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Personal and Corporate Branding Podcast. Interviewing Branding Experts. Key areas: Personal Branding, Corporate Branding, Social Media, Digital Publishing, Book Publishing

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Personal and Corporate Branding Podcast. Interviewing Branding Experts. Key areas: Personal Branding, Corporate Branding, Social Media, Digital Publishing, Book Publishing

    Brand Thyself – The 3 Stages of Discovery

    Brand Thyself – The 3 Stages of Discovery

    Three Stages of Thyself – Personal Brand

    Man is a complex being.If care is not taken, the pressures of life and demands of society would worsen the woes and complexity of men.

    In a world where many play the 'like game' to be accepted and loved by others, many have succumbed and submitted, living lives less than they should, just for the praise of men. Accepting crumbs, less of their worth.

    It takes a determined heart, courage, and commitment to stay true to oneself and calling.

    It has become very necessary for men to wake up from their slumber - bootlicking and blind loyalty to live their dreams - be who they were called to be – and live life to the fullest unapologetically.

    Permit your true self to stand out from the crowd to shine – building an authentic personal brand.

    Let’s quickly look at the three stages of knowing thyself.

    The process of getting to know one’s self takes time, it’s not a one-off event achieved by a swoosh of a magic wand. It’s almost a lifelong process of discovery.

    Truth is that you will never be able to fully discover who you are.

    Man is endowed with many abilities, most often people only scratch a percentage of it.

    Know thyself: Introspection, access and accepting yourself

    However, the fulfilling part is that, when you begin to identify the traces of who you are, setting the pace for your life’s success, it is important to consider Socrates' statement, " Man Know thyself”. These simple words, timeless and encapsulated with great wisdom have served as a wake-up call and guiding light to many. Sometimes in the haste to be known- fame, name, and money, many sell themselves cheap.

    “Follow your heart, listen to your inner voice, stop caring about what others think.” ― Roy T. Bennett

    Date Thyself; dating yourself implies making time for you – having a ‘me time’. Take time to understudy and understand yourself, your actions, and inactions.

    What’s your personality? Do you understand yourself? These are questions you should be asking yourself.

    At this stage, you must know and understand how your temperament affects your life and how to maximize it. A brief look at the Four main temperaments. Truth is that all of us have all these temperaments in us, however, one or two become dominant, thereby defining you. However, these temperaments can be worked on to make the best of it. One need not say ‘that’s who I am and I live my life that way’, dating yourself will enable you to navigate through the many phases of your temperament in understanding yourself and charting a path that will best help you and others.

    I encourage you to take the temperament test if you have not done that already. You can easily Google-find a trusted website to do that.

    Pay attention to things that inspire you and that which drains you. How you react to the situation around you. By doing that you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself – strengths and weaknesses. Aiding you to make better-informed decisions about your life.

    NB: Knowing and understanding your personality type helps you define your brand to build it successfully.

    Let these words by Eleanor Roosevelt sink deep into your thoughts, “Do the things that interest you and do them with all your heart. Don't be concerned about whether people are watching you or criticizing you. The chances are that they aren't paying any attention to you. It's your attention to yourself that is so stultifying. But you have to disregard yourself as completely as possible.

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    Personal Brand: Stay Sweet in Style

    Personal Brand: Stay Sweet in Style

    Personal Branding Today's Take Away

    Staying Sweet in Spirit & Style

    1. Know your roots (your roots here represents your gifts and talents. It's not necessarily being born into a Royal or wealthy family. Your talents and gifts will be your strongest roots to grow. Find them and feed them.

    2. Learn the ropes (Study your roots, history, and mysteries, every trade has it's secrets, know the tongue of your trade) The unique things that will set you apart for generations. It may be minute, but polish it, make that gem shine. Master your gifts and Polish your crafts.

    3. Ride with confidence. You are the first version(First Lady/Gentleman) of your Life - act accordingly). Step out with your best foot forward always. Your giftedness is your Royal gold, hold it up high, be proud of it, and harness its potentials. Knowing who you are and what you carry boosts your confidence. Stride with boldness.

