution
    4.) the person who's unfamiliar with the territory we were born to roam
    Which one resonates with you? Drop me a note online - I'd love to hear from you!
    It's that time again. We're putting together the spring cohort of Package Your Genius Academy! If you know you don't see yourself clearly, but you're finally ready to see and step into your full potential, apply to join us. We're accepting applications for the cohort that starts March 10.

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    PYG 154: Lead with you

    PYG 154: Lead with you

    This past fall, I had the pleasure of working with conscious business and brand strategist Ash Johns in Package Your Genius Academy.
    Ash has quite the bio; trained in corporate advertising, she's also highly spiritual and intuitive. Her spiritual talents and passion for social equity inform her current business where she works as a psycho-spiritual coach.
    Before entering PYG Academy, Ash was rightfully hesitant about money. She'd just returned to the U.S. from Bali, and her business wasn't earning enough to sustain her life back in the States.
    She craved a business where she could lean into her 'woo' and package premium services with her ancestral healing work front and center.
    But she feared it wasn't realistic to expect to make the same kind of money as a healer as she'd made in her six-figure corporate gig.
    Ash uncovered during the three months of the academy that she could show up 100% authentically, lead with her spiritual "woo" side, and still make a lot of money.
    As a matter of fact, once she shifted her message, reconfigured her packages, and began to lead with her whole truth, she experienced a record revenue month.
    I'm so proud of her.
    Whether you consider yourself "woo" or just the opposite, let Ash's story inspire you.
    Whatever you do and whoever you are, there is an audience for the most authentic expression of your gifts.
    But first, you must get clear on your focus and stop denying what's really there.

    Can you relate to Ash's story? I'd love to hear from you! 
    And if you're ready to lean more into YOU, but need support? Our spring cohort of Package Your Genius Academy kicks off March 10. Want to join us? Visit packageyourgeniusacademy.com to submit your application.

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    PYG 153: Multi-passionate is a MYTH

    PYG 153: Multi-passionate is a MYTH

    A common idea keeps many high achievers stuck in analysis paralysis.
    It's the inability to decide on a focus area because they are admittedly 'multi-passionate.'
    Every day, talented professionals fail to move their brands forward because they can't pick a direction. I've talked to many people who feel they need a separate website, distinct social media pages and brand identities for each of their passions. Let's face it - that's a lot to keep up.
    In my opinion, characterizing yourself as multi-passionate is a bad idea.
    For one, it dilutes your credibility, at least in the beginning. Since your audience can only digest one thing at a time, if they're coming to you for your support, your message needs to be crystal clear.
    You can hear my four reframes for the multi-passionates in this episode.
    It's that time again. We're putting together the spring cohort of Package Your Genius Academy! If working on your umbrella message or the umbrella program that can contain the multitude of your passions so you can market more effectively and start earning $10k/month minimum, apply to join us. We're accepting applications for the cohort that starts March 10.

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    PYG 152: Build on Your Foundation

    PYG 152: Build on Your Foundation

    Trying to figure out the next level of your brand?
    As much as you may think you need to start from zero and do something completely brand new, the key may be to go back to the beginning so you can see how you've always been able to summon success. 
    Go back. 
    Back to the early days.
    Back to those foundational experiences that defined you early on.
    How have you been always doing what you do?
    Too many of us are reinventing the wheel, thinking that "building a brand" means forging ahead into the future with no regard for the past. So we're "starting from scratch" when it comes to our audience, our offer, and even our message about who we are.
    But there's information to be found when we go back to the beginning.
    1.) Who usually reaches out to you? Who has always reached out to you? What audiences do you have traction with?
    2.) Why did those people reach out? Why did they need your help?
    3.) What core skills have you been using to help that audience all along?
    4.) What feedback did you receive on the way you use those skills? Note: typically adjectives and adverbs will be your answer, i.e. "compassionate, diplomatic, or fast"
    What parts of your story remain unchanged through the seasons?
    This is the magic we're looking for during the personal branding process.
    Want more clarifying questions? DOWNLOAD THE GUIDED JOURNAL: 150 Questions to help you find, focus and promote your unique, unmistakable genius - http://www.packageyourgeniusacademy.com/clarity
    It's an exciting time at Package Your Genius Academy because we have 2 personal branding programs starting soon!
    First up, we're running our signature VISIBILITY MASTERMIND. This is 3 months of training, coaching, and community. Our framework was designed to get you clear on who you are/what your brand is about, package your message and content around that newfound clarity, and successfully pitch yourself for speaking, media, and paid client opportunities. This is a great program for you if you're still nailing down your brand and have yet to earn a steady $10k/month from your expertise. ​
    Past clients have launched six and multi six-figure expertise-driven businesses on the heels of the academy.
    Second, we're incubating a few established brands for the next year with brand coaching, media/content strategy, and IMPLEMENTATION support. This service is perfect for those who have their brand nailed down and revenue coming in. If you can't quite manage all the thinking, writing, design, and pitching that comes with staying CONSISTENTLY VISIBLE while serving a growing roster of clients at the same time, my team and I want to support you.
    If you've been looking for a community of fellow high achievers to work alongside to reach your ultimate purpose, we've been waiting for you. Apply here!

