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Package Your Genius Personal Branding Podcast for High Achievers covering career, business and personal development

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Package Your Genius Personal Branding Podcast for High Achievers covering career, business and personal development

    PYG 164 - Branding yourself when you RESENT what you USED TO LOVE about your brand

    PYG 164 - Branding yourself when you RESENT what you USED TO LOVE about your brand

    Join me for Resonance & Relevance - my brand new storytelling workshop. Learn more and register here.

    Let me be honest for a second.
    I have encouraged clients to make themselves visible for YEARS. But some time ago, I began to question the point of it all.
    Yes. I had to sit with the truth of how tiresome visibility actually was - even for me.
    With all of the other issues in the world competing for my mental space and emotional energy, constantly courting the spotlight became exhausting. 
    (You can see how problematic this could be for a visibility strategist’s business model…)
    At a certain point I concluded that if incessantly sharing was the key to me having a profitable business, I would have to shut my business down.
    I was going to have to learn how to make my brand discoverable and compelling without creating a ton of extra work.
    I was going to have to learn how to connect with those who needed my work WITHOUT creating yet another ferris wheel on which to exhaust myself.
    Or else, my business as I knew it was a wrap.
    Fortunately, I didn’t have to shut things down.
    But I did come up with some parameters around how I show up.
    And it changed how I began to advise my busy, high-achieving, often introverted clients to show up when the world around them is so uncertain.
    I'm calling these parameters my "New Rules of Visibility."
    In short, they are:
    RULE #1: Honor your season and your current capacity. Don't contribute to your own burnout by making yourself a slave to a social media posting schedule. You are not a machine.
    RULE #2: Quality over quantity. Seek to share in order to connect and resonate with your audience instead of sharing for sharing's sake. Share your newsworthy news.
    RULE #3: Leave long-lasting breadcrumbs. A durable trail of high-quality content can help newcomers get up to speed quickly on who you are. Social media trends like reels are fun, but long-lasting stories placed strategically will get you sooooo much more mileage as a thought leader and won't wear you out in the long run.
    As you may imagine, solid storytelling is a key component of the new rules.
    Instead of sharing gratuitously, we are popping up to the surface to share memorable insights that actually help others make sense of our current world.
    We’re stepping into the spotlight to share the moments that create connection instead of add to the noise.
    And we’re able to do it without wearing ourselves out.
    🚨 Last call to join me for tomorrow at noon for my latest workshop: Resonance & Relevance - I’m so excited for it!
    Whatever has changed for you during the upheaval of the last two years, it’s probably time to reintroduce yourself.
    And it's time to do that in a way that takes into account the way your life, responsibilities, and perspective on your purpose has changed.
    Because nothing is the same.

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    PYG 163 - What happens when you have to disappear, regroup, and communicate your COMEBACK?

    PYG 163 - What happens when you have to disappear, regroup, and communicate your COMEBACK?

    Sometimes, you have to disappear for a while...
    It can feel oddly vulnerable to disappear from public view - whether your version of public view is social media, a public speaking circuit, or the networking rooms for your industry. But EVERYONE disappears at some point - whether they leave a job, lose a job, have a baby, bury a parent, shutter their business, lose their motivation, or like me, succumb to burnout. In the past two years, so many of us have had to step out of the spotlight. We’ve had to leave and return and sometimes, turn around and leave again.
    A client disappeared online because he left the job industry and professional identity he’d held for nearly a decade and started a new entrepreneurial venture. He didn’t know how to share that news.
    I’ve disappeared personally and candidly due to burnout, depression, and being just plain exhausted.  After having a baby and tending to my older kids and trying to evade COVID, it’s been a lot.  I had to take care of myself and sadly that meant I had to deprioritize coming here and sharing with you.
    While circumstances among us may vary, a lot of the mental chatter we experience when going through that revolving door is universal. On the occasion of your return, you wonder: Will people still care or be curious about what I’m up to? Are they still there? Do they even remember who I am? And...how will I let people know that I’m BACK?
    I'm hosting a new workshop called  Resonance & Relevance on June 03, 2022 at 12pm EST and I hope you can join me live. This workshop is for you if you’ve been struggling to reintroduce yourself to your network after stepping away from the spotlight for whatever reason, and you want to learn a simple way to put yourself back on people's minds.
    Register for Resonance & Relevance at http://www.amandamillerlittlejohn.com/classes
    or on Crowdcast here.
    But whether you join me or not, remember this:It’s NEVER too late for you to make a comeback.
    It's good to BE BACK. Thanks for listening.

