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A niche, artisanal and sometimes esoteric networking channel that publishes whenever we have something good to share. Priority Queue aims to tell you stuff you never thought you needed to know.

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A niche, artisanal and sometimes esoteric networking channel that publishes whenever we have something good to share. Priority Queue aims to tell you stuff you never thought you needed to know.

    PQ 162: Edge Compute Use Cases And Juniper’s Contrail Edge Cloud (Sponsored)

    PQ 162: Edge Compute Use Cases And Juniper’s Contrail Edge Cloud (Sponsored)

    What problems are we trying to solve with edge computing, and how might we get those done?

    Our sponsor today is Juniper Networks, and we’re going see if we can answer those edge computing questions in a discussion about Contrail Edge Cloud.

    Our guest is Nick Davey, Product Line Manager at Juniper.

    We discuss:

    * What edge cloud means (pushing compute as close to the workload edge as possible)

    * The components of Juniper’s Contrail Edge Cloud software suite

    * Typical use cases

    * Day 1 operations of Contrail Edge Cloud, including installation, management, and orchestrating edge nodes with the central controller

    * Monitoring Contrail Edge Cloud performance and end user experience

    * Exploring Tungsten Fabric as an open-source option

    * More

    Show Links:

    Contrail Edge Cloud

    Tungsten Fabric – Linux Foundation

    Tungsten Fabric Deployment Guide – GitHub

    • 51 min
    PQ 161: Inside Juniper’s Programmable Silicon (Sponsored)

    PQ 161: Inside Juniper’s Programmable Silicon (Sponsored)

    In today’s sponsored show with Juniper Networks, we dive into the world of silicon and ASICs. Our guest is Chang-Hong Wu, a VP and Juniper Fellow.

    The Packet Pushers start the conversation by breaking down the differences between ASICs, FPGAs, and NPUs.

    We discuss how Juniper uses both custom and merchant silicon in its gear. We also examine how Juniper enables programmability in its Penta ASIC, and how that compares to its fixed-pipeline Express ASIC.

    Chang-Hong dives into the programmability features and capabilities of the Penta, and explains how use cases determine which ASIC Juniper chooses to go in which devices.

    He also discusses advanced silicon designs such as silicon photonics and liquid cooling.

    This episode is a great opportunity to get up to speed on networking ASICs.

    Show Links:

    Networking Innovation Built to Contend with the Unknowns  – Juniper Blog

    Trio Packet Processing – Overview – Juniper Blog

    • 49 min
    PQ 160: Inside ArcOS®: The Internet-Scale, Carrier-Grade Network OS (Sponsored)

    PQ 160: Inside ArcOS®: The Internet-Scale, Carrier-Grade Network OS (Sponsored)

    Whitebox network hardware paired with disaggregation has created a market for network operating systems.

    One of the latest entrants to that market is Arrcus, which launched in 2018 with guns blazing, claiming that its ArcOS® NOS is so strong it should be mentioned in the same breath as operating systems from Cisco, Juniper, and Arista.

    Today, Arrcus has sponsored the podcast, and we’re going to have a discussion about ArcOS®. Why another NOS? What’s special about ArcOS®? What use cases is it best suited for?

    Joining us from Arrcus are Keyur Patel, CTO and Murali Gandluru, VP of Product Management.

    We discuss how ArcOS® was designed from first principles to support routing and switching, and is built around a microservices, scale-out architecture.

    We also examine how it meets emerging demands for 5G and distributed data center and edge architectures; the different chipsets it can run on; how it differentiates itself from network OSs from Cisco, Arista, and others; and look at key use cases.

    Show Links:

    ArcOS® Website – Arrcus

    Arrcus Blog

    Arrcus Videos

    Arrcus News

    Arrcus Whitepapers (ArcOS Security, ArcOS DPAL)

    ArcOS® At-a-Glance (PDF)

    Arrcus and Broadcom: Partnering to power smart network infrastructure (Webinar)

    Arrcus on LinkedIn

    Arrcus on Twitter

    • 42 min
    PQ 159: The SATCOM Primer For Network Engineers

    PQ 159: The SATCOM Primer For Network Engineers

    In Priority Queue 154, we chatted with PC Drew about the challenges of standing up a fully operational network in the middle of nowhere.

    That’s standard operating procedure for the military as they fulfill their combat and humanitarian missions around the world.

    In this episode, we’re going to go deeper on one facet of that conversation, satellite communications. PC Drew is back, and he brought along a colleague, Evander Cook, to educate us on SATCOM.

    PC is Chief Technology Officer at SchoolBlocks, and Evander is Director of Network Operations at the United States Marine Corps.

