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Two ladies talking about books that were made into movies and movies that came from books!

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Two ladies talking about books that were made into movies and movies that came from books!

    41. The Danish Girl

    41. The Danish Girl

    Kaylia and special guest Jess talk about the Danish Girl. Or, to be more honest, Kaylia and Jess rant about what should have been called "Gerda's Very Sad Decade" We talk fan fiction of real people, the low bar for transgender stories, the historical inaccuracies, and all the missed opportunities, so many missed opportunities.

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    • 1 hr 38 min
    40. Jurassic Park

    40. Jurassic Park

    Kaylia and Leah discuss Jurassic Park in this super-sized episode. We talk dinosaurs, life lessons, chaos theory, and the travesty of the Genaro character assassination. Plus a Schitt's Creek shoutout and some gleeful celebration of bad guy death. Enjoy!

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    • 1 hr 47 min
    39. The Amityville Horror

    39. The Amityville Horror

    ** Special Crossover Halloween Episode**

    It's the story about abusive relationships, fighting against changing cultural norms, the victory of the self-sufficient American hero, the rejection of authority, and eschewing of the very institutions that should be able to make sense of the supernatural world... And a giant pig.

    In other words, a horror story about real estate in the 70s..

    That's right, it's our very special crossover Halloween episode: The Amityville Horror!

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    • 1 hr 37 min
    38. Psycho

    38. Psycho

    Sex, murder, mental health, incest, .... maybe masturbation?
    Yep, must be Psycho! Is Norman sympathetic? How much trivia is trivial? A dramatic reading, an apology to a friend from college, and a potentially unpopular opinion about if the movie is worth the hype. PLUS, a rousing discussion of phallic objects. Enjoy!

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    • 1 hr 27 min
    37. Fahrenheit 451

    37. Fahrenheit 451

    Join Jennifer and Kaylia for a discussion of the classic Fahrenheit 451, 1953 novel and 1966 movie. We discuss censorship, the difference between knowledge and expertise, the hypocrisy of Bradbury, and whether the two trouble makers in the movie were gay or just bros. Also a supplemental interview with an English teacher AND a bit of trivia about Playboy magazine! Enjoy!

    • 1 hr 29 min
    36. The Mountain Between Us

    36. The Mountain Between Us

    Join us for a slightly rushed conversation about The Mountain Between Us.
    Book: Hey look, a perfect man shows off how stellar he is by taking care of an enfeebled woman while grieving for the totally unnecessary death of his wife and there is a lot of snow.
    Movie: Hey look, two well rounded characters who are strangers use teamwork to survive and there is a lot of pretty snow. And a really crappy final ten seconds.
    Also, this episode’s Star Trek reference is super relevant and Kaylia still hates love.

    Oy Vey!
    This episode was recorded around the following interruptions / life stressors.

    Jennifer having a surprise drop-in visitor.
    Kaylia being less than 24 hours away from having (yet another) eye surgery.

    Soooo we missed a few things and were very distracted.


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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

JKennedy77 ,

I recommend!

I just stumbled on this podcast and I am really enjoying. Very well done and these ladies seem like girls I’d love to discuss books with.

The Lev ,


Just found this podcast and I love it. It’s a great concept and I found the analysis spot on, plus it’s highly entertaining.

Thrawn83 ,

Not Bad, Could Be Better

I went looking for a padcast that compares books to movies and found this one. While it does do that, the analysis that they plow through at the begining makes it sound like they are simply reading the wiki plot summary and haven't read nor watched the movie. Their discussions later do make it sound like they did indeed read/watch them, but that plot plow-through sets the tone for the rest of the podcast.

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