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KPNWDB is a local webcast station interviewing their neighbors on local issues and stories of interest to people in the same situation elsewhere. Community is at the core of every story we offer.

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KPNWDB is a local webcast station interviewing their neighbors on local issues and stories of interest to people in the same situation elsewhere. Community is at the core of every story we offer.

    Building Flavors with One Pot Recipes

    Building Flavors with One Pot Recipes

    Are you looking for something that will bring some new flavors to your one pot dinners? Samantha has your back on this week’s episode, we're talking all about one pot cooking and how to build flavors in layers. Wednesday at 4pm and Saturday at Noon.
    Recipes Mentioned:
    One Pot Chicken with Rice: https://buff.ly/2CdB5lU
    Chicken Tagine: https://buff.ly/2LXR945
    Roast Chicken: https://buff.ly/2LXR945
    Preserved Lemons: https://buff.ly/3iPi3H4

    • 18 min
    iChange Podcast #13 The Money Pit Ep 2

    iChange Podcast #13 The Money Pit Ep 2

    Driver’s License…is it necessary to have a driver’s license to be successful? Is it really appropriate to suspend or revoke a driver's license as a consequence to crimes unrelated to violence or driving at all?

    Who really is paying for the consequences of a lost license? Family, children, taxpayers and employers are paying much more of their own funds due to loss of employee, retrainings, public services shelling out buss passes and vouchers for taxis and such.

    When the documents say in black and white ‘loss of drivers license for 99 years” how then can a person even live? They are met with challenges beyond their sentencing range and yet we sit back and assume “they” have to figure it out for themselves, they are the criminal. This is backward thinking if we want to see peace and collaboration in our community. Are we really still stuck in that ‘spank your child’ false belief system when it comes to crime? New parenting techniques using talk therapy, art therapy and reward systems have permeated the old ways of abuse to get children to listen so why are we still doing it to adults in the criminal legal system?

    When a driver's license is taken away as a consequence to crimes committed it is an additional sentence on top of the criminal legal sentence that far surpasses the judicial sentence length of incarceration or probation and has to be changed for the better of our local, state and national communities.

    • 54 min
    Nobu Eats

    Nobu Eats

    A Mezcal a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
    We're taking the show to Mexico on this week's episode. After a relaxing and delicious week abroad, Joe joins me as we chat about our favorite bites, where we stayed and how we can create some of the recipes at home.
    Recipes and Ingredients mentioned:
    Mezcal Cocktail: https://buff.ly/3tt3O1M
    Jicama Wraps for Tacos can be found at Trader Joes or make by peeling and slicing fresh jicama into thin slices and use in place of the tortilla.
    Where we stayed, Nobu Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: https://buff.ly/2UYiTob

    • 26 min
    Valentines Recipes for a Night In!

    Valentines Recipes for a Night In!

    Little Ferraro Kitchen this week brings you favorite Valentines Recipes for a Night In!
    This week's episode is sure to entice you with some romantic and comforting recipes to make at home. 4pm Wednesday and noon on Saturday.
    Recipes mentioned:
    Peanut Sauce Recipe: https://buff.ly/3B7wH5Q
    Spanish Garlic Shrimp: https://buff.ly/3oAi8R6
    Broiled Oysters: https://buff.ly/34HGm6O
    Roasted Cherry Tomatoes with Burrata: https://buff.ly/2DQY6Q3
    Red WIne Braised Short Ribs: https://buff.ly/3m9dHvi
    Vodka Pink Sauce: https://buff.ly/3GxcQ0V
    Chicken Saltimbocca: https://buff.ly/3HO7Zd2
    Basque Cheesecake: https://buff.ly/3Ljh0NC
    Amaretto Tiramisu: https://buff.ly/3gAadkx

    • 25 min
    Breakfast for Dinner

    Breakfast for Dinner

    Short and Sweet, need a way to quickly get a dinner together, join Samantha as she shares some ideas on how to transform a breakfast recipe into a tasty dinner and what categorizes a dinner meal?
    Recipes mentioned:
    Shakshuka with Poached Eggs: https://buff.ly/3HdtMdS
    Savory Pancetta Waffles: https://buff.ly/3xpffY9
    Loaded Veggie Frittata: https://buff.ly/3nYIgXx

    • 16 min
    Law & Peace Series: Where do we Draw the Line?

    Law & Peace Series: Where do we Draw the Line?

    Opening the complex window of law enforcement from the inside out - with Whatcom County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Harris. After 27 years in the field, we invite him to talk about distinctions such as, who are municipal police as different from county, state, or federal law enforcement? How is this different from tribal police, corrections officials, court officials, even statewide peace officers or elected law enforcement CEO’s who run the corporations related to the law and justice system.
    This first episode of this series addresses why do these branches of service matter? What is it like to walk on the edge of human crisis issues…constantly assessing situations and having to make decisions that change lives? We have a top down, command and control system with many cross sections – and this affects authority, funding, jurisdictions, courts, roles, laws and how the business of public safety, jails, crisis, disaster and emergency management work. For example, WA state now has a Peace Officer training program – what does that mean? What does it mean to provide for the “the public’s safety?”
    In our next episode we will talk about rank, leadership customs, and how “Command & Control” authority works as well as How has it changed over the years?

    • 57 min

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4 Ratings

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