    We discuss basic concepts including frequency bands, TDMA vs. FDMA, satellite coverage areas, and the relationship between signal quality and signal power.

    PC and Evander also explain how different satellite orbits affect network design, the different kinds of military and commercial services available, and how to account for moving vehicles in satellite communications.

    Sponsor: Packet Pushers Virtual Design Clinic

    Join the Packet Pushers for our next Virtual Design Clinic on December 19th, 2018. This live, free virtual event includes presentations on continuous integration and continuous testing for networking, and the impact of NVMe over Fabrics to network design. We’ll also have a panel of experts to partipate in“ask me anything” segments. Celebrate the holiday change freeze by registering at packetpushers.net/vdc.

    Show Links:

    PQ 154: Design Challenges In Military Networks – Packet Pushers

    Orbital Altitudes of many significant satellites of earth – Wikipedia (jpg)

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    PQ 158: Introducing NRE Labs For Network Automation Training

    PQ 158: Introducing NRE Labs For Network Automation Training

    One problem with learning networking technology is all the work it takes to set up your lab. Creating a virtualization environment, fighting with images, tweaking performance, building out the connections, and so on.

    What if there was a tool that handled the set up burden for you? A tool where you could jump right in and start learning?

    Our guests today tell us about a new online tool that does just that. Called NRE Labs, this Web site provides education and training for network automation.

    You can learn the basics of YAML, Git, and working with APIs, try out automation tools, walk through lessons, or simply experiment with virtual instances of real networking interfaces.

    Developed and supported by Juniper Networks, NRE Labs is free and open source, and welcomes contributions to the project. You don’t have to register or even log in to use the site; just show up and jump in.

    Matt Oswalt and Derick Winkworth, both Product Marketing Managers and Juniper, are two of NRE Labs’ creators. They join us on the podcast to walk us through the site.

    Sponsor: Packet Pushers Virtual Design Clinic 3

    Join the Packet Pushers and special guests on December 19th for a live, online Virtual Design Clinic. See presentations on network design for NVMe fabrics, CI/CD for networking, and get your networking questions answered by our panel of experts. Sign up now for this free event.

    Show Links:

    NRE Labs

    Antidote (NRE Labs OSS) – GitHub

    Antidote Docs

    Juniper Engnet – Juniper Networks

    Keeping It Classless – Matt Oswalt’s blog

    • 43 min
    PQ 157: How Cisco Built A Carrier-Grade Network OS (Sponsored)

    PQ 157: How Cisco Built A Carrier-Grade Network OS (Sponsored)

    On today’s Packet Pushers episode, we dive into the guts of Cisco’s IOS-XR. What does it mean for IOS-XR to be carrier-grade? What kinds of problems need to be solved by large service providers? How does the architecture of IOS-XR solve them?

    Cisco is our sponsor for this deconstruction of the NOS. Our guests are Jag Tangirala, Principal Engineer; and Praveen Bhagwatula, Distinguished Engineer.

    We start by examining the scalability, performance and reliability requirements that carries and service providers demand, and then drill into IOS-XR’s architecture.

    We break out the control, data, management and infrastructure planes and look at the role of abstraction in a network OS.

    Our guests delve into what state means in the context of a network OS. We look at how IOS-XR captures and communicates state to the processes that need it using tools such as SysDB and an event notification system.

    The discussion also tracks what happens if a process crashes and how the system recovers, and we look at how IOS-XR gets updated.

    Join us for a truly deep dive into this OS. And get more details on IOS-XR at @xrdocs.io.

    • 1 hr 15 min

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5.0 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

InformationSidewalk ,

None Better

There are many podcasts out there covering various aspects of the world of IT and technologies driving it but none have the winning mix of personality, perspective, and high fidelity news and information that the Packet Pushers family of shows has to offer.

There is a consistency of quality, content, and delivery across the different shows that all genres of this medium (and others) should strive for. This one deserves a 6th star.

Vinyl snob ,

palace of my commute

I recently starting consistenly listening to the suite of shows provided by packet pushers everyday for the past 3 weeks during my commute. I even give some episodes a second or third listen. Everything about these shows are detailed and thorough, even the show notes. Thank you Packet Pushers for helping me elevate my craft.

Vance Coffey ,

Excellent content for Infrastructure engineers and analysts

Packet Pushers strive to bring the best and most up to date content for enterprise engineers. They are constantly looking to the edge of the horizon and give insightful comments about future industry trends. They also delve into topics that interest those at the Service Provider level, so don't just think the enterprise guys get all the goodies. 5/5 and I hope they continue for years to come.

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