    4. Stay in style. Dress your best. Daze and dazzle daily. You are a Royal, dress like one. Let your appearances speak volumes about you - sell yourself with your brand visuals. Slay and stun your world. Remember to dress for the occasion - never go unprepared, under-dressed, or over-dressed. No one size fits all, each occasion and platform demands a certain outlook.

    5. Be tactful and stay relevant. Don't lose your luster and relevance as you grow(age). Mentor others, impact, and offer more value.Employ strategies to stay top of mind consistently. 

    Let the Queen & King in you Reign.Stay Sweet in Spirit and in Style.

    “The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world.” —Alicia Keys

    Inspirational Image attached: First Lady Melania Trump and Duchess Camilla - A member of the British Royal Family


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    Shift! When Branding Can’t Wait?

    Shift! When Branding Can’t Wait?

    "When you don't change when the time is ripe, change will change you" - Bernard Kelvin Clive

    When things Suddenly Change – SHIFT

    * Adapt to new trends but don’t follow the Masses* Change strategy and test it speedily* Amplify that which works and keep tweaking* Stay relevant

    Don't let your brand die!

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    Brand Repositioning in Trying Times

    Brand Repositioning in Trying Times

    What leaders and brands can do in times of crisis to rebrand and reposition.

    The Pandemic has significantly impacted us; every aspect of life can feel it’s the bite, brands, individuals, and businesses alike.

    It is up to leaders, brands, and personal brands to reposition and rebrand to take advantage of the ongoing tides.

    “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” – Dale Carnegie,

    The truth is that things are just not going to revert to normal not anytime soon. Things have taken a whole new shift and form and until brands and individuals begin to realize and seek advantage of the situation regardless of its negative impact, brands will either fade away and be forgotten or be outwitted by brands who have taken advantage of the situation.

          So there are few things I am going to share which will help leaders, brands, and organizations, take the "bull by the horn” and make the best out of the situation, we have found ourselves, as the adage goes… “make lemonades out of lemons”. I am going to share with you, what you must do as a market leader, as an industry leader, as a brand, and as a global industry in times of crises like this. What do you do? Are you changing your strategy or style?

    Here are THREE simple things you can do to reposition your brand in times of crisis.

    Now the very first thing brands need to do is:

    Simplify: Look at ways to SIMPLIFY the things you do already. In challenging times like this, you can't afford to make things cumbersome, people will tune off. Find ways to make things simple for your audience to absorb.

    If it is tutorial lessons. Give your clients and customers simple steps that they can follow and get results. Provide them actionable tips, strategies, blog posts, articles, or if it's a product you've been selling, make your marketing strategy sound simple as well as your messages.

    A minimalist approach to work; helps in your product processing and products so you can cut down the cost of unnecessary hype and excess.

    Simplify the process and simplify the strategy.

    Digital marketing to online business, simplify the process don’t compound or make it complicated. Aim at cost-cutting, efficiency, and effectiveness to be productive and profitable.

    So firstly think of what ways can I simplify my brand or my business. How can I simplify?

    Can I do virtually now so I can cut down double transportation because we are in lockdown periods or restricted movements? So I simplify the process; we are going to do it virtually, the conference is going to be virtual so that people will purchase so there will be a very limited process. if it needs to be delivered then the dispatch or delivery company does that. If not, every meeting can be done virtually which is good.

    You cut down transportation cost, other unnecessary overhead costs then you make a profit or you sell digital products.

    As an author, people are now very close to buying print books. So what other avenues are available. I will look at audiobooks, digital books, eBooks so that people can download and purchase than investing so much in print paperback editions.

    Having, ebooks and audiobooks will cut down your production cost easily and maximize your profit.

    A couple of months ago Antony Robbins put together a remarkable record-breaking evens. He took his regular ‘Unleash the power within’ event virtually – broadcasting it live.

    Over 20,

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    Digital Branding Tools and Tips

    Digital Branding Tools and Tips

    If Google can’t find you, you virtually don’t exist.

