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Comics, anecdotes, and movies. Entertainment for the realistic pop-culture fan.

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Comics, anecdotes, and movies. Entertainment for the realistic pop-culture fan.

    PKN-74-Trailers Galore

    PKN-74-Trailers Galore

    Aaron, Homer, and David are back catching up on recent viewings and trailers galore!

    -Aaron finally Saw Thor Ragnarok
    -Altered Carbon, Keep Watching, Leatherface
    -Jessica Jones s2
    -Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
    -Sky Scraper
    -Mission Impossible
    -A Quiet Place
    -Westworld s2
    -Cloverfield Paradox (review)
    -Avengers Infinity War
    -Deadpool 2 (Cable!)

    • 54 min
    PKN-73-Knuckle Puck TV

    PKN-73-Knuckle Puck TV

    Aaron, Homer, and David are back shootin' the breeze and talking movie news!

    -What we've been watching:
    -Finishing Peaky Blinders
    -Open House
    -The Good Place
    -Re-watching Love
    -Happy Death Day
    -The Vault (a haunted bank robbery!)
    -Mighty Duck TV show in the works
    -Dundee Promos
    -Is Chris Hemsworth a comedian now?
    -Robocop reboot direct continuation of first movie
    -Ryan Reynolds rebooting Clue
    -John Cena as Duke Nukem
    -The Rock as Johnny Bravo??

    • 40 min
    PKN-72-Welcome Back

    PKN-72-Welcome Back

    The boys are back to ring in the new year! Aaron, Homer, and David are talking about what movies they caught up on over the break, which shows they finished, and what's to come!
    -Winter Movie Review
    -Aaron hasn't seen Star Wars so Homer and David dish it out
    -Was Jumanji worth it?
    -Netflix Galore
    -The love/hate relationship with Netflix's Love
    -Peaky Blinders
    -The Ranch
    -Most Anticipated of 2018

    • 50 min
    PKN-71-To Infinity

    PKN-71-To Infinity

    Aaron, Homer, and David are talking 'bout trailers and only trailers! Absolutely no side bars or diversions occur on this episode of, oh look a piece of candy...

    -Deadpool 2 trailer review
    -Surprise! One crew member hasn't seen it
    -Infinity War trailer reaction
    -Uh, have you seen the that trailer?! We talk about it quite a bit lol
    -What could have been with the Justice League movie
    -Spoilers, it's pretty crazy!

    • 35 min
    PKN-70-The Age of Heros

    PKN-70-The Age of Heros

    Aaron, Homer, and David are joined by special guest Tyler to talk Justice League! Antics ensue.

    -Initial Reactions
    -Hater's Corner
    -The "Average Movie-Goer"
    -Defining Moments
    -Post Credits
    -Character Evaluations
    -Moving Forward

    • 1 hr 6 min
    PKN-Halloween Bonus-Rockula Horror Weekend

    PKN-Halloween Bonus-Rockula Horror Weekend

    Aaron is joined by his ghoulish wife Deb in this Halloween bonus episode! Take a quick trip with them as they recap their truly horrific weekend!

    -Trunk or Treating at it's finest
    -Spooky Nails
    -Attack of the Sweat-Stache
    -Sea World's Howl-O-Scream
    -Rockula Horror Expo
    -Meeting the Monster Squad
    -Hey, Ho, Marky Ramone
    -Rockula Recap

    • 23 min

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