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Conversations with entrepreneurs on issues of the day, raising money, and starting and growing your business. This is audio from The Charlie Paparelli Show on YouTube.

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Conversations with entrepreneurs on issues of the day, raising money, and starting and growing your business. This is audio from The Charlie Paparelli Show on YouTube.

    29. How Did You Do That!?

    29. How Did You Do That!?

    David is my son. He is also the 2021 London School of Economics Entrepreneur of the year.
    I wanted to know, “How did you do that?”
    In this interview, I learned: 
    Why as a newly married man, he chose to quit his job, sell everything and move to London to pursue his Executive MBA.Why he felt called to be a social entrepreneur right out of undergrad.Why it took ten years to start his first business.How he came to the business idea that won the LSE startup competition.How he was awarded LSE’s Entrepreneur of the Year.Along the way, you’ll learn the importance of relationship building. 
    It is his secret sauce!

    • 1 hr 51 min
    28. The Way to Success and Sustainability

    28. The Way to Success and Sustainability

    Merrick Furst is a distinguished professor of the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. 
    Impressive, but wait. 
    He started nine companies. 
    But wait. 
    He started an accelerator that launched dozens of startups with values exceeding $1b. 
    But wait. 
    He shares the secret to making your startup a long-term success. 
    This is my friend, Merrick. 
    He is a friend of mine, but more importantly, a friend to entrepreneurs. His amazing reputation and network were developed at Carnegie Mellon University, UC Berkely, and now Georgia Tech. 
    He is so focused on startup opportunities that he walked away from tenure at the first two prestigious universities. Merrick is all about making sure entrepreneurs and their ideas succeed. 
    He will accept nothing less than success and sustainability. Merrick is in relentless pursuit of authentic demand. 
    Join our conversation. I recommend you take notes!

    • 1 hr 38 min
    27. It’s time. I am an entrepreneur!

    27. It’s time. I am an entrepreneur!

    Karen Houghton set the culture at Atlanta Tech Village. She was there right after David Cummings bought the building and had the vision for a startup community. Karen, working with David Lightburn, set a culture of innovation and community service. 
    Karen is a great leader!
    She supported hundreds of entrepreneurs who started and built big businesses at the Village. She recruited them, found them just the right space, promoted them, and connected them. Now it is her turn.
    Karen is now an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Infinite Giving. They help nonprofits invest, endow, and liquidate stocks easily with software that automates their investment strategy and grows their giving.
    She’s attracted great investors and an amazing co-founder. And now the fun begins.
    In this conversation, Karen shares how she moved from a career in industrial psychology to being at the crossroads of Atlanta tech startups. And now, she is an entrepreneur. 

    • 2 hr 10 min
    26. God’s Man for God’s Plan

    26. God’s Man for God’s Plan

    I never heard such a clear calling to serve Jesus as I did in this interview. 
    Doug Ammar is the Director of the Georgia Justice Project in downtown Atlanta. He has served in this capacity for over twenty-five years. 
    Doug is a recognized expert in criminal justice. He not only changes the lives of the poor accused of crimes, but also changes the laws. 
    Doug became the director after the founder of GJP unexpectedly quit. 
    No money. No donor prospects. No network. Doug leaned into God and said, “If you want me here, you’ll have to make this ministry viable.”
     Six months later, GJP was more financially stable than in its entire existence. 
    This man’s story shows the power of God and the grace of God. Doug came from less than nothing as a child to becoming a leader of the criminal justice movement nationwide. 
    One of the best (and longest) interviews I ever did. I’ll be listening to this one again, myself.

    • 2 hr 27 min
    25. The Next Warren Buffett?

    25. The Next Warren Buffett?

    “People support what they help create,” said Michael Arrietta, Founder, and CEO of Garden City. 
    Michael lives this every day. He started a holding company with the goal to be the next Berkshire Hathaway. His model is focused on acquiring service companies with between $2-4mm in free cash flow. These businesses are all over America and most of them are owned by baby boomers. Every 57 seconds a baby boomer owner reaches retirement age. 
    To achieve his goal, Michael has a war chest of $50mm in committed capital from a who’s who in technology and business internationally. These leaders invested in a fund that promises NO exit. 
    They are buying into what they hope will be a continuous cash income stream. In addition, these leaders pledge to help the portfolio companies with a caring culture, tech enablement, and a modern sales approach. In this interview, Michael tells his story. 
    At 16 years old he was selling Cutco and making over $100k/year. He almost doubled this while attending the University of Alabama. Then, as he told me, “I took two steps back to then take five steps forward.” He headed to Silicon Valley. 
    There are amazing lessons to be learned here in selling, serving, and leading. 

    • 2 hr 15 min
    24. Millionaire at 26 (Just the Start)

    24. Millionaire at 26 (Just the Start)

    Bobby John believes he and his Band of Coders can take your dreams, desires, and vision and convert them into reality using software. He is a coder at heart with the soul of a serial entrepreneur. 

    In this interview, Bobby shares how he started a company while in college and became a millionaire at twenty six years old. He saw the first version of Netscape, the window to the internet, and said, “This is the future.” 

    He started a company with three friends that grew so quickly they had to hire the past President of Apple Canada to run it. 

    And then came the trading platform startup in NYC while his wife was in completing her residency. Five years later he and his partner created a company that was trading millions in loans. 

    He sold again. 

    Bobby is still starting new software companies that solve real problems. He has a nose for problems and the talent to solve them. And his companies always, and seemingly every time, create cash-flow quickly.

    He is an entrepreneur with a hot hand. Listen to how he does it.

    • 1 hr 41 min

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