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To provide tips and techniques for students to first job, working men/women between jobs, job to owning your own personal business and transition to retirement. Each episode has a different perspective on these changes in life with people who have gone through it themselves. It is an interesting and fun show.

People in Transition Bob Gerst

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To provide tips and techniques for students to first job, working men/women between jobs, job to owning your own personal business and transition to retirement. Each episode has a different perspective on these changes in life with people who have gone through it themselves. It is an interesting and fun show.

    72. Dominic Imwalle - 2022 Top Job Search Expert To Follow On LinkedIn \

    72. Dominic Imwalle - 2022 Top Job Search Expert To Follow On LinkedIn \

    Dominic Imwalle believes you should be able to obtain your career dreams and that’s what he helps professionals do.  His clients have landed roles at Oracle, Deloitte, EY, Tata Consultancy, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Eaton, Salesforce, KPMG, PWC, Dell, Higher Education or started their own venture. But, landing your dream role doesn’t happen by chance, it takes hard work, patience, perseverance and working your job search plan.
    Dominic has seen how treacherous the job searching process can be; automated rejections, ghosting, 14 rounds of interviews, and 250 applications a week. He does not want you to have to live in the process that every candidate believes to be normal.
    We discussed many  things that will help you with your job search plan, including:
    What are the two things that hold most people back from being successful in their job search?
     Being too hard on yourself, now is the time to be a bit gentler andHave a bias for action, you can revise your cover letter and résumé for hours and not be further along than if you this week, meet with five people that you want to be like and talk about how to get there.Dominic shared that everyone should create a file of “winner notes” about your work, to remind yourself that you are an accomplished and good person.  It’s OK to check out job opportunities, even if you don’t need a new role today.When you are networking, make certain that you are strategic about who you speak with, you want to connect with those people who are going to support you and help you in meeting other people that can help in your job search.Make sure you spend time around new people; they will help energize and stimulate you.We also went through a role-play exercise of several of the most common interview questions and what Dominic suggested to be home run responses.Dominic is a caring, smart, and creative executive who really understands the recruiting and job transition environment. I think you will enjoy listening to this podcast several times and remember leave me your comments and share this with friends. 
    Wishing you a great and employed 2023!

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    73. Catherine Lamb - Career Transformation Expert

    73. Catherine Lamb - Career Transformation Expert

    Catherine Lamb is a leading UK-based career transformation expert who helps professionals manage their fear of failure as they go through a job transition.  
     Catherine worked for 15 years in recruitment and is a qualified coach from Henley Business School.  She brings together her wealth of knowledge and expertise to work with professionals who want to change careers and dread not being an expert in their new job or who want to step up into a key promotion but feel like an imposter.  
     Catherine has developed a successful action plan that helps her clients rapidly build their confidence, recognize their value, and get back into their comfort zone as they go through their job transition.
     Some of the key points we discussed in this episode include:
     ·         One of the common mistakes people in transition make is that the job will just leap out – it takes intentional search by the candidates.
    ·         When you get a “no” from a company or hiring manager – it is important that you remember the “no” is temporary and not forever.
    ·         A journal of what you did well and what you can do differently in your recruiting efforts helps you see the job search as a learning process – this is an important mindset and will help you build confidence along the way.
    ·         “Who else do you think I should speak with?” is an important question to use in person or on LinkedIn – it is in general not your second level contacts that will lead you to a job but your 3rd and 4th level – so growing that network is essential.
    ·         We discussed imposter syndrome (feeling like a fraud) and how it impacts your job-hunting efforts.
    ·         And she coaches her clients that the job search will make you feel unconfident, but that you are not alone, reach out and people will help you.
    ·         Remember, you can have an imposter moment; but that does not mean you have to have an imposter life.
     Catherine gave so many useful ideas and is such a warm and supportive person; you are going to want to listen to this more than one time.  Please leave me your questions and comments and remember to share this with others – we want to help the world of job seekers.  Thank you!!

    Music is "Le piano troix" by Torley on Piano is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0. 

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    74. Heike Heemann - LinkedIn and Executive Coach

    74. Heike Heemann - LinkedIn and Executive Coach

    Heike Heemann is passionate about helping others shine in their careers. Her specialty is supporting mid-career professionals to find better career opportunities and build their professional brand on LinkedIn. If you need help optimizing your LinkedIn profile or creating your own LinkedIn strategy for attracting clients, connect with her on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/heikeheemann and find free resources at https://linktr.ee/HeikeHeemann 
    Heike also helps career women improve their confidence, professional networking skills, leadership and public speaking skills.
    In this episode, Heike and I discussed several recruiting/LinkedIn tips including:
    ·        Your LinkedIn profile is a significant part of your online branding; your headline, banner and About section need to be impactful and consistent in their messaging.  Your brand highlights for the world if you are the “Starbucks or neighborhood corner store coffee” in your field.
    ·        Described who your second-degree connections (e.g., your connections’ – connections) is and how you can use them in networking and information gathering.
    ·        What does it mean to optimize your LinkedIn profile and why you need to make sure you use key words in your headline to help you be “found” by people you are interested in.
    ·        Some of the biggest mistakes people make on their LinkedIn profile, including not being specific enough and not being active on LinkedIn.
    ·        Heike recommends having a current and professional looking picture on your profile.
    ·        She also recommends to never stop networking – you want to grow and nurture your connections each week.
    Heike’s marketing skills, business knowledge and coaching experience help her in making her message impactful and enjoyable. She shared so many great tips and techniques for LinkedIn that I had to go back and listen to her again just to be sure I got all her suggestions. 
    I know you will enjoy your time with her – and please – with all the layoffs happening in today’s world – share this with others who can use the information.  Thank you! 

