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Every business is in some way a “people business” with success or failure often coming down to how leaders manage the people dynamics of their organization. People Business is a weekly podcast focused on what it takes to build and lead a successful, profitable business by navigating the human element.

People Business w/ O'Brien McMahon O'Brien McMahon

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Every business is in some way a “people business” with success or failure often coming down to how leaders manage the people dynamics of their organization. People Business is a weekly podcast focused on what it takes to build and lead a successful, profitable business by navigating the human element.

    Using AI at Work w/ Kavita Ganesan

    Using AI at Work w/ Kavita Ganesan

    Kavita Ganesan is the founder of Opinosis Analytics and an AI strategist, educator, and consultant. The author of A Business Case for AI, Kavita educates and advises businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to small businesses, on better ways to utilize artificial intelligence in their work. 

    Kavita on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kavita-ganesan/
    Kavita's Website: https://kavita-ganesan.com/
    Opinosis Analytics: https://www.opinosis-analytics.com/
    Book: A Business Case for AI by Kavita Ganesan: https://kavita-ganesan.com/the-business-case-for-ai/
    Grammarly: https://www.grammarly.com/
    One Shot Learning: https://bdtechtalks.com/2020/08/12/what-is-one-shot-learning/
    Turing Test: https://www.techtarget.com/searchenterpriseai/definition/Turing-test
    The Good Place: The Trolley Problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtRhrfhP5b4

    (1:50) - How do you define Artificial Intelligence?
    (3:51) - What is the goal of AI?
    (4:39) - Where are we today with what AI can and cannot do?
    (6:32) - Where do you see businesses begin to implement AI?
    (10:13) - Is it reasonable to fear that AI will automate out people’s jobs? 
    (12:20) - How are the best companies upskilling their employees now that they have more time for productivity?
    (15:08) - What mistakes do companies make when implementing AI?
    (17:04) - How do you monitor and test programs?
    (18:12) - How do you advise companies on potential biases within AI code?
    (21:55) - How difficult is it to implement AI into a workflow?
    (25:36) - Do you see AI systems being used for external or internal use?
    (26:21) - Who do you see owning AI decisions?
    (27:28) - What are the costs of creating an AI system for a company?
    (29:45) - How did you get into the AI space?
    (32:13) - What’s being built today that we will see in the next 15 years?
    (36:34) - How do you feel about machines becoming as intelligent as humans?
    (38:37) - How do you see companies dealing with the ethical challenges of AI?
    (42:26) - What are you sick of talking about?
    (43:46) - What are you most excited about?
    (44:30) - What is the purpose of business?
    (45:54) - Where can people find you?

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    Remote First w/ Iwo Szapar

    Remote First w/ Iwo Szapar

    Iwo Szapar is the Co-founder and CEO of Remote-how, the world's leading marketplace with remote & hybrid work experts. Since 2017, he has advised 600+ companies (including Walmart, ING Bank, and Microsoft) to help them optimize their distributed workforce. As a remote work expert, he co-created "Remote-how Academy," - the world's first certification program for remote teams, and co-hosts the annual Remote Future Summit. Iwo wrote the book "Remote Work Is The Way - a guide to making the most of our office-optional future," and was featured in Forbes, BBC, and Business Insider.

    Iwo on LinkedInRemote How AcademyRemote Future SummitRemote First InstituteRemote Work is The Way by Iwo Szapar
    Time Codes:
    (2:34) - What’s your origin story with remote working?
    (6:23) - Do you have a specific definition for Remote Work?
    (9:31) - How should leaders considering remote work be thinking about culture and aspects of a business that are really built with in-person interactions?
    (16:43) - Is there jealousy or animosity between employees when there are roles that absolutely require you to be in person?
    (20:23) - What needs to change in a company that has previously not been remote-first?
    (29:03) - Who do you see being accountable for making the shift to remote-first within a company?
    (31:04) - What results are you seeing from companies who are testing out a 4-day workweek model?
    (33:42) - Does better measurement mean we need better project management software?
    (35:59) - What is the purpose of business?
    (36:40) - Where can people get in touch with you?