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    PYG 162 - How to overcome the Imposter Syndrome that's holding your brand back

    PYG 162 - How to overcome the Imposter Syndrome that's holding your brand back

    Imposter syndrome is real, but there’s a fix: radical self-discovery.
    Radical self-discovery isn’t just a nice to do, it’s a must-do. And it’s a must-do on a REGULAR basis if you want to step into the highest level of your purpose and live the most empowered version of your personal brand.

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    PYG 161 - Prayer and meditation as a personal brand strategy

    PYG 161 - Prayer and meditation as a personal brand strategy

    On today's episode, I take you behind the scenes of the morning routine that changed everything and helped me OUTGROW my goals.This new morning routine changed EVERYTHING - the consistency mixed with  intention helped me outgrow my prayers in 30 days.Many thanks 🙏🏾 to Kailei Carr @kaileicarr Ash Johns @ashinspires Monique Ruffin @moniqueruffin and Jereshia Hawk @jereshiahawk
    Welcome to December!
    How are you feeling about 2020?
    If you're like most of my clients, you may be thinking about what you set out to do this year, how the pandemic threw a wrench in your plans, what you managed to get done, and what you didn't accomplish.
    But as I've said before - 2020 ain't over.
    There's still time to squeeze some juice out of this year, and I for one have big plans to do just that.
    High achievers like us don't take enough opportunities to pause, reflect, and put a plan in place for our own growth and development. It's one of the very first things we tend to deprioritize when life gets busy.
    That's why taking the time to reflect, set intentions, and plan during the month of December is so essential.
    Life comes at you fast, and once things pick back up in January, it will be almost impossible to find the time and mental space to make the BIG DECISIONS that will drive your progress for the year.
    So if you've been on the fence, consider this your LAST CALL to 1) join the December PURPOSESCAPING Group Intensive that starts Sunday December 6, and 2) Apply for the 6-month visibility mastermind and get the December Intensive on me.
    Over those fertile four weeks leading up to the new year, I’ll be coaching you using elements of the PURPOSESCAPING framework. I'll also help you to set your intentions for 2021 and strategize with you to map out a tactical/spiritual/malleable plan for your platform, visibility, and revenue for next year. And if you end up joining us for the visibility academy, you'll already have some serious momentum as we kick off sessions in January.
    >> Click here to apply for the 6-Month Visibility Mastermind Click here to apply for the December Intensive Only

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    PYG 160 - 5 Ways You're Not Monetizing Your Personal Brand (And How to Fix It In the Next 30 Days)

    PYG 160 - 5 Ways You're Not Monetizing Your Personal Brand (And How to Fix It In the Next 30 Days)