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    PYG 151: The Snowball Effect

    PYG 151: The Snowball Effect

    Activating a project requires a different type of energy than maintaining a project.
    You won't always have to work as hard to maintain something as you had to work to get it off the ground.
    If like me, you're a high achiever who's grown accustomed to striving, that may feel unfamiliar to you. But at some point, after you've put in the work, understand that the work will become easy. 
    The trick here is to remember you've earned the ease.
    You don't have to tear down what you've built to "make it hard again."
    Instead, now you can reinvest your time, energy and effort into something else that means a lot to you. Now you can reinvest the energy you previously used to get this dream off the ground and put it into something even bigger.
    I looked at Dave Ramsey's Debt Snowball Method and applied it to goals, our personal brands, and business projects. But you could take the concept and apply it to almost anything like your relationships, your parenting, or even your health.
    If you've been looking for a community of fellow high achievers to work alongside to reach your ultimate purpose, applications to Package Your Genius Academy are now open. Apply here.

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    PYG 150: Put Yourself in Position

    PYG 150: Put Yourself in Position

    This past weekend, I decided to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by doing a write-a-thon with my kids.
    We each have a dormant writing project that could use a little intentional time and focus - Connor has a new fiction project, Logan has a fiction/comic book project, and I have another non-fiction project in the works.
    So we dedicated our weekend to writing.
    All said we wrote for 6 hours 🤯 over 2 days - broken up in two 90 minute writing sprints each day. In between sprints we snacked, read our work aloud, gave each other ideas/feedback, and cheered for each other.
    I always tell my clients how important community is when you’re doing something difficult or brand new.
    With writing, it can be hard to stay motivated when I’m all alone, but it was surprisingly easy with a crew. When one person got stuck, we were able to feed off of whoever was flowing. 
    Over the two days, we wrote a combined 7,000 words. Stay tuned for updates on our writing projects. We should have some newly finished works to share soon!
    It was a really fun experiment and I plan to do it again. They both said it was fun and inspiring to write together.
    Watching three very different people approach productivity and writing got me to thinking about how we had to all access different parts of ourselves in order to make the writing weekend successful. This weekend taught me about how to put yourself in a position to win.
    Three Ways to Position Yourself to Win:
    1. Sometimes you may need to piggyback off of someone else's energy when you aren't feeling it. Who can you get around? Who can you tap into? Who is already going in the direction you want to go in? How can you tag along?
    2. Sometimes the simple act of showing up can produce unexpected results. How can you put yourself into the environment where you can meet your goals. You'll be more likely to get into action if you're in the space where said action takes place. The body knows. The mind knows. Muscle memory.
    3. Make sure you keep your pantry stocked with your favorite ingredients for success. What have you learned about yourself? What makes you tick? What do you need to get into your zone? How can you incorporate that every time you set out to do something big or new? Some of us know what works for us. So if you know what works, why don't you do it every time? Who can support your genius?
    Get to know you!
    Get to know your unique ingredients for success with the Package Your Genius Personal Branding Companion Workbook -150 Questions to help you find, focus and promote your unique, unmistakable genius.

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