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    Bonus Episode: Warrior Rising

    Bonus Episode: Warrior Rising

    In this special episode, Andy Riise returns to the podcast joined by retired Navy SEAL Jon Macaskill and retired Green Beret Jason Van Camp. Andy (Army) and Jon (Navy) are competing in a half ironman to raise awareness (and money) for Warrior Rising, a nonprofit helping veterans become entrepreneurs. The military-to-civilian transition can be tough and Warrior Rising is arming those who served with the skills they need to build a business and serve their communities. 
    If you enjoy this episode, I hope you will join the People Business team in donating to their efforts. Click the link to get in on the fun and support your favorite service branch: https://www.warriorrising.org/armyvnavy2022/ 

    Time Codes:

    (2:11) - Introductions: Andy & John 
    (6:55) - Where is the overlap between mindfulness and mental toughness?
    (8:36) - Introductions: Jason Van Camp
    (9:49) - What was the genesis for starting Warrior Rising?
    (12:35) - What is the challenge and how did it come to be? 
    (19:26) -  How did you reorient your life around such a massive challenge like this?
    (22:14) - How do you help veterans understand the consistency required to build a business?(24:34) - How do you think about friendly competition and striking the balance between community and competitiveness?
    (26:41) - What are some other specifics of the challenge and how Warrior Rising is helping veterans?

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    Get Your Mind Right w/ Kevin Bailey

    Get Your Mind Right w/ Kevin Bailey

    Kevin Bailey is the founder and CEO of Dreamfuel, a company that helps high-performers and their teams get the mental edge they need to exceed their goals and fuel the long game. 

    Time Codes: 

    (1:50) - What is the Dream Fuel origin story?
    (5:18) - How do you define mindset?
    (6:38) - What’s the difference between emotions and feelings?
    (14:52) - Mindset and mental performance in corporate athletes
    (19:53) - How do you monitor your vitality?
    (21:40) - Where can someone get started in improving their performance?
    (24:58) - What are the right and wrong ways to meditate?
    (32:23) - What is visualization?
    (37:59) - Where is the line between visualization and manifesting?
    (40:37) - When is the best time to visualize?
    (43:19) - How do you help your clients make this part of their identity?
    (44:44) - What are you sick of talking about?
    (45:53) - What is the purpose of business?

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    Life's a Stage w/ Billie Shepard

    Life's a Stage w/ Billie Shepard

    Billie Shepard has been a professional actor and coach for over forty years. Through Billie Shepard & Associates, she leverages her acting experience and unique training methods to transform corporate speakers into influential leaders. This includes both in-person and virtual presentation skills, both of which are crucial in today’s business environment. She presents her methods in her book The Billie Shepard Presentation Method.

    Mentioned in this Episode:
    Film: ZuluNew Zealand Rugby Pregame HakaTony Robbins’ Priming RoutineTime Codes:
    (2:29) - What makes a good actor?
    (6:22) - How do you define intention?
    (11:13) - How do you coach business people to set their intentions?
    (20:19) - What’s the difference between being honest and truthful?
    (24:18) - How do you coach people to find the right energy for a presentation?
    (28:35) - What are the simplest exercises someone can do to get their body engaged without drawing too much attention to themselves?
    (36:27) - How do improv skills relate to business presentations?
    (44:12) - When you think about your work, what are you sick of talking about?
    (45:26) - What aren’t people paying enough attention to?
    (45:57) - What is the purpose of business?
    (47:58) - Where is the best place for people to find and engage with you?

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    Building Strong Communities w/ Sam Jacobs

    Building Strong Communities w/ Sam Jacobs

    Sam Jacobs is the Founder and CEO of Pavilion, the premier community and career development platform for high-growth leaders and their teams in every function. He is also the author of Kind Folks Finish First: The Considerate Path to Success in Business and Life. This episode is all about community and how to build one so that everyone in it thrives.
    Mentioned in this Episode
    The Coddling of the American Mind by Jonathan HaidtTime Codes:

    (2:42) - What is the origin story for Pavilion?
    (10:02) - What makes a good dinner club?
    (19:01) - Did you get any feedback from the group on what they valued the most?
    (20:23) - How do you think about the value you bring as a member of a community and the value you will be getting from the community?
    (27:16) - Was there an inflection point in your career that led you to operate this way?
    (37:31) - What more can you share with us about your forthcoming book?
    (40:07) - What are you sick of talking about?
    (44:53) - What is the purpose of business?
    (46:15) - Final thoughts.

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5.0 out of 5
53 Ratings

53 Ratings

kwebs14 ,

Great Listen

Not a single episode where anyone in the business of people won’t pick up a nugget or three.

Well worth the listen!

Ryan Hyman ,

Great listen

OBrien does a great job of consistently having interesting guests and thought provoking conversations. Always a good use of time to tune in!

Refah Ali ,

O’Brien McMahon Is A Must Listen!

O’Brien McMahon absolutely delivers on robust conversation, educational topics, and inspirational takeaways! I love how O’Brien’s brain works - a must listen!

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