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CCS Video Podcast, Extended Play, Couch Co-op

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CCS Video Podcast, Extended Play, Couch Co-op

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4.4 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Superjc7777 ,

These guys rule

The ccs crew are a hilarious bunch of cynics that always make my day when the release content. The fact that they are now on iTunes and I can listen to them anytime makes me even more happy. Keep up the good work guys :)

Mastifyr ,

Times are changing, including these idiots.

I used to like these guys, thought they were hilarious, but their newest videos aren't at all the same. It's clear since their first FNaF video (which was not so much a FNaF discussion but a "Let's bash on YouTubers more popular and successful as us, and label this as FNaF to get views" rant) that these people are willing to spread misinformation and get people riled up for the sake of views and popularity. There's a reason you guys haven't heard much from Kenny and MELISSA (seriously, do you guys have a problem with her? Name calling and demeaning your animator, and you wonder why she isn't animating much for you anymore), Max and Matthew, it's because you strive on your negativity, you want to be known as the jerks, and those two want to be as disassociated with that as possible, which I love them for.

Sometimes I out on one of the latest podcasts if I want background noise, but that's all this series does for me anymore.

Also. You guys are saying that, in order to be a part of your podcast, a person has to do your grunt work for you, for no credit and no money (you claim not to monotize your videos, and I checked your patreon, it's too pitiful to expect you guys to share it with someone outside your circle), do any and all work for that field, and in the end it's completely unclear whether or not that person will graduate to being a host (besides you guys explicitly saying you need more hosts in order to create more animated podcasts, aka the main feature of your channel). All because that's what Katie did. Yeah. Either you're lying, or you're totally oblivious to her real intentions all the way through. If this is honestly and truly what you see as good standards, don't be surprised when the turnout is nothing more than a few yes-man fanboys, because that's all who are going to go through this crap.

Ironically, you guys are changing to attract more fans, but you have already lost one.

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