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Bite-sized episodes on the latest news and info in our industry, to keep all HR pros up to date! Topics include HR thought leadership, compliance, and authentic HR situations we face every day.

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Bite-sized episodes on the latest news and info in our industry, to keep all HR pros up to date! Topics include HR thought leadership, compliance, and authentic HR situations we face every day.

    That’s a Wrap Compliance Roundup with Corinne Tirone

    That’s a Wrap Compliance Roundup with Corinne Tirone

    In this penultimate episode, host Shari Simpson and Corinne Tirone tackle the complex world of HR compliance and delve into the most pressing issues facing today's organizations. They share their insights on how companies can ensure compliance with legal requirements while promoting employee well-being and inclusivity. Exploring the challenges of managing mental health in the workplace, navigating remote work policies, implementing effective paid parental leave programs, and promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives. Tune in for practical tips and strategies to help your organization stay compliant and support your workforce's overall health and success.
    Guest(s): Corinne Tirone, Director of Government Relations, Paylocity
    Corinne Tirone is the Director of Government Relations here at Paylocity. Corinne is an attorney with over 12 years of experience in legal research and payroll and HR compliance. Her focus at Paylocity is on monitoring the legislative landscape at the federal, state, and local levels to help inform the organization's development projects, compliance strategy, and risk mitigation plans. In addition, Corinne serves on the board of the National Payroll Reporting Consortium and leverages strong relationships with agencies and industry groups to stay informed of regulatory trends and changing compliance requirements.

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    Manager’s Impact on Employee Experience with Tracy Klein and Noreen MacMahon

    Manager’s Impact on Employee Experience with Tracy Klein and Noreen MacMahon

    In today's fast-paced and dynamic workplace, employees' expectations of their work experiences have changed significantly. It's no longer enough for organizations to offer competitive salaries and benefits. Today, employees seek meaningful work, a sense of purpose, and opportunities for growth and development. To attract and retain top talent, companies must create an exceptional employee experience.
    Join host Shari Simpson and guests Tracy Klein and Noreen Macmahon as they discuss how organizations can enable their managers to create unforgettable employee experiences. They explore the key elements that contribute to creating an outstanding employee experience, such as a culture of trust, transparency, and inclusivity, as well as opportunities for growth and development, recognition, and work-life balance.
    Guest(s): Tracy Klein, Senior Manager of Employee Experience and Noreen MacMahon, Director of Organizational Development at Paylocity
    Tracy leverages digital analytics to implement, transform, and drive meaningful business decisions at all levels of an organization as a strategic, forward-thinking leader with over 15 years of HR experience,  Whether in her current role as Senior Manager of Employee Experience at Paylocity, where she curates moments that matter or in her previous roles establishing Total Workforce strategies and forecasting, Tracy is always seeking her next opportunity to work cross-functionally.   Her unique point of view comes from working across many industries with a desire not only to learn but help bridge the gap. 
    Noreen MacMahon has been able to grow and practice many skills over the last 20+ years. Some favorites are, facilitating, debriefing assessments, coaching professionals at all levels, designing and implementing change management plans focused on people, and supporting people in being their most capable and confident versions of themselves. She values the trusted relationships she has built. Fairness and respect are core values for her. These are the differentiators that have enabled her success Her constants are that she loves to learn, is an evangelist for curiosity, is an early adopter of technology, and is energized by change. 

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    Experience-Based Onboarding Can Fast-Track Employee Integration with Andre Mayes

    Experience-Based Onboarding Can Fast-Track Employee Integration with Andre Mayes

    If you've got a new employee joining the team, there's no time like the present to ensure they get off to the best start possible! With experience-based onboarding, both employer and employee benefit from an engaging first-day boost – not only is it more likely that the new hire will enjoy their first days on the job, but companies reap the rewards in terms of better-integrated staff members in less time. Join host Shari Simpson and guest Andre Mayes as they examine why experience-based onboarding might be just what your organization needs.
    Guest Bio: Andre Mayes, Program Manager Organizational Learning, Paylocity
    Andre is a Program Manager in Organizational Learning and has been with Paylocity for eleven years. Andre has spent the last eight years of his career in Learning & Development, researching how to engage and retain talent in today's workforce; designing some of the most impactful programs in our Operations space. Now working on Paylocity's onboarding strategy, he spends his time working with leaders across the business to design and build one of the most comprehensive employee onboarding programs in the business. 

