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The Passport Podcast explores the world through the travel adventures of our guests and host. We take a global and holistic approach to discovering our world and each episode ventures far and wide in search of inspirational, educational, entertaining, informative and quirky travel tales.

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The Passport Podcast explores the world through the travel adventures of our guests and host. We take a global and holistic approach to discovering our world and each episode ventures far and wide in search of inspirational, educational, entertaining, informative and quirky travel tales.

    Ep 17 Urban Farming

    Ep 17 Urban Farming

    In episode 17, I make a trip back to my hometown of Dubuque, Iowa where I meet up with urban farming pioneer Mike Muench.
    Mike and his wife Leslie are on a mission to create a community around food - from growing it to cooking it to sharing it with the citizens of this small city located along the banks of the mighty Missississippi River smack dab in the middle of America's heartland.
    They've repurposed an old greenhouse turning it into a neighborhood farming operation to include Hydro & Aquaponic gardening, a coffeehouse, event space, commercial kitchen and community education center.
    They've named their nonprofit enterprise Convivium - which is the Latin word for “feast” - they're bringing people together in a celebration around food and you can find their website at Convivium-DBQ.com. It's an exciting adventure and inspiring story.
    I know you're going to enjoy hearing from Mike about Convivium - It's an inspired 21st-century vision for urban farming and community building in an old industrial river town.
    Listen, like, comment, share and subscribe to the Passport Podcast. Now, let's get this show on the road.


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    Ep16 Urban Exploration with John Law

    Ep16 Urban Exploration with John Law

    Passport Podcast host Keith Breitbach talks with Author John W. Law about his book chronicling the exploits and adventures of San Francisco's avant-guard Cacophony Society and Suicide Club.
    One of the original creators and producers of Burning Man, SantaCon, and the Billboard Liberation Front among others, John Law shares his story.         
    A runaway at 17, Law hitchhiked to the City and immersed himself in the subterranean world of urban exploration, culture jamming, and public performance in the spirit of the Dada movement to bend reality ever so slightly and introduce thought-provoking humor into an absurd world.
    Please like, Comment, subscribe and share the Passport Podcast. Listen and enjoy as John Law shares his exciting tales of being a bona fide urban adventurer in and around the City by the Bay.
    Visit JohnWLaw.com and Follow on Facebook to discover more.
    Urban Exploration is often shortened as urbex, UE, bexing, urbexing and sometimes known as roof-and-tunnel hacking 
    Photo © by George Post 2017                      

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    Ep15 Walk this Way!

    Ep15 Walk this Way!

    San Francisco native SK Morton talks about his Lousy Walking Tour and provides a fun perspective on discovering the city on foot.
    Have you ever done a walking tour?
    Well, San Francisco is one of the most walkable cities in the world and with its rich history, colorful neighborhoods, and quirky cast of characters there's no better way to experience it than with a local who will keep you entertained and informed every step of the way.
    Discover the hidden nuggets of walking tour gold with local San Franciscan & walking tour guide extraordinaire - SK Morton, who tells us all about his hometown and provides fun insights you won't find anywhere else.
    Learn more and book your tour at SKMorton.com 

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    Ep14 Take It Easy on Route 66

    Ep14 Take It Easy on Route 66

    The Route 66 road trip continues with a stopover in Winslow, Arizona where I visit the roadside attraction inspired by the Eagles tune Take it Easy. 
    It's funny how one little line in a song can lead people to the tiny northern Arizona town. But it's that whimsical charm and the curiosity of the attraction that causes people to pull over and take a look around.
    I first traveled through Winslow on another road trip more than two decades ago, but back then the town had not yet figured out how many people were making a pilgrimage down old Route 66 to stand on one of their downtown corners. It was during a time long before the inventions of smartphones and selfies, so perhaps nobody took notice.
    While wondering about the downtown looking for someone to interview, I spotted an honest and friendly shop clerk, and I beelined into her souvenir shop. Sabrina was kind enough to share her experience of growing up in the town, leaving for several years and returning to the quietude of small town living. But she soon discovered that the world was passing by her front door every day. 
    Travelers from all corners of the world take the journey along the Mother Road and a lot of them happily stop off in Winslow to stretch their legs and snap a photo with a statue in a downtown park created for such occasions. 
    Listen and enjoy this fun interview to get Sabrina's firsthand account of what it's like to run the Arizona 66 Trading Co. or better known as the Take it Easy gift shop located just across from one of the world's most infamous corners.
    Thanks for listening and be sure to enjoy the ride.

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    Ep13 New Mexico - Land of Enchantment

    Ep13 New Mexico - Land of Enchantment

    In Episode 13, we proceed along Route 66 from Oklahoma to New Mexico where I meet up with two wonderful friends, Deb Haaland and Juan Sanchez.
    Listen as Deb and Juan share their heritage and culture along with fascinating historical facts about their beloved Land of Enchantment.
    Deb is a member of the Laguna Pueblo with ancestors going back thousands of years. Juan's family first came to New Mexico on a Land Grant from the King of Spain in the early 1700's.
    It's a fascinating exploration of rich family histories makes for an unforgettable podcast episode. Deb & Juan provide a passionate look at New Mexico's history and culture interwoven with their impressive personal narratives. 
    Our conversation spans the spectrum to cover everything from Native American and Spanish relations to current immigration policies along the state's southern border. We cover topics ranging from New Mexico's cuisine and specialty foods to the remnants of Route 66 remaining along Albuquerque's Central Avenue. 

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    Meet the host - Behind the scenes

    Meet the host - Behind the scenes

    A week ago I was passing by the Caffe Triest in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood when I ran into my friend Franny Renoir. You may recall Fanny's insightful interview from Episode 6: The Road to Enlightenment. 
    Fanny coaxed me to sit with her for a few minutes in the sun and then proceeded to turn my camera and began peppering me with questions about the Passport Podcast as well as m views on life in San Francisco.
    Believe it or not, I'm usually more accustomed to asking the questions versus answering them. But in that moment, I chose to let my guard down a little to be fair to Fanny, my other interview guests, the podcast audience and even myself. What you get with this brief interview is me share ing some insight into the philosophy and purpose behind the podcast. Additionally, I share some thoughts and observations on life in San Francisco while living in the colorful and lively North Beach neighborhood.
    Have you ever started out down a path towards a goal or an idea, without a real clear understanding as to why? The Passport Podcast has been one of those projects for me. I'll reveal more of the background story as time progresses, but for the moment I'll say it has been a project that continues to take on a life of its own with wonderful guests sharing their incredible stories.
    So, I invite you to give this episode a listen to get additional insights on my intentions for the Podcast.
    Thanks again to Fanny Renoir for asking thoughtful questions and I again invite you to check out Episode 6 and my fun interview with Fanny.
    Cheers - Keith B. 

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4.9 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

cubanajg ,

One of my favorites!

Started listening over a year ago. One of my absolute favorite podcasts. The interviews and people are great. I understand the host's schedule is probably very busy but I would love to hear some more episodes soon. Thanks!

Deb Haaland ,

Passport Podcast

Amazing and professional - Keith Breitbach searches the depths of passion in his interviewees and transports the listener to the place... Well worth the listen!

bradmundo ,

Entertaining and fun!!

Cool stuff. Fascinating people and topics. Professionally produced. Can't wait for the other episodes to drop.

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