    The end of the year is the perfect time to manifest money quickly. Many people are thinking about how they want to make changes in their lives, or may be reflecting on what they didn't accomplish this year that they need to bring back into focus.
    This is where you come in.
    How can you position your skillset as the solution to someone's end of year problem? How can you make yourself top of mind for those who may be ready to work with you at the top of the year?
    In this episode, I share five specific ways you can monetize your personal brand fast. 
    Once you learn how to do this, you'll never be the same.
    If you’ve been eyeing one of my programs, and supporting yourself feels like working closely with me, I invite you to explore the two ways we can engage.
    I’m running the December PURPOSESCAPING Brand with Purpose Coaching Intensive starting December 6.
    Over those fertile four weeks leading up to the new year, I’ll be sharing elements of my new PURPOSESCAPING framework as well as coaching you to set your intentions for 2021 and map out a tactical/spiritual/malleable plan for your platform, visibility, and revenue. Click here to apply for the December coaching intensive.​
    Here's the thing: getting clear on your intention works.
    Writing your goals down works.
    Sharing your goals in community with others who can hold space for you works.
    Because the domino effect we set off at the end of 2019 during our last December intensive...🤯🤯🤯
    Secondly, I’m wrapping up enrollment conversations for our Package Your Genius Academy Visibility Mastermind.
    Behind the scenes this year, our students and clients have achieved some extraordinary wins:
    • Ash unlocked her business potential, got unblocked and exceeded her 6-figure corporate advertising salary. And she did this by selling spiritual coaching services she was unsure she could sell at premium prices just one year ago. She now has a waitlist. 
    • Tiffany hosted her first sold-out virtual event and launched her first membership program. 
    • Allissa leveraged her journalism and storytelling skills to write a book on the history of mobile journalism. She landed a mainstream publishing deal and released her book to critical acclaim. 
    • Tamika sold over $100k in sponsorships for her first virtual event during the pandemic. 
    • Amber landed a mainstream book deal, 10xed her corporate client list, grew her team, and blew past her ambitious revenue goal for the year. 
    • Tisa buckled down and wrote the first book in a 3-book series on personal finance, and has since landed a grant that has allowed her to GIVE BACK and get the book in the hands of hundreds of first-generation college students. 
    While the mastermind kicks off in January, those who enroll now can join the December PURPOSESCAPING intention setting planning intensive at no additional cost. Click here to apply for the mastermind.

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    PYG 159 - Write it down (REWIND)

    PYG 159 - Write it down (REWIND)

    Another rewind episode finds us here. This one is a bit personal, I've noticed a pattern with myself lately. I've been getting these confirmations about the things I'm doing that correspond to practices and worlds I'm not well-versed in. I heard the same message from two different people in as many days so I thought - hmm - maybe that's a podcast!
    The message was - we are often affected by forces we're not even aware of.
    It all goes back to clarifying what you want and putting that out there while remaining unattached to how you'll get there. That's why I chose today's episode as a fitting rewind as we move into the end of year planning or visioning season.
    So many curveballs this year. And next year will likely be interesting, too. But one thing is for certain, we still need to get clear on what we want if we expect it to find its way to us. And honestly how often do you allow yourself to really immerse yourself in your big dream?
    I'd like to invite you to immerse yourself in your intention for next year. If you need to get focused on what you want for your personal brand and business - join me over 4 weeks in December for the Purposescaping Brand With Purpose Intensive. We'll be getting clear on what we want to see show up in our lives but divorcing ourselves from the GPS.
    Remember - the vision and roadmap rarely pop up at the same time. But what I'm learning more and more - and I'm by no means an expert in intention-setting - is the more you can embody what it is that you want from the inside out, the more inevitable will be its return to you.
    So that's what December is about - embodying what we want for our personal brands - what do we want to create, what do we want to promote, what do we want to earn in the next year. Seeing it is the first step to claiming it, and once we claim it, it's ours. Enjoy this rewind.
    Apply for the Brand with Purpose Intensive - Apply Now

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4.9 out of 5
77 Ratings

77 Ratings

vitalej17 ,

LOVE this podcast!

Amanda delivers SO MANY good tips for entrepreneurs on this podcast!! She does an exceptional job at delivering her branding knowledge with thoughtfulness and an obvious desire to really HELP people in their daily lives as business owners.

AKALeah08 ,

Package your Genius

Great info and timed very well.

Barder00753 ,


Wonderful and timely insight. Thanks!

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