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    Understanding and Addressing Pay Compression with Lizzy Bores

    Understanding and Addressing Pay Compression with Lizzy Bores

    When differences in pay between senior and entry-level positions shrink, it jeopardizes efforts to attract and retain talented employees. To avoid this unfortunate situation, employers should take proactive steps to review salary practices and conduct periodic compensation surveys. Furthermore, they should consider creative ways to provide rewards that don't rely on pay increases – such as giving more vacation time, recognizing achievements with public acknowledgment, or offering flexible hours. Join host Shari Simpson and Lizzy Bores as they discuss how to address and further prevent pay compression in your organization.
    Guest Bio: Lizzy Bores, Senior HR Business Partner, Paylocity
    Lizzy has 14 years of extensive HR experience in numerous roles and industries, which included a focus on compensation, talent acquisition, and learning and development. She joined Paylocity in 2018 and currently provides strategic support to our Technical Services organization through a partnership with its leadership teams. She also creates and refines various initiatives to align with the future needs of the Operations org and to drive a positive employee experience.
    Mentioned In Episode
    Webinar: Pay Compression: What You Need to Know — and Fix

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    Understanding Neurodiversity in the Workplace with Jenny Jeep Johnson

    Understanding Neurodiversity in the Workplace with Jenny Jeep Johnson

    Embracing neurodiversity in the workplace positively impacts work by increasing innovation and creativity, improving problem-solving abilities, and creating a better understanding of the needs and strengths of all employees. Join host Shari Simpson and guest Jenny Jeep Johnson as they address common misconceptions and stigmas surrounding neurodiversity, highlighting the importance of education and open-mindedness in creating a more inclusive work environment.
    Guest Bio: Jenny Jeep Johnson, Actor, Speaker, Lawyer, Sales Leader
    As a proud Millennial, Jenny Jeep Johnson's resume and interests read a bit like a tasting menu.  Formal education includes BA in Theatre and English from Marquette University, a Juris Doctor from NIU Law, and continuing education certificates from Cornell University.  Jenny has acted professionally, held public office, established herself as a public speaker, and won multiple sales awards.  Her most recent adventure has her managing accounts for a luxury appliance company while raising three children with her husband and two rascally dogs.

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    Supporting Employees During Layoffs with Kate Grimaldi

    Supporting Employees During Layoffs with Kate Grimaldi

    Layoffs are never easy, and it’s especially difficult when it comes to supporting employees who may be affected. Unfortunately, in today’s business climate, layoffs often become necessary for various reasons. While the decision is always hard on those involved, there are some strategies and approaches you can take as a manager or part of human resources that will help both those being laid off feel supported during this time, as well as alleviate stress from others in your department or organization.
    Join host Shari Simpson and guest Kate Grimaldi as they explore some tips for helping employees through layoffs with compassion and care so that everyone can emerge from the experience feeling heard and supported.
    Guest: Kate Grimaldi, Senior Director of Enterprise Talent Strategy at Paylocity
    Kate is a seasoned HR professional with over a decade of experience in various industries. Starting in 2017 at Paylocity, Kate made an impact quickly, rising through the ranks and propelling company HR initiatives forward. Today, she lends her skills to multiple projects, including speaking at local and national conferences, working closely with the C-Suite on HR and business alignment, updating the company of more than 5,000 employees with important announcements weekly, and cultivating an inclusive culture that supports the modern workforce.

    • 18 min

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4.9 out of 5
50 Ratings

50 Ratings

velish ,

Insightful and fun

I just listened to goodbye to 2022 webinar and it was a great way to finish this year and get pumped for 2023! I have listened to the pcty podcasts before and always enjoy the topics and the “me” time.

AnnutaKash ,

Great podcast for upto date HR info

Great podcast. Very current laws, information and best practices. This is a must listen


Short and informative!

Easy listening and good length to keep up with what’s going on in HR and hear about different perspectives.

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