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    75. John Tarnoff - Executive and Better Job Coach

    75. John Tarnoff - Executive and Better Job Coach

    John Tarnoff is an executive and career transition coach, speaker, and author who supports mid and late-career professionals in defining, planning, and achieving more meaningful and sustainable careers. 
     Fired 39% during his 35 years as a film producer, studio executive, and tech entrepreneur, he learned how to turn setbacks into successes in a volatile business. He reinvented his career at 50, earning a master’s degree in spiritual psychology to share his lessons with others facing similar challenges. 
     He is the author of the best-selling book, "Boomer Reinvention: How to Create your Dream Career Over 50" and has created four courses on the multi-generational workforce for LinkedIn Learning.
     Some of the topics we discussed include:
     In networking, you should follow your “A B G”       (“Always, Be, Giving”): think first about what you can do to support the people in your network before asking for help. Worry about how you can meet someone that can refer you for the job – don’t worry about what the job description says about the role. The role you want in the future needs to connect with your values. Follow three keys in searching for your next great job 1. Focus on your Superpower (what you do best)  2. Build a Community  (like-minded colleagues to refer you to opportunities) 3. Become a Thought     Leader (Stand up for what you stand for, build trust and credibility). The career you want is already inside of you: follow your inner knowing and intuition. Question the negative messages that will come at you. To create your future, you need to reconcile your past: clear emotional baggage and limiting beliefs.These are just a few of the great ideas and suggestions John shared.  I hope you enjoy
    his experiences, thought leadership, and energy as much as I did.  Thank
    you for listening to this episode of “People in Transition”.

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    76. Emily Wong - Certified Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writer

    76. Emily Wong - Certified Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writer

    Emily Wong is the founder of Words of Distinction, a boutique firm she created to help job seekers land interviews through powerful career storytelling. Emily has helped hundreds of mid-career and executive-level job seekers earn rewarding roles at top organizations like Meta, Google, Fitbit, Roche/Genentech, Moderna, Abbott, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Stanford, Northrop Grumman, and Cisco.
     The host of the Career Cohort podcast, she’s contributed to several bestselling books that specialize in resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and bios. In addition to certification as a resume writer, she’s credentialed as a Career Transition Coach and Career Storyteller, and is a charter member of Career Industry Authority, an organization where career professionals share ideas on how to best serve job seekers.
    During this episode with Emily, we discussed several actionable resume-writing tips and debunked a few myths, including:
     ·         The right length of a resume and why.
    ·         Tips to make your resume visually appealing and easier to read.
    ·         What it means to “think like the employer” when you write your resume.
    ·         Why keywords matter and how they impact the applicant tracking system (ATS).
    ·         What to avoid when you write your resume.
    ·         The importance in your job search of knowing yourself and what you want.
     Emily is thoughtful, articulate, and generous with her knowledge to help alleviate job seekers’ struggles.  After you listen to this episode, you will have several action steps you can take to find your next job sooner and easier.  Enjoy – leave me your comments – share this with others. 
     For more information on Emily, go to www.wordsofdistinction.net/
     To help manage your job search, you can access her free 5 Pillars of an Effective Job Search download atwww.wordsofdistinction.net/launchnow
    Emily also invites you to connect with her on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/emilysfwong


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    77. Sindy Thomas - Founder & Host, the Insider's Career Club Career Podcasts

    77. Sindy Thomas - Founder & Host, the Insider's Career Club Career Podcasts

    Sindy obtained a B.S. Degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education from California State University, East Bay.  In her junior year, she started, teaching Dance.  Later, she taught high school and pivoted into a Trainer role at a youth job-training program combining her love of education and business.
     In an HR career spanning over 25 years, she found her niche in a recruiting.  She has been a Recruiter, Sr. Recruiter, Recruiting Manager, Director of Talent Acquisition, and Principal Recruiting Consultant.  
     Sindy’s has worked in various industries, including healthcare and information technology; manufacturing like Clorox and Mother’s Cookies; as well as smaller bio-techs and pharmaceutical companies like Amgen; Berkeley Heart Lab, Inc., a Celera business; and Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc., a division of Pfizer. 
    Sindy is the Founder, Host of, the Insider’s Career Club, a career podcast, career coaching business, and website. 
    In this episode, Sindy shared so many great ideas on how to find your next great job easier and faster, including:
    ·         What are the four types of recruiters an applicant might run into, and what should you know about working with them?
    ·         How can you prepare for a virtual interview to be more effective?
    ·         Why do you want to write down your accomplishments, and what should you do with them?
    ·         What does it mean when people say, “Rejection is a part of the job search process”?
    ·         Why is being honest and knowing your skills critical in interviewing?
    Sindy was so giving of her expertise and insights in the recruiting area.  You will want to listen to this episode more than once to ensure you get all the tips and techniques she shared.   These tip sheets can be found @insiderscareerclub.com under job search.
    Contact Sindy:
    Email: sindythomas99@gmail.com; www.linkedin.com/in/sindythomas/ or at www.insiderscareerclub.com

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4.7 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

GVandegrift ,

Must listen!

Great guest episodes in which Bob asks great questions and each guest shares valuable tips for those thinking about or in the middle of a transition.

JTon0295 ,

Great host! Actionable insights!

I was recently interviewed as a guest on Bob’s show. He is a great host. His preparation is top notch and his style is very comfortable. This puts his guests at ease and makes for as great conversation.

As I prepped for the show, I listened to several episodes and quickly subscribed! The show is filled with actionable insights for those in transition, those in hiring positions, and any career professional.

Mysmaverick ,

Transition made easier

I listened to the episode with Adrian Choo. You asked the right questions to be able to get solid answers for your audience. It was good to remind us that the interview goes both ways and that it’s okay if the job ends up not being what we want. Great show.

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