    The battle for digital presence and relevance have surged in the past few months.

    Before the pandemic, a significant number of organizations and individuals locally frowned on the benefits and impact of the internet. However, COVID-19 suddenly shifted things, the internet and internet business has become the de-facto place to thrive, without which one must fear extinction or lose of business and relevance.

    Things cannot be done in the same old way – a shift has happened!

    The pandemic has compelled a lot of traditional businesses and brands to go digital, increasing the noise level in the digital landscape. It has now become more important to build your personal brand digitally than ever before.

    From dating to finding jobs, clients, and customers online, the average internet user will perform a search to gather some information before taking action. What does this mean to you?

    This is to say that if you are not discoverable digitally you are losing some digital goods.

    I believe that regardless of what enterprise you find yourself in, the internet – social media is a must-have tool to aid the brand growth. If you are already using the internet/digital as a tool, then great. It’s time to amplify its usage and make the most of it. If you haven’t begun, then begin now, the internet – social media has come to stay and the earlier you embrace its potentials the better. 

    Before you dive into the digital space to grab a portion of the land, here are a couple of tools and tips to help you started with ease.

    So, here are some tips and tools to help. Make the most of it!

    Get Education

    Yeah! Don’t ever start and endeavor without getting some level of information in that field. Advisable, always learn from the best, read books, get mentorship, coaching, take courses. Learn all that you can in that area before you delve into it. This will safeguard you from damaging consequences and prepare you for success.


    To rent a piece of the internet space demands you build a website, that’s your digital real estate.

    Firstly, you must have a website for your brand and business, either a personal blog site or corporate business/organizational site. It’s one of the best ways to build trust in the digital landscape and it becomes your 24-hour shop.

    Secondly, whether your site is an eCommerce one or not, you will need to have it secured. Purchase an SSL certificate to be installed on your site. It increases google ratings and rankings, builds credibility.  

    Digital Promotions

    One of the easiest ways to get off the ground faster than ever online is by investing in promoting your brand – product and services. Do not just rely on organic traffic and leads.

    As the noise increase online, it becomes quite difficult to be heard if you are not positioned properly and you don’t utilize paid advertisement for your brand. Building organic reach is great, however, you need paying ads in addition to reach a wider and more targeted audience. Don’t overlook paid ads, invest and reinvest in the ones that work for you.

    Be you! Be Human

    A posture that doesn’t properly represent you nor your brand will hurt you! Yeah! Your brand’s voice should touch a heart. In your online and offline interactions ensure that you have the customer at heart. Relate with them as humans; be fun, be likable, and be real. Build a good rapport with people and it will increase your wor...

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    Audio Branding – Using the Power of Your Voice with David Wolf

    Audio Branding – Using the Power of Your Voice with David Wolf

    Cutting through the Noise with the power of your voice.

    In this episode my guest David Wolf throws more light on audio branding - podcasting and audio books.

    You will discover

    * Benefits of Podcasting

    * Why Now is the Time to Produce an Audio Book

    * Advantages of audio content

    Davis Wolf is the Founder and CEO of Audivita Studios, Audiobook and Podcast Producer, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, Media Entrepreneur.


    Audio Production (Audivita)

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4.3 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

TiggBitties ,

Great Advise

A ton of great info here that I for one will be taking advantage of...Sometimes I wish some episodes where a little longer...Otherwise it's a great show!

meyerk77 ,

Very Cool Personal Branding Podcast

Get ready to sit back and enjoy the ride. Great job Bernard! Love the variety of branding topics you cover in your episodes. Kudos on getting a Seth Godin interview! Very well produced too. Looking forward to more of these great shows down the road.

IAmJohnSparks ,

Bernard Is Brilliant - #1 Podcast For Marketers

Honored to write this review about my good friend Bernard Kelvin Clive. As a two time guest on his Podcast I can tell you he digs deep to ask all the questions you won't hear anywhere else. Simply stated: Bernard is brilliant!

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